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UIButton select state's image appears behind normal state's image

I have a UIButton which has images set for both Normal and Selected State. From what I understand, when you switch the button.selected state to YES / NO, it should toggle between the two images. It...

Comparing creation/modification date of NSData objects

At first I have a plist file in app bundle. At some point the file can get updated (downloaded into Documents Folder). Whats the best way to know which file is newer? The mainbundle plist could get

Is it possible to debug with Xcode through a Lightning Digital AV Adapter?

When I connect my iPhone 5 directly to my MacBook it shows up in Xcode.

How can I add a table view controller to an existing storyboard view controller?

I'm creating a landscape iPad app for iOS 5.1 that should have two table views embedded into a view controller of my storyboard. What I would like to be able to do, is drag a table view controller ...

Starting development on ios platform with windows 7

New to ios development, looking for some guides, Can I develop ios application on windows 7 having mac os as virtual machine, and if yes then what are the things that i need to install first to get

Best way to make display sports ranking in a UITableView

I am making an iPhone App for upcoming FIFA world cup 2014 and need to make "Groups & Standings" score table. Here is so far I have made.

UITableViewCellAccessory Multiple sections

I am trying to add a checkmark to a UITableViewCell when a user selects it. I have the following code:

ios UISwipeGestureRecognizer calculate offset

I'm adding swipe gesture recognizer to my application

Saving login credentials Xcode

I am implementing an application, the first view is the login view. it contains 3 textfields Account name, Username and password. i want to let the application to save the login information in ord...

Gesture error in uitableview cells

i have a problem with my GestureRecognizer in UITableViewCell,i have swipe-left and right Gesture, tap-hold for 2 second and pinch Gesture in tableview cell, Swipe-right for next chapter, swipe lef...

Why is my CFRunLoopTimer not firing?

I have a CFRunLoopTimer created within a C++ class as shown below:

iOS Application Crashing on Launch

I'm at my wit's end on this one. There are two ways I get my application to my iPhone to test it:

MailCore how to delete a message

When using MailCore, how do I go about deleting a message? I understand that I set an IMAP deleted flag for a CTCoreMessage but does that actually cause a message to be deleted by the server? Or is...

Organising iOS OCUnit test files in XCode

I am adding unit tests to an existing iOS project using OCUnit with Xcode 4.2. I have successfully added a new build target (following instructions here:

How add a custom UIView to a storyboard scene

I created a UIView with an image view inside it. Gave it a name of "XXXMyView".

How to recreate iPhone's contact list UITableView

I really like iPhone's default contacts list input tables and I would like to re-create an input page similar to them. My v1 app used a bunch of text fields on the screen, but this implementation is

Adding Disclosure Indicator to map pins iOS 5

I can't seem to be able to add a disclosure button to my map annotations.

Reading Text File in ActionScript Moblie iOS App

I am trying to read from words from a text file in ActionScript Mobile Project. Each Word is then stored in an Array. This works fine during AIR IOS Simulator, but now I am Debugging on an Ipad and...

iPhone zXing QR Scanner - didscanresult function never fires

I have loaded the zXing project into my own project.

ping in monotouch

I'm wondering why does some monotouch features works well in simulator but fails on real device?

Kiwi + MagicalRecord method does not exist

I am using Kiwi framework to test the interaction between my code and Core Data through Magical Record library. Magical record defines a category on NSManagedObject, which adds few nice methods, su...

Info about opened URLs and called numbers on iOS thru private APIs?

Using any of the iPhone's private APIs, is it possible to access the call log on the iPhone without jailbreaking it? Is the same somehow possible for opened URLs in Safari and launched apps (which ...

how to use a bool variable in objective c

I am currently trying to use a boolean to check for when an event happens..

How to animate a UIview when the UIVIew is hidden in the sameView

I have a view in that i have dragged one more View and assigned it has

Passing object/NSData between iOS devices

I'm creating a game, turn based, and I was thinking of using Game Center to handle it, but the passed game-object is evidently max 64kb. Is there another way to pass objects between devices for thi...

Customizing UINavigationBar as in Fox news iPhone app

How can the UINavigationBar customizations be done? Is it using subclassing or categories?

Image magnification techniques, clarification needed

Before i start reinventing the wheel, i thought i'd check here to see if there are known image magnification techniques people know and love?

compare NSString and integer?

I have a string that I need to compare with an integer value.

About iOS development process send game's an “.app” file for test

I'm an officially iOS developer. My designer lives in different City and I would like to know: Can I send our game's an ".app" file to him to install on his iPhones for test through the iTunes? He

Objective-C: int can´t be NAN?

It seems that a int in Objective-C can't be NAN.

Is there an IOS API that wraps the google 'distance between two locations' API?

Is there an IOS API that wraps the google 'distance between two locations' API?

Making a 'hole' in a UITabBarController or UINavigationController?

How would I 'punch a hole' in a tab bar app, whereby a tab-bar based app can show a view behind the uinavigationcontrollers that are in each tab? (this punch could be optionally turned off).

Problems integrating drupal-ios-sdk with iPhone app

I downloaded the Drupal-iOS-SDK from github

MKMapView Zooming In On User's Location Once But Not The Second Time in Tab-Bar App (iOS)

I have an MKMapView as part of a Navigation Controller in a Tab Bar based app.

Iphone get photo resolution programmatically

There's a way to get programmatically the dimensions of a photo taken with an iphone? I want to take the dimensions directly without passing throught model version,so this solution can't be valid:

Migrating to Universal app (iPhone/iPad)

I have an old iPhone app and now want to migrate it to an iPad app...

iphone app store phone contacts

We are developing an application in iOS (iPhone App) that is storing phone contacts in our server. We are planning to store phone number and email address of the contacts on the server(We have rest...

NSOperationQueue for synchronous upload

Am developing an iPad application which uploads bulk of files to the server synchronously. I would like to use NSOperationQueue to add each upload request into the queue and start processing the next

Objective C - importing headers with same variable names

I have a android game ready to launch and I'm currently working on porting it to iOS.

writeToFile:atomically: not saving new plist data

I am using writeToFile:atomically: to update the value of a key in my plist by 1 every time the app is launched. I put this code in viewDidLoad, which reads the string value of the key, gets the nu...

Is there a quicker / better way to clear the iPhone Simulator cache than deleting its directory?

So I'm still reasonably new to iOS development and I'm finding myself quite regularly needing to delete either DerivedData, or the contents of the iPhone Simulator directory, to get things to actua...

UIView draw shadow beyond view's frame

I have a requirement where I have to draw a view's shadow beyond the view's frame. We already have complex view hierarchy / layering and it would not be possible now to change the view's frames and

How to create separate instance for NSMutableArray

In my application I need to create a copy of NSMutableArray. Currently I am using mutableCopy method. But when I modify the copied array the original one is also modified. Please tell me How to cre...

Mix CATextLayer and CAScrollLayer

I need a scrollable CATextLayer to display a NSAttributedString.

pass uigesturerecognzer data to parent controller

There is a master view controller with this method

Consumable InApp purchase for different amount of product

I have a game where user can buy consumable product (i.e.: energy). Now, i want to start a SALE where i would sell MORE energy for the same amount of money (and probably different amount of energy,

difference between #import and @class in my simple case

In my controller's header file, I need to declare a instance of another controller. I did it in the following way:

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