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How to detect that a feed reader accesses my page?

I would like to serve a different content from a single URL depending on whether the user is a browser or a RSS reader (hence avoiding an URL). Thus will retu...

how do i get my rss feed image to show in feedburner?

How do I put image in rss feed to show up in feedburner newsletter..

How to make an “empty” RSS feed

I'm kind of new to rss feeds, but I'm able to create a feed dynamically using PHP and it works great. My problem is that occasionally the feed doesn't have any items (I limit the age of feed items ...

Extending the drupal 7 feed-aggregator module to modify the URL programmatically and add feed options

I'd like to use the Drupal feed aggregator to fetch events from a web service (providing Atom, JSON, etc. access to those events). However, it allows to retrieve protected events by providing not o...