Questions for jpa-2.0


Class not eligible for getting processed by all BeanPostProcessors

I'm having a lot of trouble to set up a configuration of Spring + Spring Data JPA + QueryDSL + JPA 2.0 + Hibernate in Maven. I already solved a lot of problems, but this one is giving me headache =...

JPA/Hibernate - shared primary key

I wanted to create bidirectional one to one relationship with shared primary key.

Properties reference for hibernate in persistence.xml

Does anyone know a link, post, book or something else where are explained and nominalized all properties that you need and can use in persistence.xml file?

JPA: ordering query results by collection valued property?

I have an entity that has dollection-valued property:

Mapping Exception: Unable to read XML when externalizing a named native query in JPA 2.0

I have some long queries (text wise) that I am trying to externalize into an orm.xml file for readability and maintainability purposes but I keep getting a mapping exception: Unable to read XML.

How do I write a MAX query with a where clause in JPA 2.0?

I'm using JPA 2.0. Hibernate 4.1.0.Final, and Java 6. How do I write a JPA query from the following psuedo-SQL?

Container managed Transaction for JPA+Spring+Hibernate in Tomcat

I am trying to configure JOTM with JPA,Spring, hibernate and tomcat. I have configured somehow but neither it perform inserts nor updates, in other words, i am unable to perform commits after

@ManyToOne(updatable=false) - how it should work?

I want to have a read-only functionality in one of my entities. I know that in JPA 2.0 we don't have such functionality per se. I thought we can achieve it using updateable=false, insertable=false ...

JPA 2.0: TYPE expression exception

I have a inheritance structure with to classes, let's say Parent (as the root class) and Child as the subclass.

Extending Wicket's serialization test

I'm working on a large Java application that uses Wicket 1.5 together with Hibernate / JPA 2. Wicket has a standard rule that objects stored in the session must implement Serializable. We have an e...

JPA 2.0 orphanRemoval=true VS on delete Cascade

I am a little confused about the JPA 2.0 orphanRemoval attribute.

@Version not incremented upon relationship change

According to the JPA 2.0 specification:

JPA CascadeType.ALL does not delete orphans

I am having trouble deleting orphan nodes using JPA with the following mapping

Reusing entity manager by em.clear() or creating a new entity manager?

In my case of application managed transaction, I've to choose between:

JBoss AS 7 Cannot inject RESOURCE_LOCAL container managed EntityManagers using @PersistenceContext

I am using JBoss AS 7.1.1 and able to configure a new JTA datasource and wire it to my EJB using

JPA + EJB testing with embedded glassfish v3

Trying to set up a JPA+EJB testing after these instructions:

Constraint violation in Hibernate unidirectional OneToMany mapping with JoinTable and OrderColumn when removing elements

I have a problem when removing elements from a list mapped as described above. Here is the mapping:

Best practice to generate a JPA dynamic, typed query?

i'm trying to convert a 'TableController'-Class we used (without ORM) to generate dynamic SQL (actually the order column and direction is appended to the SQL).

JPA 1.2 createQuery Where Clause Criteria

Hi there I am complete newbie to JPA.

Eclipse Virgo Injected JPA EntityManager does not connect to Database

I am using Eclipse Virgo and I am trying to get annotation driven transaction management running but I keep running into the same issue.

JPA Query to select based on criteria alongwith pagination

I have a submission table with ID,Name,Code among other properties. My requirement is to search for records based on the mentioned properties and return a paginated set.

Join Two Tables using JPA on non-id column using Specification

Is it possible to join two tables on non-primary keys of the Entities, using specification? If yes, Can you please let me know how to do that?

JPA Query - how to get a specific result set?

In an app based on JPA2/Hibernate/Oracle+Spring+Wicket, I use the following model:

How to make it in JPA Criteria?

Supposing I have entity Lecturer and Course two entities having many to many relationships in JPA 2.0

Fetch a list in a @OneToMany association?

The thing is, an user has one or more properties, so that's why is this way my entity class user

Why is one entity ignored during schema creation with JPA2?

I have a small schema consisting of ~10 classes mapped by jpa2 with hibernate as provider. All of the classes are build in the same basic way (@Entity annotation for the class, id with @Id and

Query ElementCollection of Enum by using JPA Criteria API

I'm working of a web application for a car dealer. I have a Car class with a field which contain a set of security enums.

Annotate m:n relationship with helper class (2 foreign keys + additional attributes) with JPA 2.0

I'm new to JPA 2.0 and have troubles annotating a n:m relationship that uses a foreign key class with additional attributes describing the relationship:

Update collection when remove the same entity from other collection

I have 4 classes entities: CtPersonaFirma, CtFirmaDocumento and CtContrato. A person may sign several contracts and a contract can be signed by multiple people.

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