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MPVolumeView AirPlay button not showing up

Using MPVolumeView I wanted to create an AirPlay output button for the app's audio.

Tesseract-OCR 3.02 with libc++

Xcode 4.6, iOS SDK 6.1, tesseract-ocr 3.02

Passing managedObjectContext via presentViewController

I am trying the "pass the baton" method for passing the managedObjectContext (MOC) thru multiple views. I have it successfully passed to the rootViewController. From there I move to a tabBarContr...

UISplitViewController - Best design pattern for communicating between view controllers

I'm using a UISplitViewController in my app for the first time. The master view controller is a table view controller, and the detail view controller is just a plain view controller.

Is this the correct way to use a checksum?

I'm working on an app that, among other things, downloads images from the web. Some of my testers are finding that images fails to download. In some cases, downloading fails in the middle. The imag...

Collapsable/Accordion like view in iOS

I am trying to develop a collapsable/accordion like feature in my iOS app. This would be your typical FAQ type feature that would be found on web sites. I would like to tap the heading and then the

Location Manager error

I am using location manager

Is it ok to re-sort an array each time you need to access an element at a specific index?

I have a TableViewController that displays a list of elements CoreData relationship. In my cellForRowAtIndexPath:, I am getting a sortedArray from the set and then accessing the element at indexPat...

Removing TabBar Controller when UIBar Button Clicked

In my Application first i have some Login View Controller,after login with button action am moving to Tabbar Controller with Four tabs. my problem is i need to quit that tabbar controller when i cl...

How to set device (UI) orientation programmatically?

Would like everything on the screen (UI) to be able to rotate from landscape left to right or vica versa.

for(UIButton *keyButton in self.view keyboardView){

Im trying to set up the variable keybutton to allow me to retrieve all my buttons in the keyboard view. I don't know how to write it though.

performSelector:withObject:afterDelay: not queuing selector

I've setup a block to run on a different queue and call another method after a delay:
2588 Facebook “Login Failed, EXPECTED_FAILURE”

I am having many issues with connecting my app with Facebook using forge.facebook.authorize.

Bitmasking in Objective C

I'd like to learn bit masking. As far as I understand, it is means to store binary values of certain type into one variable.

How to use an IBOutlet from parent class?

I'm working on an iOS and having some trouble accessing to an IBOutlet from a parent class, in this case a label with the life of the character.

iPhone / ios development - best way to check if password is secure enough?

what is the best way to check the strength of a password in iOS development?

UITableView indexPath section logic

This is the abridged code for my cellForRowAtIndexPath UITableView delegate method:

Storing geographical locations in Django/MySQL model, and querying based on proximity

We're trying to make an iOS app that allows users to create geographical points of interest on a map. We are currently evaluating whether we can use Django/MySQL as a backend for the app.

Issue with meta tags in iPhone simulator

I'm using meta tags to scale a site.

Type conversion causing compilation error in ARC environment

I am having a problem in type conversion in ARC environment.If anyone would be kind enough to address it as well:

Does Objective-C have views?

The rejection of a recent edit I suggested gave me doubts about something I thought I knew on Objective-C.

CFBundleLocalizations info.plist - How to put multiple languages

I cannot find the answer for this question anywhere. I'm new to Xcode. I have developed two multilanguage iPhone apps and cannot upload them to iTunes Connect because I'm getting the famous error "...

how easy to filter data by dates with uitableview

will like to know how easy to do the date change and get a new set of data for my tableview.

'wait_fences: failed to receive reply: 10004003' on loading UIAlertView (iOS)

I'm getting the 'wait_fences: failed to receive reply: 10004003' when I call a UIAlertView. It's called when the app first opens. It doesn't crash the app or seem to effect the functionality of it ...

Objective C - NSManagedObjectContext and NSFetchedResultsController release handling

i need some information about memory management with NSManagedObjectContext objects.

