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Linkage problem with Amazon AWS Java SDK and Grails

When trying the following snippet in a grails 1.3.5 app (you can test this through the console)... :

Deploying grails application on Jboss 7.1.2 with provided dependencies

I want to deploy multiple grails applications on Jboss. Because they all use same grails version (2.1.1) I want to exclude common jars from war file and provide them via Jboss module. For starters,...

integrating Grails and GWT

GWT seems like a really nice technology for Java developers who don't like (or don't know) HTML/JS/CSS to build rich web interfaces. On the server-side Grails also looks really nice, it's often des...

Grails: selecting Children of Parent of Child with given id (subquery) with a Where Query

Using grails 2.1.0 and default H2 database. I've got the following domains:

Grails integration test - domain object equality

Setting up some integration tests, I'm having issues with domain class equality. The equality works as expected during normal execution, but when testing the Service methods through an integration...

Grails Fullcalendar Timezone Issue

I am sitting on a really strange issue with grails and the js fullcalendar.

Functional testing tools - Seeking advice

I am currently developping a web application using Grails and JQuery. The project contains some Ajax requests. I would like to choose a functional testing tool and have found information on the sub...

How to create multiple domain objects from a GSP page

I have a Person class with two properties: name and address. I want to build a GSP page which allows for 10 users to be created at one time. This is how I'm implementing it and was wondering if the...

how to display error validations without clearing the entered input

My code for validating entered URL values will be as below :

Does using @Transactional disable the grails default transaction management

According to the grails docs, services are transactional by default. But, I know you can get more fine grained control of transactions by using the Transactional attribute.

What are some good resources for learning Grails?

I am planning to learn Grails. Which is the best book that I should refer for this? Is there any website available on this for beginners?

Rendering template via AJAX in Grails

I have the following code in an action

Grails war deployment on Tomcat asking for hsql driver instead of mysql

I have a grails app that I am trying to deploy onto Tomcat. I used to develop on hsql and wanted to use mysql for production. But when I build the war by running

How to implement cookie, user -tracking in grails?

I'm working on a affiliate system in grails where users can create individual links and guests who are visiting this links get an cookie with an unique session id. If some of the guests come a few ...

Querying a many to many join table with HQL

I need some advice for creating a hql query.

Random object from database with GORM

I would like to get a random object from database only with GORM, without using database specific code.

What is the convention for Java unit tests in a Grails project?

I am creating a new Grails project that uses some Java code to do some of the "core" processing. The java code will go in [project-home]/src/java. Where should the unit tests for this Java classe...

User cancelled file download in Grails

How to properly handle a cancelled file download? The file in question is a pretty large zip file that takes a long time to build, so the user has plenty of time to hit the Cancel button on his dow...

How to order by more than one field in Grails?

Is there a way to get a list ordered by two fields, say last and first names?

Grails domain class validate() returns false but no error

In the below code validate() is returning false but I am not seeing any errors. As the validate method is failing the data is not getting persisted to the database.

Define Spring bean with a Map-typed constructor argument

In my Grails app, I'm trying to define a Spring bean in resources.groovy that requires a Map-typed constructor arg. I tried this:

How do I represent one to many in Grails, with a constraint on another domain class?

I'm not sure if this is possible, but here's an example.

Grails. spring security core. Install problem

I try install Spring security core plugin in Grails.

Grails populating a domain instance

I have been stuck for a couple of days on the same problem and I am not getting anywhere.

Grails upload image

I am trying to upload a picture, and save it in database.

Grail domain class attribute

In Grails domain class some one asked this question:

is there such thing as Ruby gems for Grails?

is there such a thing as groovy gems in Grails? I thought that Grails is easier and faster than ruby on rails and yet there are a lot of things that are ready done in rails where I need to write c...

Grails - find where date ranges overlap

I have a Grails domain object with a startDate and endDate property.

How to make a query with usage of like operator over a string collection in GORM

Assume a domain class called User. User class looks like this:

Grails: How to dynamically change method signature in scaffolded code depending on Domain id type?

I'm trying to build a grails (2.1.0) application on top of a legacy database. It has a ton of tables, and I'd like very much to use only dynamic scaffolding. The issue is that some of the tables ha...

Some questions about Grails service

I am working with a Grails web application and I get so many strange things when using Grails service. So I want to ask some questions on this to make me understand more about Grails services. This...

Grails. Encription string. How?

for example, i created this domain class:

Grails deletes referenced records by other domain object?

I am a bit puzzled on the following..

dependencies of grails plugins

I'm writing a Grails plugin that depends on the Quartz plugin, i.e. an application that installs my plugin must also install the Quartz plugin. In order to enforce this requirement, I added the fol...

Grails upgrade to 2.2.2 fails with ClassNotFoundException on migration script

I'm getting a strange stack trace when trying to upgrade my Grails project from 2.1.1 to 2.2.2,

Grails. Ways to set the timeout interval of a session. Which better?

I know two ways to set the timeout interval of a session:

Updating many item using same id in grails

I am saving values in two tables asset and asset_history.On creating asset i am saving values in asset table if any update i wantthat time it as to store in asset and asset_history on id bases . No...

Overview of Grails project structure

I'm trying to find the overview about Grails project structure, as fully as possible. As I see, not all projects used the default structure generated by "grails create-app"

Grails. STS. Syntax highlighting problem?

I create Grails project use STS IDE.

How to avoid Grails automatically rebuilding my project on every change?

I have an old Grails 1.1.1 project that I had to upgrade to version 1.3.5 with STS Pro.

Grails - Sort by two fields in a query

I Have Such a domain class in my project:

groovy get http parse json/xml

Hey i have this talk to do:

Grails Quartz & threads inside service

I have a question about Quartz and running threads inside Service class.

which datatype for using a time in gorm?

how can i handle a time (like 14:33) during calculations and savings in database? What datatype can i use for this in a HSQL DB?

Groovy SQL ignores order by clause in dynamic select statement

I am using Groovy SQL in a Grails application to query against a database that isn't hooked up as the application's datasource. By default for the page, the SQL select statement doesn't contain an ...

How Domain Modeling In Grails Affected By The Field Attributes?

Lets say I have a domain class named Tag in my Grails application.

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