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Html.BeginForm not passing parameter

I have the following code that populates a Drop Down List and auto submits a form but it’s not passing the id back to the controller.

Rails 3.2 Rendering Associated Models in Same Form

i'm working through Hartl. Ive got to the microposts section in Chapter 10, but instead of microposts I have introduced Hotels, and now I want to add them to a separate address model, like in this

How do I dynamically change a Chosen select box?

I'm using the Google Maps API to create a list of selectable neighborhoods and using Chosen to make it look nice. The problem that I'm having is the the Maps API doesn't get the data immediately- it

How do you layout a form that scrolls in Android SDK?

I need to have a user form that is larger than the screen. The layout consists of a fixed "title area", the form (in a scrollview possibly) and a button on the bottom. I have created three layout...

Symfony 1.4 form - foreign key field filtering fails validation

I am a newbie trying to create a simple (in theory) CRUD application using symfony 1.4. I am trying to use filters on my index page so that the user can select the records thay want to view rather...

user insert date in form

I have a form where the user needs to insert a date. This date is then used by the program to determine an expiry date. My question is, how is the best method for the user to insert the date in the...

ToolStripDropDownButton, how to remove all DropDownItems?

How to remove all DropDownItems from a ToolStripDropDownButton, if its propery is read only?

PHP Form not showing proper error message

Does anyone have any idea as to why this is showing the error message? I have tired empty and boolean test.

Django FormWizard and Admin application

I have a series of forms that I need a user to complete in sequence, which is perfect for the formwizard app. However, I've some need of the admin application also and would like to set the whole t...

Use spring form tags or not?

I am working on a new web project based on Spring MVC 3. Now trying to decide to use spring form tags or not. Personally I don't like to use any tags other than HTML and JSP. It takes time to learn...

file input type being used to select a file and then move the data to a form with the approperiate file input tag

I have an iframe which will have an input tag that allows you to browse for the file you are wanting to upload.

Encoding issues for php and mysql

I'm having encoding issues with my LAMP stack.

JavaScript stylesheet switcher not working?

So I'm trying to have a stylesheet switcher option on my page, where the user can click a radio button and it changes which stylesheet is being applied, but it's not working for me.

JQuery Ajax Form appending query string

I am having an issue with using ajaxSubmit with jQuery Form - even when POSTing a form it will occasionally have all parameters serialized into a querystring. They are included as form data too but...

Crystal Report Tutorial

I am learning to use Crystal Report form in my C# Application. I can't seem to find any good tutorial on the net about it. The ones on MSDN pages looks disorganized to me.

Form inside JQuery menu

I have a form which has two hidden parameters that I want to pass to the function LoadView

Complex PHP Form Data

I have a form with a multi-level tree of one to many relationships. For example:

How to not include blank fields when updating a MySQL record

How would I not include text fields of a form left blank in a MySQL update query? I understand why it's replacing filled fields with empty strings, but I'm not sure of an efficient way to fix it. I...

Do form parameter names need to be encoded when doing a POST?

Quick version: Do the names of parameters of "forms" being sent using the standard multipart/form-data encoding need to be encoded?

Var filled with object suddenly null, what happened?

Ok I usually don't ask for help but it's driving me crazy and I have to finish this project so bare with me here. Let me know if I left out any info that might help.

jQuery Validation PlugIn issue - form will not submit

I am using the jQuery validate plug-in for the first time based on the instructions here and it's not working. When I try to submit the form with the required field empty, I see the error message,...

Contact form Not Working Keeps Giving Me Array

So I have this contact script which works great in firefox but whenever anyone tries it in ie 7 or 8 the plan always returns array and for the life of me I cant figure out what I did wrong. Any help

Redirect user to parent page after a HTML form submit

I need to disable "redirecting after form post warning" dialog.

Symfony2 Form folder

I need to create a form class,I'm following the symfony book in

Javascript within HTML form tag in the javascript function

Is it possible to put a JavaScript code within the HTML Form tags. I am trying to achieve something like this:

Adding controls to dynamics crm 2011 dynamically

I want to keep a list of records with multiple fields, and enter them via one form, that shows the existing records as a list made of different text boxes. And a "new" button on the same form that'll

WCF: Best practice to send Form Data to a Web Service?

We are using C#, ASP.NET & WCF. I am trying to send form data to a web service which in turn inserts/updates a database with the data from my form. How should I send over my data?

Routing error that appears to have something to do with partials and/or forms

In a Rails 3 application, I have a "table" partial that contains a data entry form table, plus a separate smaller form (mostly hidden fields) below it to clear the table data. I have a third form

Nesting HTML <span> inside rails form_for label tag?

I want to nest a element inside a form_for label tag. I want to do this so I can target a specific portion of the label with CSS rules, in this case to make the text red. From some quick reading...

Collecting emails on a static page in rails

I have a static page on my Rails 3.1 site. I have a Visitor model that has only an email attribute (email:string). I would like to collect emails from visitors to my site. They will type their emai...

C# WinForms User Management

I'm working on my first C# program and so far have sorted the database connection, users table, adding new users, login with salt hashed password etc. but am now stuck on how to manage the users.

How do I add form-level validation to a Flatland Form class?

I have a flatland form for a proxy website that looks something like this:

IE (or other) add input to web form and disable field

We use Cisco's Unified Attendant web interface at work and we have an occasional issue where the user sits down to answer calls for the company and out of habit sees the "extension" field and enters

Django Form Template Errors

I have written myself a form:

How do I reference a form field in a Javascript equation?

I have this JavaScript, which adds up a series of numbers and creates a total. Then from that series of numbers it finds the lowest one and subtracts it from the total. I want the user to be able to

How can I do <form method=“get”> in ASP.Net for a search form?

I have a search form in an app I'm currently developing, and I would like for it to be the equivalent of method="GET".

Codeigniter: form_open gave invalid function URL

I used this function to start a form:

onchange=“this.form.submit()” versus two submit buttons

With a pulldown triggering an onchange event to submit, it fails to work when two input submit buttons are present. It makes sense, so how do you specify exclusively which submit button to process?

Input submit button value disappears when clicked in IE9

I'm running into a weird issue with submit buttons in IE9. When the "Continue" or "Back" input is clicked, the value disappears.

What is the best way to catch and show an error if user enters only whitespace in a form field in Django?

In Django 1.0, what is the best way to catch and show an error if user enters only whitespace (" ") in a form field?

PHP Submit form highlighting textfield on error with JQuery

My website consists of a few files. First, I've got index.html, where my form details are located in. It contains JQuery, so when the user presses submit, the site sends the filled in information t...

Browsing and editing saved form data in Firefox

Is anyone familiar with a way to browse and edit/delete saved form entries in Firefox?

Store a variable in a txt file or xml file

I do not have access to a database. Is there a way to store a php or javascript in a permanent txt file or xml file?

Adding a form field that is not in the schema to Doctrine form Symfony 1.4

I have an image upload form and at the bottom, I'd like to have a checkbox that the user must check before submitting the form, certifying that they have the right to distribute the photo. I've tried

Access queries cannot use form controls when vba script is running

I have a form with some list boxes that I can use to select a value from a list. I have a query that uses the form value as a filter. The combination works fine - until I try to use a VBA script to

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