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Alternative to ASP.NET Ajax framework in aspx front end

I'm developing some CRUD screens for retrieving/updating various items using .NET 3.5 and aspx forms. I am using a WCF service to connect to the back end which is Oracle. I want to use Ajax but I'd

How do I use an Avro schema to validate JSON?

I'd like to know the feasibility of using an Avro schema to validate JSON that comes into my app. In this post, Doug Cutting suggests using the jsontofrag tool that comes with the avro-tools jar. ...

$.ajax() success called, but will not run method

This is really puzzling me. Any idea why this would be happening?

Dates without time in ASP.NET Web API's JSON output

Is there a simple way to configure JSON.NET so that some DateTime fields will be formatted without time?

Update <div> with JSONP value jQuery

I'm getting the temperature from a service called World Weather Online

JSON.framework add in xcode

I have copy JSON.framework in my

Embedded Parser Memory Use XML vs JSON vs?

I have an embedded weberver which is currently used to administer various bits of hardware over a network.

Javascript / JSON alert returning Undefined

I am having a problem trying to alert the json data.

PhoneGap, JQueryMobile JSON and springMVC

I have developed web architectures using Spring and now i want to do smart phone applications using phoneGap and JQueryMobile so my question is if its smart connect that frontend to a springmvc bac...

Why is my JSON.parse() failing on iPhone?

I am using Titanium for a mobile application. In the application, the server returns JSON data, which is then parsed by JSON.parse(). On Android, it works fine. I also double-checked it to make sur...

Backbone.View.extend - events hash

I'm going through a tutorial which advises that events can be captured via a view as follows:

Ajax Response Json Print result in table or div array

I have an ajax call to a php file that encodes the array into a json array/object. What I am trying to do is to print the json response into a table format or an array of

Is JSON validation a best practice?

Is it a best practice to validate JSON?

jQuery ajax json webservice error

If someone could point out what's wrong here I would certainly appreciate it. I can set a breakpoint in the webmethod and it gets hit, but it always errors out.

Where can I convert JSON date format when data from WCF ajax call?

I am getting JSON data from WCF service like below format. Then I am binding that data to handsOnTables.

GSON (or) JSON to contentvalues with array of arrays

I am trying to get a fusiontables sql response into an sqlite db in android. says the object is valid JSON. But, the arrays in "rows" are not recognized as JsonArrays or JSONArrays. ...

How to add HTML code to JSON in PHP?

I need to add folowing html code to JSON using PHP.

Create Rails Proxy for JSON

I want to asynchronously query the Foursquare API, which currently does not allow for the old $.get(). My short term solution is to make a Helper that just GETs the data like so:

Recursion with Javascript on JSON data

So, I have this function.

Elasticsearch delete-by-query returns success but records persist?

I am attempting to delete records from elasticsearch using the delete by query api:

Add binding to json using JavaScriptSerializer with list c#

I use to build my json return string by hand using vbscript and would add a binding, and then in javascript i could say something simple like

Android app won't return result from VB.NET WCF Service

here is my WCF server code (VB.NET)...

RESTful web service returning XML not JSON

I have this simple web service, right now it just looks to see if the part number is A123456789 and then it returns a model number. This will be replaced by logic that will be connecting into a dat...

serializing form data to a web api

is there a better way of implementing this code:

how to avoid NULL value in objective c

Please consider this code:

Parse JSON to TextViews

So im parsing JSON data from a API Enabled website, It requires authentiucation by a APIKEY, My issue is that im trying to parse the data then insert it into TextViews on the UI. My current code

Starting out with a REST server and a Coffeescript frontend

Looking for some help on where to begin, there are so many competing libraries and acronyms I get all dizzy trying to sort it all out.

Error after submitting JSON data through POST

I'm trying to send data through POST to a web server.

Convert HTML numbered entities in php to unicode for use on iPhone

I'm creating a web service to transfer json to an iPhone app. I'm using json-framework to receive the json, and that works great because it automatically decodes things like "\u2018". The problem I'm

Method for displaying “loading” message

I am using jquery and the getJSON method and I am wondering if there is a way to display a message saying loading before it loads my content. i know with the jquery ajax calls there is the before s...

How to access particular fields from JSON content by using php?

i want to get the values of different fields in Json by using php

iterating through JSON object with javascript

In this example, I would like to extract the 1) employee number and 2) all of her/his

How to do HTTP-request/call with JSON payload from command-line?

What's the easiest way to do a JSON call from the command-line? I have a website that does a JSON call to retrieve additional data.

Lawnchair.js - retrieve boolean from 'exists' method

For those who use or have used THIS code, please tell me how to get a boolean value from the exists function. It returns an object, and I can't find any boolean values inside it.

jackson mini json to object class

I was added "jackson-mini-1.9.2.jar"(is not "jackson-all-1.9.2.jar") in my project,

how to parse JSON from URL with basic authentication

Is there anyone who can provide me with the different steps I need to parse JSON form an API using basic authentication?

Changing library from org.json to Jackson for parsing JSON

I've been using the stock org.json library and am familiar with this. I now want to use the Jackson library for performance reasons, but am struggling with adapting to what looks like a very diffe...

Any PHP function that will strip properties of an object that are null?

I am returning a json_encode() of an array of objects pulled from an ORM. It includes lots of properties with a null value. What is the neatest way to remove these properties that are null? I gu...

How to retrieve json key pair value of desc which is not json array?

for (int i = 0; i &lt; jArray.length(); i++) {

jQuery key and it's value from a JSON array

I have a long JSON array from which I would like to remove a specific key and its value and then re-construct it as a JSON array.

Monitor Data sent from Android app to Php server in Real time

I made an app that sends coordinates over to my php server. I am able to verify that this works because it returns the coordinates to my phone in a specific format that I set.

REST represenation for xml

i'm building a REST api and debating what format should I use for the xml representation.

one Jackson deserializer for multiple types (config by annotation)

I'm trying to change the (de)serialization of a list in one of my classes.

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