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Validating Date Range Produced By jQuery UI DatePicker

I am using the date picker provided by jQuery UI to select a date range that ends up in a single text input with something like 11/11/2008 - 12/05/2008. What would you recommend as far a validation

jQuery callbacks firing too early

I have a problem when assigning functions to the click event of a button in IE 7 with jQuery. Something like the following works fine in Opera but produces an infinite loop in IE:

getting rel attr of link and using as text recurring

I'm trying to get the rel attr from a set of links in a slider, to then use as the text for the control. I've got it working except it only lists the first rel multiple times, instead of multiple ...

How to handle the modal closing event in Twitter Bootstrap?

In Twitter bootstrap, looking at the modals documentation. I wasn't able to figure out if there is a way to listen to the close event of the modal and execute a function.

Dynamically assign variable to jquery autocomplete query string

I'm coding form where a user can submit playlists. There is an 'artist' field and a 'song' field. Both are input type 'text'.

Loading an iframe without injecting it into the DOM

I have basically the opposite problem to this question: How to prevent iframe from loading when injected into the DOM?

using jquery to write sql queries?

how to use jquery to write sql queries. consider a webservice call using jquery to webservice, sending an sql query and getting back the results in json format. but there's a problem with the

jQuery ajax json webservice error

If someone could point out what's wrong here I would certainly appreciate it. I can set a breakpoint in the webmethod and it gets hit, but it always errors out.

Append option values to a hidden field?

With the push of a button, I'm iterating through a list of options in a select. I wish to append all of these option (values of the options) to a hidden fields, separated by a pipe |. So far I've c...

How do I load a HTML table sections at a time

I have a table that will rebuild async everytime a new option is selected from a dropdown. I am able to make the call and the HTML is generated correctly but when sending it back across the wire it

Backslash '\' in console.log() not appearing

I'm trying to use a back slash in console.log() and within <p></p> but it seems that when the page loads, all back slashes are removed.

How do I get a draggable to revert to the original position only if it was dragged onto an invalid droppable?

I have an element I want to allow to be dragged anywhere. However, if it is dropped onto a droppable which refuses it (via accept) I want it to revert to the original position before the drag. How ...

Vertical Text Scroller jQuery

i'm searching for a jquery plugin that can scroll text in a container DIV but i can't find it. Could anyone suggest something?

How to select elements based on .data({key: value})

In HTML I have a div with various data- attribute properties set within a JSON object, e.g.:

Switch Case vs. Conditional?

I found this post: Switch case with three parameters? and I was considering using switch case passing multiple parameters like this:

Problems with creating 'dead center' as jQuery plugin

I'm working on very, very simple jQuery plugin that simply changes position of element to the center of browser's window (horizontally and vertically). Often this is called 'dead center'.

No events for dynamically generated input tags

I have dynamically generated some input tags for a web application.

Replace comma by newline using django

I am using django and python.

HTML5 Data-block JSON

Okay so this code:

file input type being used to select a file and then move the data to a form with the approperiate file input tag

I have an iframe which will have an input tag that allows you to browse for the file you are wanting to upload.

jQuery : Event not binding in IE 10

I want to attach a double click event on an ID/Element if there is a single left click on that same ID/Element.

How to add load more button for a HTML/CSS page?

I want to make a single page website and it will have huge content. Suppose it has 1000 photos on it. I don't want people to wait 5 minutes to load my page. So I wanna add LOAD MORE button on the p...

jQuery checkbox disable/enable secondary inputs based on checkbox value

I have a form (it's a WordPress plugin, Contact 7, fyi) that uses an exclusive checkbox. There are two checkbox choices, yes and no. If they check yes, I have a text field that I am enabling (I have

jquery find img is returning undefined in special case

to describe my case, here's what I have:

jQuery get html in div without any markup

I have some script written using the jQuery framework.

Cleaner jQuery If Statements

This is a mess and does not work as planned. Banging head against wall. There must be a quicker and cleaner way to achieve this, i have 3 divs all with a "p" tag in each. If the values are between

Where can I convert JSON date format when data from WCF ajax call?

I am getting JSON data from WCF service like below format. Then I am binding that data to handsOnTables.

jQuery can't bind event to AJAX loaded element using .on()

Using .load, I'm loading the following content into #step_2 div:

Selecting siblings on hover

I have a code that goes like this on HTML:

Posting/submitting multiple forms in jQuery

I have two forms on a page (one is being grabbed by AJAX). I need them both to be posted, so I serialize the second one and send it in a post using jQuery before submitting the first one. However...

jquery attr value returns undefined or 0 if value is a large number

First of all I am sorry if such problem has been asked because I have been searching for many many hours. Please bear with my problem. Let me elaborate. I am dynamically adding options to a select

Simple jQuery post not working on Internet Explorer 9 (access denied)

I programmed a validator with JQuery and PHP that works in all browsers except Internet Explorer 9. I get the error message "SCRIPT5: Access denied".

Extract Content from eBay Using jQuery / Javascript

I'm normally able to easily extract content from websites using jQuery but I'm having trouble extract the some content from this page:

Jquery change css of nested div

I am having a spot of bother with jquery and being a bit of a novice with it here's my problem:

Event.preventDefault() doesn't work?

$("#singlechatpanel-1 #sendMessage").click(function(Event)

countdown error with getElementsByClassName

I have an error using the getElementsByClassName, it does not show me the results you want in my class.

FancyBox 1.3.4 jquery issue in IE8 and IE7

I was hoping that someone can help me with this fancybox plugin issue.

How do I select the last element with a specified class from descendants of this?

I have a <div> with many <ul> descendants with different classes, and I am calling a function on this <div> which modifies the last <ul> with a given class. How do I select ...

selecting a element using tag + id value using jquery

How can I do and in CSS / jquery selectors ? ex how do I select a jquery element with tag button and id "reg".

Create Rails Proxy for JSON

I want to asynchronously query the Foursquare API, which currently does not allow for the old $.get(). My short term solution is to make a Helper that just GETs the data like so:

Hover effect won't trigger underlying elements?

I have overlapping elements (images, to be precise), and I need them all to activate their respective hover effects if hovered over, even if they are not on top. I feel like this should be pretty

How do i split into a block of 3?

I want to separate a set of 3 numbers with a comma and set the value to a textarea, i have tried this but it just brings the values concatenated like this "5.685.685.85", i want it to appear like t...

Replace CSS attribute using Jquery/Javascript

I have following code which have a css class called "formErrorContent"

Need Scroller with both autoplay and manual scrolling functionality

I am looking for a scroller which auto scrolls to the end and stops and switches to manual navigation. I tried googling, there are thousands of scrollers but I need one with both autoplay and manual