Questions for html.dropdownlistfor


Specify default value for ASP MVC 3 DropDownListFor

I've done this a hundred times but not sure what is going on here. I have a DropDownListFor that I populate in the controller like so

Confused about DropDownListFor

I am retrieving a few bunches of int/string pairs that I want to generate dropdown lists for, and subsequently use these filter a collection of items.

Setting an existing value for dropdown in MVC C# with Linq

I have a dropdown list rendered from a database, just need to be able to set an existing value (if it exists). _jobService.GetTenancyForJob gets a value if one already exists and the other service ...

create many DropDownListFor in foreach-loop

I want to create DropDownLists dynamically out of a List, which supplies the SelectList and a field where to save the selection.

Jquery changing Selected value in MVC dropdown

I have been searching the internet and reading a lot of different ways to do this, but for some reason, none of them are working for me. There must be something I am missing here. What I am trying ...

MVC DropDownListFor getting 2 names

Hi I am developing a banking system for a school assignment. Can you pass 2 Names in a dropdownlist ex:

How to combine two dataTextFields for SelectList Description in MVC 3 using @Html.DropDownListFor

I am returning some stored contacts to view for DropDownList and I am not able to include multiple dataTextFields on my SelectList.
4764 MVC 4 Create View - Ordering Drop Down for Forgein Key table

I have an MVC4 project using EF6 to which I have added a Controller, Model and related Views using the VS 2012 wizard.

Disabled DropDownList razor mvc

In my razor view, I use a drop down list. I want to have this control disabled (not selectable).

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