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Quick guide to get started using Git + GitX with Xcode projects on the mac?

Using Git on the mac feels like a huge pain, and the Git documentation is just huuuuuuuuge. Maybe someone has a top secret blog article or even screencast to share, that explains the basics fairly ...

git push failure with no conflict

I've read a few explanations for a broken git push, but none of them seem to cover this case.

git push does not update files on remote server

I have set up a git repository on my local machine and a bare repository on a linode box. When doing a git push there are no errors but I do not see the file on the remote server. The sequence of

Split a git branch into two branches?

I'm trying to help out a coworker who accidentally created one feature branch from another feature branch, rather than creating the second one from master. Here is essentially what we have now…

git-slave for windows

git-slave documentation only has the following not-so-helpful comment regarding installation on Windows:

Problems with git reset --hard after adding .gitattribute — local changes that should not be there

I have observed CRLF problems after merging bundles from my colleague. Sometimes lines with LF were mixed into the sources, probably the ones that were merged into. Therefore, we have decided to ad...

How to pack all loose objects in Git?

I have a bare git repository with some loose objects. How do I pack all loose obects into a single, new pack, without changing other packs?

How to create a release branch in GIT?

I want to create a 'live-release' branch in GIT, so I can tell capistrano to pull the source from that branch.

Git on Windows: Where are my files?


Assign a remote for Git Push

I've been developing in a local repository for a while and just set up a git server.

Completely remove file from all Git repository commit history

I accidentally committed an unwanted file (filename.orig while resolving a merge) to my repository several commits ago, without me noticing it until now. I want to completely delete the file from the

Git merge not pushing all merged files?

Maybe I am doing something wrong but I am using git svn, and I do the following commands

Is there an advantage to using --no-metadata in git svn clone?

I'm doing a one-way convert from an SVN repository to a Git repository using git svn clone. Most examples do this with the --no-metadata flag - is there an advantage to using this flag?

Interconversion of gitignore and hgignore?

I'm just starting to use hg-git to push some mercurial repositories to github, and I'm realizing that if people check them out using git, they'll need a .gitignore file in the repository. Is there ...

Working with Git under Typo3

I work with several developers on websites using Typo3 CMS at the same time and I was thinking of using Git so that we could all work together without overwriting each others work, but I've run int...

Whats the best way to work with Github and multiple computers?

I am developing some school grading software and decided to use Github to host the project. After building some code on my Ubuntu box I pushed it to Github and then cloned it down to my MacBook Pro.

zsh - show if git branch have unpushed commits

Actually Im using a slightly modified version of the oh my zsh theme blinks. It show a SSH statement just for optical difference to my local terminal.

Creating a local branch, how to push to repository?

I created a local branch that contains my 'current-release' branch, how can I push this to the repository?

Gitolite does not load changes

I installed Gitolite, I am able to clone the admin repo, and I have did and added a key file and added him to permission list in the config file. I've also added a repo (an entry to the config), I ...

automatically using -v option for git remote

I'd like to automatically use the -v option for the git remote command. How can I do this?

How to write out the deployed git revision to a file in Capistrano

I use Capistrano to deploy my rails app. How can I write out the git revision being deployed to public_html/revision.txt?

How can I “Censor” the history of a git repository?

I currently have a personal git repository for some software that I have been working on. The repository used to contain personal information of other people in some of the configuration files, whi...

Why is there no undo/redo in Git?

As far as I know, when you want to undo something in Git you have to explicitly find the command to undo whatever it is you've done and issue it. For instance, one way among many to undo a commit and

Git hosted on my server + client

I'm new to git. I created a repo on my server. So I have :

Add repository to a git tree

I have a git repository online and I use, as many do, to keep track of my programs. It worked all fine with the usual procedure from the root of my directory's tree:

Choose one origin as canonical for merge with git

I have a file that was modified in two different repositories and merged in my local repository after a pull. I know that one of the repositories is the actual version that I want, and don't want the

What is the use of two or more User.Name in Git.

I'm a novice in Git and I have started learning Git by using the free online book. I have few doubt to clear:

Git Pre-Commit Hook - No such file or directory

I am getting an error when running a pre-commit hook in git, that I can't figure out. This is the script and the error is below.

Jenkins GitHub Plugin Inverse Branches

I have a question in on the plugins page, but this seems to be a much more active place for Jenkins support.

Always use the pager for git diff

I'm using less as my git pager.

Changing the name of the committer in Xcode

i am working with an other developer in developing an iOS application and now he don't work with us and i am working with his computer but the problem is when i push my code i am seeing his name

Git and handling asset files

I have been trying to get my head round git and asset management. I am working with a designer who is creating assets and using Dropbox to sync them. I would write the source code that synced by Dr...

How to clone a Live site to Bitbucket

I just inherited a site where the former developer has an onsite dev machine (running Ubuntu) and the live site is on Linode VPS. The Git setup is such that when you do git push on the local dev ma...

How to detach subdirectory in Git but keep all branches

I have been following the Answers to this question Detach subdirectory into separate Git repository and had some good successes with simple Subdirectories that are only on one branch but now I am

Jenkins not playing nice with a private GitHub repository (Windows)

I cannot for the life of me seem to get my Jenkins CI to work with Github.

Confusion over branch creation in git

After making a few changes to branch master I decided to work from a new branch. I did git checkout -b new_branch_name and a new branch was created and checked out. git status showed the changes I ...

Restrict permissions to cherry-pick

After a particular release, any bugfixes will go into 'master' branch and after it is thoroughly reviewed and tested, it will be cherry-picked to the release branch. However I want only the release

Using `git checkout -b` with and without a branch starting point

I am new to Git, I want to know the difference between two commands.

Security against backward-changes in git?

In particular, is it theoretically possible to make changes to the central (bare; or not) git repository (i.e. having full access to the system it is on) so that the changes do not appear (as a com...

git push fails unless I do a gc on the remote repo first

I am using git on my Windows 7 machine, pushing to a shared folder on a Server 2008 machine. This has been working perfectly for the past 6 months. However, as of yesterday, I can no longer push to...

How to deal with major version branch in git

I'm just switching a development project from SVN to git and it's the first time we'll be using branching of any kind. I'm wrapping my brain around the git-flow approach (based on this great artic...

Merging file in Git

I downloaded CakePHP 2.0 zip package from their homepage some weeks ago and started coding a website with it. Now I want to upgrade it to CakePHP 2.0.4. I know that I can download the similar packa...

How to avoid merge-commit hell on GitHub/BitBucket

We're ending up with a lot of commits like this in our repo:

How do I pass an absolute path to the adb command via git bash for windows?

I'm trying to pass a unix style path to the Android adb command using a git bash (msysgit) but the shell is interpreting my path incorrectly. This is what I've tried so far:

github workflow - fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

I have a master branch and a dev branch for current development(local working copy). I need to merge changes from master onto my dev branch. Prior to merge I ran git stash and discovered the follow...

Depend on a branch or tag using a git URL in a package.json?

Say I've forked a node module with a bugfix and I want to use my fixed version, on a feature branch of course, until the bugfix is merged and released.

git seems not to want to push a folder?

git has been working like a charm until this small problem.

Automatically and recursively favor ours/theirs for sub-dir in git merge conflict resolution

I've got a git repository with some libraries, tracked normally (not as submodules or anything). I'm merging in a separate branch (not an upstream) that contains an update to one of the libraries. ...