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How to make iAd in iPhone apps?

Currently i am working in an iAd iPhone application. Using ADBannerView to make it, I have one URL for show advertisement in iPhone apps, but I don't know how to integrate this.

What can cause this SIGSEGV error?

I received a crash log that I cannot explain. I have searched around and it appears that the SIGSEGV has something to do with memory. But in my case there is nothing of my own code except for the m...

Does CALayer shouldRasterize propagate to all sublayers?

If I set shouldRasterize = YES on a CALayer, do I have to set it on each of the sublayers as well if I wanted the whole hierarchy to be flattened for better animation performance?

Add a UIView before UINavigation

I have created a navigation based application.

iPhone UIBarButtonItem alpha of button image

I've added a button to a lower toolbar like this:

Using Custom View Controllers to manage different portions of the same view hierarchy

The View controller programming guide states this regarding view controller's usage:

Passing movie title to a detail view in ios

I am able to parse a json file to a tableview but I can't figure out how to get the movie title and pass to my detail view as the title.

iphone remove next string - leave rest of string after particular occurrence of string

In objective c how to Remove text after a string occurrence.

Playing imdb video inside MPMediaPlayback not working

I fetch the video url from imdb of a trailer, like:

IPhone and Cocos2d Sprites/Layers

I am using cocos2d-iphone to place Sprites onto a Layer to setup a game playfield. At certain points in the game, certain Sprites need to be removed based upon game conditions. What I would like ...

Collision Detection in Cocos2d game?

i am trying to detect Collision of two sprites in the following way...but when i try to run the game no collision takes place.... what am i possibly doing wrong??

uialertview and delegate (delayed in code)

I'm checking if file already exists and if it is, I'm alerting the user if he wants o replace the file. I'm using alert view and a delegate.

iPhone (non jailbreaked) device + custom keyboard

Is there any opportunity to change default keyboard on iPhone (in any iPhone application) to any custom one, and is it possible to do on NON jailbreaked device?

How to give shadow effects to label items in cocos2D?

I have moving sprites in my game and have added labels on it (CCLabelTTF). The labels have characters like A, B, C etc. I want to give a shadow effect to the contents of labels so that they are pro...

How to integrate iMessage onto address book?

I have to send a text from my app to the contacts present in the contact list. I can do that using AddressBook and its delegates. How can i roll everything into iMessage?

JSON.framework add in xcode

I have copy JSON.framework in my

iOS Different types of method signatures

In iOS I know we can define methods with

Is there a minimalized example of how to use Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO) in OpenGL ES 1.1?

I'm having a really hard time finding beginner-friendly resources about using Vertex Buffer Objects.

Three second https connection times on 3G networks

Ping to the server on the 3G network is 80ms, about the same as on Wifi (60ms), yet the time to set up an SSL connection is 3.5 seconds on 3G, 0.5 on Wifi. This is the same using both a laptop and an

popover display on tableview cell

i am using a TableView in my application where i want a Pop over View when i clicked on a tabel cell, all the content which is in table Cell should display in a pop over view so plz suggest me ho...

Lost frameworks in iOS 4.2

I recently updated my iOS SDK to 4.2 and now my frameworks have some wrong file-paths…
4591 File Access - Getting total Counts of Images in my Gallery (iPhone/Android)

Is there any way to get the total counts of Pictures in my Gallery? We need to preview the total counts in my gallery. We can't find what API method to be used for it.

NSThread issue with an iPhone Application

I have a rather complex application at which uses Rtmpdump and Ffmpeg libraries to download and convert Flash streams. I would like the thread

iOS same UINavigationBar for all UINavigationControllers

i have a tabbed application with 4 navControllers, which all should use the SAME UINavigationBar (same color, same buttons). now i only want to create the navbar once!

NSURLConnection and connectionDidFinishLoading sharing between multiple functions

This is a simplification, but I have an app that has the following methods:

Help needed for s7graphview

If anyone have used s7graphview for plotting the graph then I want to know where to do changes in the code for maintaining the incremental value of the values that is been plot on the x-axis. Curre...

Moving a ball randomly

I am trying to move a ball across the screen with random coordinates . but my object moves just around x axis ! here is my code :

Underline / Bold in UITextView

Is it possible to underline or embolden certain bits of text in a UITextView?

Why is my JSON.parse() failing on iPhone?

I am using Titanium for a mobile application. In the application, the server returns JSON data, which is then parsed by JSON.parse(). On Android, it works fine. I also double-checked it to make sur...

How to programmatically combine .wav files?

I would like to play some kind of text-to-speech with only numbers. I can record 10 wav files, but how can I combine them programmatically ?

setValue points to the object instead of copying the NSString

I'm parsing an XML document. I have an NSMutableString to hold the value for each node I'm passing through and for specific nodes - I want to update the NewsElement class.

How to get a padding inside TableView?

I have a TableView with a dark transparent

Delete Destructive Button like in UIActionSheet

I need to create a button programmatically just like in the image

iPhone app: tap this button to update to the latest version

I basically need a url to open that will end up at the updates tab of the AppStore app. Preferably at the update screen for my app. Is such a thing possible?

is there any light-weight http request library for iphone?

I know ASIHTTPRequest, but it's too powerful for me. actually, I nerver use some functions it provided. It also has too much dependences.

Submit datas to UIWebView

Is there a way to submit datas to a webpage (shown via UIWebView)?

Cross-compiling ZeroMQ to ARM for use in a MonoTouch iPhone app configure settings

I'm attempting to use the ZeroMQ library in an iPhone app developed in C# using MonoTouch. I've solved almost all of the problems, but have fallen at the last hurdle. I'm using ZeroMQ 2.1.10, and t...

should I always use self.classvariable?

When coding my iPhone app. Is it always a good practice when setting or getting values to use self? I seem to forget half of the time and recently have been tracking down a bug I believe is related...

iPhone but why delegete

I am a newb for iPhone programming..

use % operator in xcode

i'm trying to make a function that use % operator in objective c

Inserting and deleting UITableViewCell at the same time not working

I'm having quite a bit of pain inserting and deleting UITableViewCells from the same UITableView!

How to show an alert when the server is not working properly?

I am getting list using url by doing parsing it using xml parser. sometimes the server is not working properly. then how to give an alert when server is not working properly. I have given the code ...

Custom view transition in OpenGL ES

I'm trying to create a custom transition, to serve as a replacement for a default transition you would get here, for example:

Why does my CGContext-drawn circle suck?

I have a custom table view cell that is intended to draw a circle like the iPhone’s does:

c support in mobile platforms

Is C a language that can be used on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and WebOS?

How should I manage the memory allocated for the UIView returned from viewForHeaderInSection?

I'm about to implement the UITableViewDelegate::viewForHeaderInSection method, where I plan to allocate and init a new UIView object and return it. I'm new to iOS development, but I'm trying to ad...

Problems with video streaming site for iPhone

I have been trying to embed some videos on a website I am building, and have come across a snag when trying to stream the videos to iPhone/iPad.

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