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How to make a photo gallery like application with jquery mobile using highcharts instead of images?

Hi guys Im working on a mobile web site using jquery mobile, saw many examples of photo gallery integration with jquery mobile tried most of them and they work out just fine. My problem is instead...

Canvas rectangle with rounded corners as a progress bar?

I'm trying to make a progress bar in the form of a rounded rectangle drawn on canvas, this jsfiddle has the shape:

Div width not fit with child contents

How to fit the div with its contents using bootstrap.

Get a tablets(iPad or Droid) mac address?

Synopsis: I am developing a HTML5 web app that will allow tablets(iPad or Droid) to login to a server and perform various functions. The client would like a way to check the devices mac address when

HTML5 Data-block JSON

Okay so this code:

In HTML5 Canvas, can I make the y axis go up rather than down?

I'm drawing a graph in Canvas and struggling with the fact that the y-axis is "backward." The origin is in the top-left corner, and increasing values go down rather than up.

What's the best method for hiding page content from spiders?

I've got a large collection of pages on my site, each with unique content, but also with often redundant sidebar surrounding that content. I'm worried that this sidebar content is dragging down my ...

Complete change and adding of content in webpage

I am trying to create a web page that, when click activated, changes completely the content of a div element. I currently have some text and a video embedded in the div, and I want to remove that a...

Need Scroller with both autoplay and manual scrolling functionality

I am looking for a scroller which auto scrolls to the end and stops and switches to manual navigation. I tried googling, there are thousands of scrollers but I need one with both autoplay and manual

Script Element Between Head and Body. [closed]

When validating with W3C, I received the response:

element.dataset in Internet Explorer

I need a way to list the data-* attributes of an element. I would use Object.keys(element.dataset) but IE 9.0 doesn't have dataset support. How should I do this in a way that works for IE 9.0 (and

jqm+backbone.Js+require.Js show loading message before page load

I' m using Jquery mobile 1.1, I want to show the loading message before the page load

What HTML tags are there for address information?

What address related tags are there for address and formatting and marking my address information in my webpages? I'm looking for XHTML or HTML5 compliant tags.

How do I inline the :before element when unable to include a CSS/style section?

I'm looking to style a li element, and would like to modify this CSS property:

How to store a byte array in Javascript

I'm going to be storing a large array of byte values (most likely over a million) in Javascript. If I use a normal array with normal numbers, that will take 8 MB, because numbers are stored as IEEE

HTML - how to rotate back and forth, like a radar towards your and away from you 2.5D

I have a requirement, that needs to rotate an image with some realistic sense - on a skewed horizontal plane with eye level, imagine a spinning flying disc or helicopter blades.

Uncaught TypeError when using .replace() on HTML5 data attribute storing numbers retrieved with jQuery $.data()

I am storing database values in HTML5 data attributes via jQuery while first escaping them to be HTML attribute safe, and it works fine with Strings.

How to code mp3 file on webp page for Android Froyo 2.2?

I have tried HTML 5 tag and that does not work. I have also tried jPlayer and that does not work as well. I need a mp3 player that will play on Froyo 2.2. Any suggestions or direction would be very

How to create html page layout using DIVs

I've spend so many hours trying to figure out how to create html layout in the following format with no luck. Can someone guide me in the right direction? Thanks

Displaying images on page with a shooting bullet effect

I want some guidance on HTML5 and a possible Javascript library.

HTML5 + jQuery + Infinite Scroll

After much research, I have learned that binding the scroll event to the $(window) in the live state is not supported. This is fine, but I do have a question or two in regards to the script I am wo...

Links don't work in Firefox

I have no idea what is wrong. No links (Navigation or image links) work in Firefox but work perfect in IE and Chrome

Fabric.js - Change Rectangle Fill

Hey guys I'm working on a application that uses Fabric.js.

Input type “color”?

I checked out some input type from HTML5 and I found out that the chrome support for the input type color doesn't work. My chrome version is 15.0.874.121 and the w3schools site says that it's suppo...

