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Increase element ID by one after every click?

I am trying to clone multiple divs on my page by using the jQuery .clone() method. The problem is, as soon as a div is cloned, it needs to have a unique ID. The cloned ID has to be there too. I was

This is ugly and there has to be a better way to write it in jQuery


UI Useability - Reordering and merging columns

I'm writing a little web-based utility for my brother who needs to merge columns in a CSV file. I know things like this surely exist somewhere, but a large part of this is that is a fun little exer...

How to figure out where this database insertion and retrieval is breaking?

Problem solved...variable undefined. I will add full answer when stackoverflow allows me to answer own question

Scriptmanager Asp.Net Mvc

I'd like to have some of the scriptmanager features in the new MVC model

Switching from submit form to remove form using Ajax in Rails 3 app

Using an <% if/else/elsif/end %> statement, I detect whether an object exists in a User's profile in my Rails 3 app. Depending on the object's existence, I render one of two forms:

Timeout doesn't work

function updateimage(){

How can i combine this codes?

As the title says, I think this code can be simplified in less lines. Could someone help me with this?

how to hide a div that is empty and another div associated with it which may or maynot be empty?

I have a speech bubble called philosophy bubble which is just a div styled to look like a quote bubble and the sharepoint control is what fills up the content of the bubble but sometimes the bubble...

How to use jsonp to get javascript based ad calls onto a page, asyncronously

I am trying to use jsonp to solve a page performance problem I've been having. On my site I usually display ads by writing out a script tag like this document.write("<scr" + "ipt

jQuery addClass to a div if another div has a class

I am looking to ad a class to the trigger div ONLY IF the panel div is open. Can;t quite crack it.

Fix :hover issues on iOS devices, universally with jQuery

At the moment I'm having a following issue, when I first tap on something the :hover state gets triggered and I than need to tap second time in order to actually click an element. Fixes I found were

How to store temporary data at the client-side and then send it to the server

I need to store data temporarily at the client-side to allow users to add, edit or delete items without having to query the server for each of these actions; just when the user finishes adding item...

jquery to get next input element

I have a number of checkboxes. Each of them is associated with one input field. When the checkbox is checked, I would like to set the input field is editable, i.e. disabled attribute as false. Othe...

Grid view at center of page in jquery mobile

I am new to JqueryMobile. I have a screen containing a 3*3 grid of images. I need to align them at the center of the page as well as there shouldn't be any space between them except 1px. Each cell ...

jQuery email validation requirements

I'm using the jQuery.Validation plugin for client side validation, and among other things I validate email addresses. Now I also want to validate on the server side (for users without javascript et...

jQuery UI dialog and Ajax POST in

In the example below, how can i post data to webservice after clicking login button in

Mapping an array of objects to key/value pairs in CoffeeScript

I have an array of elements that I would like to apply a mapping to to convert it into key value pairs on a single object (to mimic an associative array).

Is it possible to use disproportionate intervals in jqplot?

I am using jqplot for a bar graph that has 1 very high number around 7 million and 2 very low numbers, less than 100,000 when they are charted on a bar graph the two low numbers are only a couple of

jquery autoResize textarea does not work when in jquery ui tab

jquery autoResize textarea does NOT work when in jquery ui tab.

JQuery issue. Click - open code

I have this JQuery code

React to 303 status code in jquery ( Prevent from redirecting)

when I send requests to a certain server, a 303 response will come, followed by the requested response in combination with a 200 status code.

Ajax file upload in mvc application

in my MVC app i using Ajax upload (Version 3.5 (23.06.2009)) in this part of code:

How to set delay before append slideshow?

I want to append "image slideshow" on mouse hover image. It works, but I want to set delay on the beginning slideshow. When I set delay by queue, it stops working... Why ? How to fix it ?

Apple Mobile Web App CSS Issue

I currently have a website that I am trying to use as a web app.

Trouble with $.post

I am trying to insert some values into an sql database.

jQuery Autocomplete UI search all directions

I'm using jQuery Autocomplete to show results from a list of approximately 2000 records. Because this list is in my opinion very long I need a good filter to search through all these records.

jQuery UI slider: how to inline it?

I'm trying to display several sliders with labels on the same line, eg:

$.ajax() success called, but will not run method

This is really puzzling me. Any idea why this would be happening?

TCPDF not formatting

I'm using an ajax call to print a pdf and email it to user, but the problem is that the data in the pdf is not formatted.

Jquery ajax in loop

I am writing a Sql convertor which handles mysql to mongodb. I am writing an interface to my converter with ajax.

JQuery iterate through current SELECT values

how do you iterate through just the current values of all selects, not the options?

Merge loops with jQuery.extend: last value is always the same?

I have two arrays of "hashes". I need to merge them together so the end result is another array of hashes, except the number of entries is the product of the two arrays.

How to insert/update an item in a specific column of a dynamic table?

I have a dynamic table as of here As you can see, I have a column for "Status" which i hope to get status reply through this done(function()). This is what i've tried

CSS doesn't toggle

The following successfully toggles the div landlord_pop_up. However, it doesn't set the css property for the div landlord_pop_up on toggle. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I am try to get the

CSS how to align group of elements horizontally?

I'm having trouble aligning a paragraph element with a group of button elements. I'm using jQuery and CSS to try and do this.

Update <div> with JSONP value jQuery

I'm getting the temperature from a service called World Weather Online

modifying css with jquery

I have a ul list and below im using jquery to find out if the user is hovering sub menus under about us and if yes set some css on hover. This does change the background color to green but when i ...

In jquery what does $('<div></div>') do?

I was implementing a jqueryui modal dialog box and a related blog showed a way of implementing it that worked but I don't understand what $("&lt;div&gt;&lt;/div&gt;") is actually doing. Is this cre...

jQuery- animation not working properly in Google Chrome

Please have a look at this both in Firefox and in Chrome:

How do I dynamically change a Chosen select box?

I'm using the Google Maps API to create a list of selectable neighborhoods and using Chosen to make it look nice. The problem that I'm having is the the Maps API doesn't get the data immediately- it

Jquery toggle .. fixing alighnment

Hello people i have this script

.js files not being located by website on Win 2008 Web Edit IIS 7

I have been going around in circles with this for a couple of days now. I usually find what I need without posting.

difference between toggleclass and addclass

I am working with jquery and attempting to add a class to a table on the selection of that table row.

Javascript slider jquery

&lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;

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