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Draw UIImage From CIImage In drawRect:

I'm learning about drawing UIImages and CGImages, using CIFilters etc. To test my knowledge I made a small test app with sliders that programmatically change the color of a potion sprite and displa...

endBackgroundTask without the background identifier

I'm using a library which is closed source that is starting a background task and I don't have the background task identifier...

What can cause this SIGSEGV error?

I received a crash log that I cannot explain. I have searched around and it appears that the SIGSEGV has something to do with memory. But in my case there is nothing of my own code except for the m...

MagicalRecord: Remove entire data and setup core data stack again

For every app update, I would like to wipe my entire Core Data database completely and then set it up again. I have not been successful in doing so. I have tried various things, this seems to be the

Does CALayer shouldRasterize propagate to all sublayers?

If I set shouldRasterize = YES on a CALayer, do I have to set it on each of the sublayers as well if I wanted the whole hierarchy to be flattened for better animation performance?

Passing movie title to a detail view in ios

I am able to parse a json file to a tableview but I can't figure out how to get the movie title and pass to my detail view as the title.

iphone remove next string - leave rest of string after particular occurrence of string

In objective c how to Remove text after a string occurrence.

Is there a way to change sectioned tableview to drilldown tableview?

I have a sectioned tableview with a plist wich is an array filled with dictionaries.

Fix :hover issues on iOS devices, universally with jQuery

At the moment I'm having a following issue, when I first tap on something the :hover state gets triggered and I than need to tap second time in order to actually click an element. Fixes I found were

Why won't XCode recognize a typedef from a header that's being properly imported?

This is very very weird and driving me nuts. I used to have a class called Constants. In it was this typedef:

iOS: Determine if photo in photo album is from camera

I am trying to have my application determine if a photo in photoalbum is from camera.

Easiest way to add iPad to Apple developer account

I have some remote beta-testers who are not at all technically savvy. They are going to be testing a native iPad app. They are in another country.

Date formatter for the google calender API

1) I am getting the date from the google calender. The format is 2013-05-03T22:30:00.000+02:00 like this. Which date format used for this type of date in the app.

Saving an Mutable Array into file via writeToFile

for(int x = 0; x < [tags count]; x++){

how to remove all references for outlet

I accidently set event for command button as "outlet" than "action". Due to auto-drag feature, xcode generated references in applicationDelegate and .h and .m files. I removed the entry from .h and...

Detect iOS version less than 5 with JavaScript

This is related to the "fix" for position:fixed in older versions of iOS. However, if iOS5 or greater is installed, the fix breaks the page.

Can I develop Sencha Touch app for iOS without a MAC?

I am evaluating HTML 5 framework for mobile platforms. One thing I particularly want to know is that does Sencha Touch still require a MAC to develop iOS app?

iOS Different types of method signatures

In iOS I know we can define methods with

Is there a minimalized example of how to use Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO) in OpenGL ES 1.1?

I'm having a really hard time finding beginner-friendly resources about using Vertex Buffer Objects.

Table view data source array deallocated after handling asynchronous loading of data

I'm pretty new to Objective-C and am having a problem updating my UITableView after an asynchronous call.

Parsing rfc3339 dates with NSDateFormatter in iOS 4.x and MacOS X 10.6: impossible?

Parsing a rfc3339 date with NSDateFormatter appears to be impossible, in the general case. Am I wrong? [Edit 2 years later: there is now a way! See below and footnote.]

Three second https connection times on 3G networks

Ping to the server on the 3G network is 80ms, about the same as on Wifi (60ms), yet the time to set up an SSL connection is 3.5 seconds on 3G, 0.5 on Wifi. This is the same using both a laptop and an

Objective C - Unit testing core functionality in private methods?

I've been in many situations where my core logic is in private methods.

How to detect presence of a file on web server

What would be the correct way in iOS of detecting the presence of a file (HTML) on a web server. Using the following to detect the presence of myfile.html always returns true.

iOS same UINavigationBar for all UINavigationControllers

i have a tabbed application with 4 navControllers, which all should use the SAME UINavigationBar (same color, same buttons). now i only want to create the navbar once!

objective c creating app ui from xml

I am trying to parse xml (attached) and create a ui from it dynamically - with no success.

copyWithZone being called

So i have 2 Objects.

How to get a padding inside TableView?

I have a TableView with a dark transparent

Sharing immutable NSStrings

I have a list of about 10k dictionaries, each dictionary contains about 50 keys. Keys are more or less the same for all dictionaries.

difference between how AVAssetReader and AudioFileReadPackets reads Audio

consider these two scenarios for reading/writing data from Audio files (for the purpose of sending over a network):

populate uipickerview from sqlite

I have a uipickerview which i want to populate with data from my sqlite database.

Adwhirl ad not receive issue

In my application , i have integrate Adwhirl . i have registered in 3 more networks like iAd, Admob and Google AdSense. its working fine. but in some case

Can I load a localizable.strings file into an iOS app over-the-air

Lets say my app only runs in English. But I do not want to release a new version for every time I add a new language. My proposal is to load this localizable.strings file remotely into my app.

Cocos2D Library Leak?

My Xcode analyze tool is showing a leak coming from the Cocos2D library (CCAtlasNode.m).

iOS and Cocos2d: my app REALLY slow on simulator but is FINE on device

..I am wondering whether there is some setting I should change to get my iOS 5.0 app running fine on an iPhone IOS 5.0 simulator. It runs at only 12fps instead on my device runs at 60fps. Any help? I

Generic “help” view which is accessible from all views in uinavigationView

Assuming an application has many views pushed to a uinavigationViewController, each view is different in content.

Cross-compiling ZeroMQ to ARM for use in a MonoTouch iPhone app configure settings

I'm attempting to use the ZeroMQ library in an iPhone app developed in C# using MonoTouch. I've solved almost all of the problems, but have fallen at the last hurdle. I'm using ZeroMQ 2.1.10, and t...

how to change elements on UIpickerView pushing a button or pushing another button

I have an application, that in the main view, have 3 buttons, and the 2 firts buttons have to show an UIPickerView for a selection of event (one of them) and a selection of time (the second).

How do i read text from an Alert(ios) in calabash

How can I access the text of an alertview on iOS in my calabash/cucumber tests?

Special char app name ❤ and Apple validation

I would add the special char ❤ in the app name in device.

Google Cloud Endpoints linking iOS client issues

This problem arises from the fact I don't completely understand static libraries in iOS and the docs from google seem to be a little sparse.

“live bytes” different on simulator versus device

I have a program that is showing, in the allocations instrument, approx. 72 MB of "live bytes" but when I run the profiling on my iPod touch, it shows 6 MB. I don't understand why the vast differe...

UITableViewRowAnimation as a block (instead of a row) animation

Is there anyway to make a UITableViewRowAnimation animate at the same time?

Empty UITableView not bouncing when loaded from a nib

A UITableView should bounce (even when empty) when user scrolls as long as the bounces and alwaysBounceVertical properties are set to YES. When I initialize a UITableViewController, everything work...

iphone: why my in-app purchase product array object index set automatically in alphabetical order

I am working on in-app purchase task in app I done all work currently but I need one help that my product array display in UITableview with sorting in alphabetical but I need display as same a my

How do I notify the UITableViewController of events from a UITableViewCell subclass?

I have a gesture recognizer on each of the table view cells, and when they swipe one I want my delegate to notify the table view (or if there's a better way without delegates, that) so it can be de...

Image not showing up in UITabBarItem

I am using UITabBar and UITabBarItem. I have an URL of an image. I set UITabBarItem's image to that image using URL. But image is not showing up. If I use any other image from my MacBook, it works....

How should I manage the memory allocated for the UIView returned from viewForHeaderInSection?

I'm about to implement the UITableViewDelegate::viewForHeaderInSection method, where I plan to allocate and init a new UIView object and return it. I'm new to iOS development, but I'm trying to ad...

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