Using a rate limit with Apple MDM

In our Apple MDM solution I would like to implement a rate limit, setting a limit on how many devices can interact with the server at any time.

Recursive flood fill on an iPad paint app

Im using recursive flood fill algorithm on my ipad painting app and it crashes with stack overflow i think. Can someone help me solve this problem with example code or good advice because im a noo...

iPhone/iPad and iTunesArtwork

I would like to include the file iTunesArtwork in my app bundle but I have an iPad and iPhone version of the app. The iPad version's icon has the letters HD over it. How should I proceed to include...

Trouble with Making UITableViewCells Dynamic

I have a subclassed UITableViewCell called Comment, which has a UILabel containing some relevant information. This information is of varying length, so it is merely impossible for me to set a appro...

Image Bouncing while duing interface orientation

I am having paging in my application. Each page having Image. during the orientation i am changing the frame according to the landscape and portrait orientation. but image is bouncing. It should not

warnings after updating to x-code 4.4.1 for RestKit

When I updated X-Code to 4.4.1 It gives me 22 warning for using RestKit Library. The error was like this:

Twitter integration and iOS5: semantic and parsing issues

I was using some of Apple's example code to write the Twitter integration for my app.

Obj-C: How to get and call a block argument from NSInvocation - stubbing Twitter account on iOS

I'm testing an iOS application using KIF and OCMock, stubbing the device's ACAccountStore to return my own representation of a Twitter account. I want to stub requestAccessToAccountsWithType, and c...

iphone/ipad game development

I'm a iOS developer. I have developed many apps for iPhone and iPad. Now planning to start with game development. I need few details before starting with it??

How to format data for display in a text view

I have a button that shows some part of the URL on a text view, but I would like for this information to be shown in a specific format.

iOS: How to define some default objects to be used anywhere?

There are many places in my app that needs to set the UIColor. I want to define the color somewhere that I can reuse it without writing the same line again, it's hard to keep track and maintain.

iOS Facebook Login from Phonegap application crashes app

I use facebook-connect as a plugin in my phonegap (cordova 2.5) application on iOS. It worked all well, we tested the application on various devices and released it to the store. It passed the revi...

Reverse-engineering Core Data db results in “Can't find model for source store” error

I have the task to re-engineer an iPhone app which makes use of Core Data to store some values. Unfortunately I do not have access to the original source code but I do have acces to old database fi...

Switch XIB's fading through Black?

I am attempting to switch views (XIB's) while fading through black. I have been doing this using UIView animations and I want to keep it that way. The problem is that whenever I switch views I am not

Why not just declare all @properties as strong and nil them?

An application that I am working on, that uses ARC and needs to support iOS 4.3 and iOS 5, declares every outlet as @property (strong, nonatomic) IBOutlet in the .h file.

External Accessory Command Protocol

Could anyone tell me about the format of command bytes sent by the external accessory as per the declared protocol in the firmware of accessory and the info.plist of the iOS app code? I am aware that

Cocos2d Sprite linking

If this question is a duplicate, plz correct me.

Updating CoreFoundation PriorityQueue implementation to take advantage of ARC for iOS

I found an implementation of a priority queue that primarily uses CFBinaryHeap to work.

Run iPhone/iPad Simulator for Continuous Integration

I am attempting to run the iOS simulator from the command line. I have found the location where the iPhone Simulator can be run from. My question is whether or not it can receive parameters to spec...

There's a shadow on my button

i'm creating a button programmaticly for an iPad application. when i see the button, there looks to be a shadow type thing below it. what is it and how can i get rid of it?

Function that sends an image to AirPrint

Im trying to find a function that lets me print using AirPrint.

using dispatch_sync as a mutex lock

Here is what I need to do.

UITextField text overlaps clear button

I am adding a textfield to my view like this:

Hide bar button (both left and right) from another ViewController?

I've two ViewController from first i've added two bar buttons to second ViewController. code here- `

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