Questions for in-app-billing


Android In-App Purchase User Identification

I am adding in-app purchase to my app. What details do I have to send to billing service in order to do the purchase process. I mean do we need to send any user mail id (market id) or something? Can

how to tell which version of in-app billing I am using

As far as my users go, is there a difference between using version 2 or version 3 of in-app billing in Google Play? Right now I am in the console, thinking I am using version 3. But I see three opt...

Remove In-App Billing test ID's history for retesting

I m testing in-app billing on test ids but once i purchase i cannot purchase it again because the response is "you have already owned product" but i need to purchase it again for testing. So how ca...

Android In app billing

I have successfully integrated the in app sample in my project and its working fine but I have not found any tutorial or document which tells that what changes we have to make in that sample for

Android in app-billing implementation

I'm working on application which needs to implement In App-Billing payments and I was searching more info about it and find a library written by someone else and I'm curious about it. Is it good to...

How to check if a user has a subscription (Android in-app billing)?

I've been trying to use the Google Play Android Developer API but just realized that that might not be what I should be doing:

In-App Billing Broadcasts from Google Play in incorrect order? (static testing)

The Android docs for In-app Billing seem to be pretty clear on the following matter. After the REQUEST_PURCHASE you show the checkout with the pending intent (fine, no problems) then the user inter...

How to correctly Remove Ads In-App Purchase

I successfully managed to implement the Google Billing Library in my project. I've added an in-app purchase to remove ads in the application, I tested it and the ads are removed after purchase, but...

Setting variable price for in-app-purchases

I have a ride-sharing app, where passengers pay for the distance they traveled. From what I read, this should be accomplished by a consumable manageable products, but they do not offer the possibil...