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Making multiple gradients using Less CSS

This is the first project I've used Less on, I want to make a series of buttons that have the same general structure but have different gradiated colours applied to them.

how to exclude tags of certain types using LESS css

How can I write "input:not([type="submit"])" using LESS? I think the CSS syntax does not work with IE, is there a LESS command that does?

How to use/compile LESS for Bootstrap?

I would like to take advantage of Twitter Bootstrap but would also like to compile LESS with php not js Can anyone post an example how to do this with php since I am not able to find any references...

How to insert LESS mixin in to JavaScript code

Is there any option to insert some LESS mixin in to JS code?

Sprites in LESSC

Is there an addon to LESSC that would allow me to to do something like:

How can I instruct less to ignore math for certain styles?

I'm using the new calc function in CSS to get the width for an object, as in:

How we can use @font-face in LESS type of CSS

In LESS, it seems almost impossible to use @font-face selector. Less gives errors when I try to use

Bootstrap variable overriding with LESS

I have been investigating for the whole day as I considered it would be worthwhile spending some time to learn best practice for customizing Bootstrap.

Sprockets + Less @import issues?

It's not finding my @import'ed files.

Integrating Font Squirrel generated font in Twitter Bootstrap via LESS

I am attempting to use a font generated from Font Squirrel as the base font for Twitter Bootstrap (compiled from the LESS files). I am using Express.js with Node.js, and have included the font files

LESSCSS and @keyframes

Has anyone had issues with LESSCSS and @keyframes or @-ms-keyframes? It compiles the CSS fine for @-webkit-keyframes, @-moz-keyframes and @-o-keyframes.

CSS nth-child conditioning using LESS?

Let's say I have a listing with a default and active states determined by class, example:

Match div height to height of flexible image

Currently I'm using just HTML and LESS CSS...

Custom fonts in Getuikit with less preprocessor

What is right way to make available custom fonts (e.g. google fonts) in my new theme?

CSS & LESS - Gradient & Border issue

<div class="menu_wrapper">

How to integrate LESS into ZendFramework 2

I have found this tutorial which is for ZendFramework 1. I download less and put it under project/vendor/.

CSS pre-processor with a possibility to define variables in a @media query

Currently, I am using LESS as my main CSS pre-processor. I have (and I am sure a lot of people have this need) to define variables in a @media query like:

size transition on resizable textarea

I've implemented my textarea, which is shown/hidden with transition animation on hover on its master element:

Importing bootstrap_and_overrides.css.less into scss mainfest file

I'm trying to organize my stylesheets like in #268 RailsCasts episode. My application.css.scss file looks like:

Using less variable inside microsoft gradient

I'm having some trouble getting .LESS to recognize that there is a variable in a string. Here is my current code

SASS or LESS for WordPress?

I was looking at SASS vs LESS and ended up liking SASS a lot more.

Restrict the output using the perl debugger

I'm using the perl debugger to analyze a large hash. However, when I display it (with x) it fills up the display and I can't see the start of the hash. Is there a way to pipe the output through som...

Why is mix() not working with my colors in LESSC?

My less file piggy-backs on to the end of the Twitter Bootstrap files (so things like @white are defined already. Here is my less code:

How to refer to an id with special characters in CSS

I’m working on a MediaWiki skin that will be released to the public for anyone to use for free, but there is something that is keeping me from wrapping up the project. Here is the issue.

css less font-size addition or subtraction

Using LESS is there a way I can set a base font-size and then reference it later and output it say 1em smaller? Ex:

Optimize css to less code

I am a LESS beginner.

How to customize the offset options for grid in Bootstrap using Less

I want to reduce the the width by which col-md-offset-1 of bootstrap assigns margin-left at a certain place. I would prefer this to be done by using LESS.

Less custom function/mixin

For example I have next less code

Define variables in one LESS file

I've just started using LESS to simplify my CSS stuff. I want to be able to define the colours in one file, so I can have several colour schemes that I can switch between just by changing which fil...

How to autoprefix css files generated by less, in Webstorm?

I've got Webstorm 7 (on Win7) compiling my .less files into minified css with sourcemaps (using lessc on nodejs v0.10.26, run from a File Watcher in Webstorm), and I can then run autoprefixer on that

VS 2010 - I need extension for editing LESS stylesheets

I'm using LessExtension from B.S.Nissen in VS 2010. Works good, but on big *.less files ("big" in this case is more than 100 (hundred) lines) works very slow.

Validity of .LESS code

I got a .less file and it has codes written in this fashion:

Using parametric mixins on Bootstrap class

I am learning LESS while building a site with Bootstrap. I have a Bootstrap carousel with captions. Modifying Bootstrap's class .carousel-caption I've used absolute positioning to place my captions...

Use SASS instead of LESS in new Laravel 5 project

How can I use SASS instead of LESS in a new Laravel 5 installation?

twitter bootstrap : how to mix classes?

I'm trying to properly use Bootstrap.

Can i get TeamCity to do what web essentials does? Less files and Bundles?

I am trying to get TeamCity to build less files and generate my bundles.

grunt-notify: Doesn't trigger on success

I am attempting to setup grunt-notify with grunt-contrib-less and grunt-contrib-watch. