Questions for jena


create a new ontology with Jena

I'm trying to use Jena. For creating a new ontology my code is:

Annotating sensor data but no rdf:type

I'm annotating sensor observations using JENA, RDF and the W3C SSNXG's sensor ontology.

Maven Jena schemagen: error while creating in a specific package

I'm not understanding the configuration of the maven plugin(s) after crawling around several hours.

Writing RDF by importing namespaces from a loaded ontologies in jena?

I'm planning to write and store lots of data in RDF format. I'll be using SIOC, GEO and dcterms. In Jena, is there a way to import the namespaces from loaded ontologies instead of doing, for exampl...

How to display the output of SPARQL Queries in a play! view?

I'm writing an Application where a user can upload .rdf-Files and then execute SPARQL-Queries on it. Right now I am stuck on how to format the query's result. For example: an ASK-Query outputs a bo...