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Dynamic Table using jQuery template

I am trying to create a Dynamic Table using jQuery Template plugin.

How can 2 different servers communicate in the same “machine”?

First of all i would like to apologize if my question doesnt make so much sense , as i am very new to these concepts.

JQuery dialog box not appearing in current screen center

I have a test php file which has 50 buttons in a table (just to make a big table). When the first button is clicked, I want a JQuery dialog box which has a html textbox to open via JQuery. For now,...

jquery mobile listview refresh same list lose style

I'm trying to update the content of a ul list passing from a list to another one.

Spritely jQuery Plugin - Stop All Spritely Animations

I'm developing a sort of 'booklet' with a set of pages that can be viewed one at a time. On each page, there is a lot of animation going on using the jQuery Spritely plugin, both the pan() and spri...

how to append table to DIV

I am trying to append a table to div:

Google maps watchposition { setzoom() } overrides user zooming

Hey guys I've finally got my google maps working the way I want it, but I don't want my zoom to prevent the user from zooming in themselves (this keeps resetting it), I put a conditional on my setZ...

Context changes on the call of $.each() function

I am using Jquery $.each to get all the elements which belong to a particular class and I wanted to call a function on each of those one after another.To achieve this, I called following function:...

Online source code editing element

I'm wondering if there is some sort of element (preferably jQuery since this library is used) which enables online editing in a (converted) textarea. Basically what I'm looking for is a framework for

How do I refresh an ASP.NET ListView using jQuery and AJAX?

I have a page with a number of ListViews that I want users to be able to sort and page through. Rather than postback and rebind the entire page each time, I would like to do it via jQuery/AJAX

JQuery plugin use gives “undefined” error

Chrome on Rails on Localhost. Here's a trimmed version of the page:

Animate one Div when the mouse hovers over another

I'm looking to animate one div when the mouse hovers over another div tag elsewhere on the page. As an example...

How can masonry plugin sort a brick wider then a columnWidth?

The masonry plugin stacks a brick into columns. It's a reorder of bricks to minimize the columns. How can it sort the bricks that are wider then the column width?

Elegant way to wrap multiple Backbone render methods to avoid “before” and “after” event duplication?

I've divided the render() method on my View into two separate methods, in order to allow me to render the entire View, or just a small portion of the View, which is represented by an HTML form. The...

How to make a photo gallery like application with jquery mobile using highcharts instead of images?

Hi guys Im working on a mobile web site using jquery mobile, saw many examples of photo gallery integration with jquery mobile tried most of them and they work out just fine. My problem is instead...

jQuery cookie value is %5Bobject%20Object%5D

I have a simple html page and a js script:

Convert jquery selectors to array

I need to be able to store the current selectors in the current viewport and then 10 seconds check if they are still in the users current viewport.

PHP & JQUERY + how to let Jquery know when a file upload has completed

I have a script working to upload images without refreshing the page using jquery.form.js

“function” is not defined error in Javascript: what is the right way to call my function?

I understand a bit because of this post: JQuery, setTimeout not working why it's not working, but keeping everything this way, what is the right way to call _finalvalidate() inside my div?

Getting Value Of Radio Button And Label Text Put Into Two TextField

I'm trying to get value form label (radio) and value of radio button. When I click label or radio button, they value input into their respective textfield

jquery scroll to top convert to scroll to bottom

I copied this code from the internet and wanted the get a identical result, however I want it to scroll down insted. I have tried to convert it as best I could, but I could not get it to work your ...

jquery .is(“:visible”) not working in Chrome

if ($("#makespan").is(":visible") == true) {

Jquery Ajax with GET not working

I have this peace of HTML code

using jquery variable in php

I've got a dynamic table filled by a recordset from MYSQL.

next option jquery

trying to select next option drop down list by using a id identifier, but to no avail

Cant get Timepicker to work

Im new to Jquery and im pretty sure im missing a file which is the problem but im a bit lost which ones i should be using. Here is the head and a bunch of other css and js files as im not sure if m...

how to get value?

How to get current selected value of a dropdown which is inside div?

How can you change how pictures load on webpages? (e.g. lower resolution)

how can I change the way an image loads on a web page? I presume using javascript to do this. I'm looking for a way to have the picture load at a lower resolution and then get "sharper". As appose to

Different font sizes on website

My website has a menu named Font Size. Basically its an option for user to change font size of website like:

Change action and image src url's with jQuery

I am parsing a form from another one of my sites using a php proxy. It is working fine but the form action and img src of the submit button url's are relative. How can I prepend the full

Find first element in div that has margin? (purpose: remove margin)

I need to find the first (and last) element in a div that has a CSS margin set (> 0 px). (important: this is not necessarily the first or last element!)

jQuery cookie plugin - save and call parsetInt() values

I'm new to JS. I have a script wich should count clicks and store clicks number value in cookie. The problem is i cant currectly save and call clicks number(generated by parseInt) value from cookie...

Chrome error on downloading file via iframe

I'm submitting JSON data to a server. The server generates a PDF file and responds with the URL to that PDF file. I then make another request to the server to download the PDF file. To do the downl...

jquery-highlight the table cells based on textbox value

I want to highlight the table cells having the similar value as textbox ie as the user starts typing letters itself it should highlight the table cells....

Ajax Response Json Print result in table or div array

I have an ajax call to a php file that encodes the array into a json array/object. What I am trying to do is to print the json response into a table format or an array of

Jquery Dialog Too Big?

The jquery dialog box is ridiculously huge and I'm not sure why. Manually setting CSS does not appear to work either. Click the 'Sign-In' button to see the dialog box.

jQuery $.get() charset of reply when no header is set?

I just recently installed Winamp Song Requester wich is a Winamp web song requester plugin with a built in minimal HTTP CGI Server.

Proper way to pass on “this” to custom Tap event callback

I picked up a some code for a JavaScript tap event for touch devices here : GitHub page. Credit to Jørn Kinderås for this code.

AngularJS - make model variable available to jQuery?

I am just starting with AngularJS and am trying to figure out how to easily reference (bind?) scope variables from outside the Angular controller.

JQuery Dynamically adding a element and then updating it

I'm trying to do a little script to insert after a textbox or textarea how many characters the user has used and whats remaining. In order to do this I'm looking for DOM objects that have the MVC3 ...

Page not loading fully after firing a jQuery ajax request

I am facing a strange issue where-in my webpage does not load fully after firing a jQuery ajax POST request. I have a webpage that gets some html data from server via web service. I used jQuery ajax

Find and hide text using jQuery

This, I thought, was a very simple query, but I seem to be getting lost in the find/hide code.

Left and right button misbehaving when trying to add an empty span to contenteditable div

In my project, I am trying to add a span wherever the caret is in the contenteditable div. This span element will be used as getting the offset position of the caret indirectly.