I made an App using Phonegap + HTML5 + Websql, will the app's data be lost once the user restarts his mobile?

My app uses HTML5's Websql to store temporary notes / bookmarks, which will be synced later with server.

cocos2d-iphone jsb & cocos2d-html5 compatibility: ctor, init, associateWithNative

I'm writing a cross-platform game with cocos2d (iphone jsb + cocos2d-html5) and I'm wondering how to actually make it cross-platform. Code that would work with -html5 won't necessarily work with -i...

Using offline application cache in iOS and in full screen app mode it opens other pages in Safari instead of the application

I'm building an offline tablet/phone app in HTML5 to collect data remotely in the field where there are no cell towers. It uses the offline application cache manifest to save the pages into the bro...

How to open Database in Mobile Safari from JS loaded from disk

We have an iPhone application that is essentially a web site encapsulated in an app. This app loads the HTML and JS files from the local disk and interaction is done in JS.

Where is data stored when using an HTML 5 Web SQL Database

I just read something about HTML 5 Web SQL Databases. I did a little search on here and Google but couldn't find a simple to the point answer.

How to display image in place of checkbox?

I want to display green checked image when checkbox is checked and when not checked empty box. I tried to put checkbox in div and set div's background but it is not helping me out. Any idea what to...

How to style a div to be like a rocket?

I want to style an html div to be like a rocket, I mean it should represented as an oblong with a triangle edge. Just like this screenshot:-

jQuery Mobile Slider not rendering correctly in dialog

I’m using a jQuery mobile slider in a JQM dialog but it’s not being rendered properly, it’s most noticeable in safari and chrome. It renders fine in a standard JQM page.

Nesting HTML <span> inside rails form_for label tag?

I want to nest a element inside a form_for label tag. I want to do this so I can target a specific portion of the label with CSS rules, in this case to make the text red. From some quick reading...

HTML5 Canvas vs SVG/VML?

Please tell me what do you think about HTML5 Canvas vs SVG/VML? Give me pros and cons within comparison.

Gmail like Checkbox functionality

I want to implement gmail like checkbox functionality:

EPUB reader/viewer in PHP

Is there any module/script available which reads/views EPUB files in a web browser?

Why my HTML5 script is not working in IE9?

I have the follow html5 page which simply sets the background for the canvas, it works in Chrome and Firefox but its not working in IE9. Please help me to figure out

HTML5 drag upload in new window

I have setup an HTML5 drag and drop upload into my site. The problem that I have is when a user is uploading a large file, they must wait for the upload to finish before navigating and using the r...

onpopstate returning data twice

I've started to play around with onpopstate but ran into a problem. Whenever I click the back button on my browser, the url does change accordingly but the page code is loaded twice so I receive two

div height not increasing to surround child content

I created an input field in a div

Opera: trouble with adding 'list' attribute

Today I've decided to add html5 datalist to certain input via user script. Here's the code. The problem is that list attribute isn't added. If I change it to anything different from list, like lst ...

Null Pointer Exception in Android html 5 app

I am trying to create my first android+html 5 application..

How's the css tag “-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio” implemented in Javascript?

How's the css tag -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio implemented in JavaScript?

How to do worker-to-worker communication?

I'm experimenting with web workers, and was wondering how well they would deal with embarassingly parallell problems. I therefore implemented Connaway's Game of Life. (To have a bit more fun than d...

Is there a way to have a masked numeric input field?

I am creating an HTML5 application on an Android and for this specific scenario, we have an input field that is for a credit card's security code and we want to force the input field to be numberic...

Meta Tags Inside MasterPage Output On One Line

I like clean code and I'm sure most developers do. I am coming across an issue where my Meta tags are all appearing on ONE line all together and not on separate lines.

HTML5 web workers for binding jQuery events (what about IE?)

HTML5 workers is a very interesting concept for avoiding a locked up user-interface.

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