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What is the html code to show the registered symbol

Not ® that shows a registered symbol next to text, I want the small one that sits on the top right hand corner of text. What is the entity code for that?

HTML/CSS/.NET Overflow only one line of table

I will try to be brief/detailed about what i am trying to do here.

how to hide a div that is empty and another div associated with it which may or maynot be empty?

I have a speech bubble called philosophy bubble which is just a div styled to look like a quote bubble and the sharepoint control is what fills up the content of the bubble but sometimes the bubble...

Implementing Themes for web application

I'm building a web application and I would like to have different color themes that user can select.

Special characters in HTML

I am trying to retrieve specific information from a European web site. Now, the problem is I am often facing strings containing special characters such as "ä". When I try to write same into a text ...

Stop hyperlink inheriting div's width?

Hi I have some hyperlinks inside a div with display:block. Problem is that the hyperlinks length when clicked is equal to the div's width. How do I make the hyperlink's clicked length equal to the...

Two column article with CSS

I would like to have a single in post in two columns automaticly (not with 2 divs) like in a newspaper article. Is there any way to achive this?

Why is character encoding important for URLs?

I'm currently learning JavaScript, and I don't understand why it is important to encode URLs.

how to render html tags on gridview from database

I have grid view to display techs notes. I am trying to force the grid view to display it as user enterd in text area

Grid view at center of page in jquery mobile

I am new to JqueryMobile. I have a screen containing a 3*3 grid of images. I need to align them at the center of the page as well as there shouldn't be any space between them except 1px. Each cell ...

How can an HTML page extract parameters passed through a form?

My question is should I convert two html pages to php pages, so the called page can access its POSTed parameters, or is there a way for a called html (.html extension) page to access posted paramet...

Alternative Web file explorer/Navigator

I've found this online file explorer called enCode eXplorer. It was just what I was looking for; a simple, clean, free, easy-to-edit system, completely made up of one php file. The only problem I h...

Pure HTML/CSS menu with horizontal submenu. How keep parent 'a' background color?

I am building a pure HTML/CSS menu with a horizontal submenu.

Difference between value and itemvalue

What is the difference between the value and itemValue attribute of the radiobutton in Jsf?

i want to design these 2 boxes using css?

i want to create this effect using css, can you see the big box with the title and the blog post, and little box with the date on it and the number of comments on it. its been puzzling me, an exa...

IE8 disabled element text rendering differences

Below is a super zoomed in image of a disabled <select> element (top), and a disabled <textarea> element with it's text highlighted for more emphasis on the issue (bottom), both being

extract some html with preg_match

i use preg_mach for extract some html ( i try to use DOMDocument but i had some problem with new line )

Split text in 2 columns not working

I'd like my text to be split into 2 columns like in a newspaper, but for some reason it is not working. Would you know why? Thanks

Is the only way of passing POST parameters in HTML through a form?

In HTML, you can send data from one page to another using a GET request in a couple of ways:

CSS how to align group of elements horizontally?

I'm having trouble aligning a paragraph element with a group of button elements. I'm using jQuery and CSS to try and do this.

html/css buttons that scroll down to different div sections on a webpage

Can someone help me I'm searching for css/html code example:

Update <div> with JSONP value jQuery

I'm getting the temperature from a service called World Weather Online

parsing html code and print out

ive this html page ( PART CODE) with multi ( a href="$name)

Background Script in PHP?

I'm trying to create a script that runs in the background automatically and cycles through itself repeatedly. 

Jquery toggle .. fixing alighnment

Hello people i have this script

Javascript slider jquery

&lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;

JQuery dialog box not appearing in current screen center

I have a test php file which has 50 buttons in a table (just to make a big table). When the first button is clicked, I want a JQuery dialog box which has a html textbox to open via JQuery. For now,...

XSLT Position()

I have the following XML data, and process HTML using XSLT processor.

how to append table to DIV

I am trying to append a table to div:

How can I fix this layout built with twitter bootstrap

I'm working on a sample form layout with twitter bootstrap. The form lists the fields in horizontal order and in between the fields I have a link. When this link is clicked I would like to show some

Regex match of apostrophe in autohotkey script

I have an autohotkey script which looks up a word in a bilingual dictionary when I double click any word on a webpage. If I click on something like "l'homme" the l' is copied into the clipboard as ...

UTF-8 character with font-weight property

font-weight property doesn't work for lower than 300 value and Unicode font.

Last menu item in CSS menu falling to next line

Thank you for taking the time to look at my question.

Generate HTML-Map from image

Is there a way of automatically generating a HTML-Map compatible list of coordinates of polygon-like objects (e.g. countries on a map) with very distinctive borders?

Allow user to change layout of web page

I have a web page that allows users to insert form input objects with a label. When they add a new object I automatically add it to a 2 column table, the left column is the label and the right is ...

Getting Value Of Radio Button And Label Text Put Into Two TextField

I'm trying to get value form label (radio) and value of radio button. When I click label or radio button, they value input into their respective textfield

HTML/JavaScript tabs graceful degrade

Trying to find a good solution for tabbed based navigation on a website that I'm building. Currently I'm using jquery ui tabs but don't like the default behavior when it degrades with JavaScript tu...

Make big quotes with <blockquote>

Some years ago, I used the tag to create a quote on my site (with big quotation marks).

Working with Lift XHTML/HTML in Netbeans

I am developing a Lift application using Netbeans and I have everything working apart from the lift xhtml, which is stored with an html extension, creates a number of warning and errors in netbeans...

Jquery Ajax with GET not working

I have this peace of HTML code

How to preview Zend_Mail's HTML code?

I'm creating a newsletter with dynamic content via Zend_Mail, however i want to validate the generated HTML code against W3C, is there a way to get the entire email code to be sent so I can grab it...

Different font sizes on website

My website has a menu named Font Size. Basically its an option for user to change font size of website like:

Text indent defines different div size in chrome and firefox

I have this small piece here - the text has text-indent So it will not be seen and then only thing that should be seen is the span with the image (size 24*27).

Link C++ library to html front end

I do computational research with a C++/CUDA library that does intensive number crunching. Recently I was thinking to set up a little showcase of my library on my webpage where people could work

Is it possible to make divs behave like tables in IE6 using only CSS and HTML?

Is it possible to make divs behave like tables in IE6 using only CSS and HTML?

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