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Display tag Issues with pagination and sorting

I am using display tag to render tables in my application. When I click either pagination or sorting, it's querying the database again and then sorting/paging. In my opinion, when we are only

What does this error means in JSP? (Unknown element (rtexpvalue) in attribute)

I am getting this error when running my application on LINE 3 of the jsp file.Is it to do with my tld file or jsp file?

How to use JSTL within JSP declaration

I want to use JSTL within JSP declaration. I have code like:

JSP includes tags for internationalization

I have this structure in my JSP (template.jsp):

How to access request in JspTags?

I want to call request.getContextPath() inside a JSP tag which extends SimpleTagSupport, is there any way to do it?

graphics are not shown on jsp

in my application all jsp pages in jsps folder

java.util.List elements as HTML select option elements in JSP page - which way to use?

I use Spring framework, where I put different kind of values into ModelAndView-s, then I try to use them in my jsp pages. When I used a String value, it was easy, I put it into the ModelAndView:

How to include only once tag on the page

I have implemented some component. I used jsp custom tags. But I've implemented 2 tags which make hard to use this in the future by others programmers. How can I improve my code to use only one tag...