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Ruthlessly compressing large images for the web

I have a very large background image (about 940x940 pixels) and I'm wondering if anyone has tips for compressing a file this large further than Photoshop can handle? The best compression without s...

iPhone UIBarButtonItem alpha of button image

I've added a button to a lower toolbar like this:

Android: Storing Image into project directory (files)?

I want to store my Bitmap image into project directory. How can I have access to my project folder or what is the address of my project folder?

Magento: Displaying product image in order email

To show product image in order email, I have written the following code in template/email/order/items/order/default.phtml

i want to design these 2 boxes using css?

i want to create this effect using css, can you see the big box with the title and the blog post, and little box with the date on it and the number of comments on it. its been puzzling me, an exa...

records deleted from database when uploading files

When i try to upload multiple pictures to the database my code works fine and all the pictures show in the gallery, but when i try to modify the picture in the database, and modify one picture it d...

How do I make PIL take into account the shortest side when creating a thumbnail?

Currently, for my function below...the image will be resized based on the longest side.

Generate HTML-Map from image

Is there a way of automatically generating a HTML-Map compatible list of coordinates of polygon-like objects (e.g. countries on a map) with very distinctive borders?

Image.Save(..) throws a GDI+ exception because the memory stream is closed

i've got some binary data which i want to save as an image. When i try to save the image, it throws an exception if the memory stream used to create the image, was closed before the save. The reaso...

Copy images between different sites/hosts using PHP

I am planing to build a CMS-system.

How can you change how pictures load on webpages? (e.g. lower resolution)

how can I change the way an image loads on a web page? I presume using javascript to do this. I'm looking for a way to have the picture load at a lower resolution and then get "sharper". As appose to

Scaling an image in Java Swt & memory consumption

i have a java swt application. In the resize method of a container i'd like to resize the image, which is shown using the following code. However seems like - even i dispose everything (really?) the

From AS2 to AS3 loading external images

I'm converting some Actionscript code from AS2 tp AS3, and I've eventually managed to get most of it to work again (it's allmost a totally different language, sharing just a little syntax similarit...

drag and drop of images using opengl c++

i want to create a game similare to this one

How can I color the ocean blue in a map of the US?

I would like to draw a map of the US over an image, but then fill in the oceans.

Create image from BLOB using ImageIO?

I tried to create image from BLOB. I try following code but it is not working at step:

Creating Android background, how many pixels?

I want to create backgrounds for my Android game. And while reading here I get how it works, what I don't get is how to set the correct size in Photoshop for the different folders.

Delete unused product images in magento

The image-clean module lists unused images under /media/catalog/product and let you delete them.

Image Bouncing while duing interface orientation

I am having paging in my application. Each page having Image. during the orientation i am changing the frame according to the landscape and portrait orientation. but image is bouncing. It should not

hide link image if the link itself is using jquery?

there is a link and right next to it is a link image embedded.

In Python's PIL, how do I change the quality of an image?

I want to degrade the quality of the image to a few kilobytes.

Applying image rounded corners to <li>

I was using jQuery plugins to create a rounded corner for my &lt;li&gt;, but it was not working on a lot of browsers and didn't support mouse over.

HTML - how to rotate back and forth, like a radar towards your and away from you 2.5D

I have a requirement, that needs to rotate an image with some realistic sense - on a skewed horizontal plane with eye level, imagine a spinning flying disc or helicopter blades.

Localize Images in ASP.NET

A couple of years ago, we had a graphic designer revamp our website. His results looked great, but he unfortunately introduced a new unsupported font by the web browser.

Trying to Position List Over An Inline Image For A Device Friendly Page

What I am trying to do is position a list element over an inline image rather than a background image.

How to implement imgur api (image host) on a website?

I came across and thought that would be a usefull tool to use on my website. I then noticed that StackOwerflow uses it too, so it must be good )))

Removing an image using Javascript

I'm wondering if how I can delete an image using jquery.

Is canvas faster than a normal image?

So If I have for example an image like this:

How to calculate the width of floated images in an article on a website?

Currently I resize the images in articles using style='width:...%', and it's pretty good if we're talking about common pagewidths (500-800px). But if we have an extra wide layout (it might be a fluid

Changing img source by clicking button

I want to replace the number in the image src (eg. from eyes1 to eyes2) when I click a button.

Java - Can't get JFrame to refresh image

I've programmed a small text adventure (console) for learning purposes.

Why the image is not displayed in the imageItem?

I used the Nokia sample codes for Google Map. It has retrieveStaticImage method which loads and returns an Image. I them loaded the image to an ImageItem but I get an exception everytime..

Why are bmps stored upside down?

Why are BMP images stored upside down and zero-padded so they are four-byte aligned?

Generating iPhone Camera Roll Thumbnails

My iPhone application needs to save an image in the Camera Roll. I need to generate the .THM file because otherwise the photo is not recognized by the iPhone. Are there any Objective-C API to do...

Why am I getting a false only in IE9 for image complete property?

I've seen this pattern used quite a bit, but it seems IE9 doesn't like it. Here is a rough idea of what my function does:

Default image if src image not found causing annoying redraw on every re-render

So I'm using this awesome answer to embed a default image if the one I'm looking for is not found. That all works great on initial load, but I have some click listeners on the cell which holds this

Loading DataTemplate from a resource dictionary

In a WPF client application, I'm having some difficulties using hierarchical data template to load databound menuitems.

To store the image with date time stamp on sdcard

I have Written the code to store the bitmap Image in sdcard But I want to store it along with the date time stamp .How to do it ?

What is this image file's format?

I have a sample image file that's in something called RAW format. I have never heard of this format and I don't know what it is. The file begins with the following byte sequence:

Android:Draw image in the center of another image

I have one image image 1 and one is coming from server that is image 2 i am trying to draw second one just at the center of the first. as result i want single image like in pic .

How to detect if the image path is valid?

I have found a question regarding the images

Responsive Images with Psudo Elements - Is this a good idea?

There are many techniques that allow for Responsive images, but they all have some drawbacks.

Display a string of 1's and 0's in binary format Python

Is there any way to actually get a string of 1's and 0's from a binary format ?

Render HTML as an Image

I'm generating a coupon based on dynamic input and a cropped image, and I'm displaying the coupon using ntml and css right now, the problem is, printing this has become an issue because of how

Save/Use images without allocating 300mb memory

I am building a windows project in .net 4.0 c#.

On a WPF browser app I want to embedd an image of a live website for displaying SQL reports

I am hosting SQL reports on a SQL reporting server. Currently I have my page set up to scroll through different reports using the webbrowser tool. Problem is the reports don't scale at all so the r...

Can the WPF RichTextBox display binary picture content?

I am trying to display an RTF file (that was created in a legacy system) in a new WPF application and have run into some difficulty. The old RTF file contains a picture formatted as a binary jpegblip

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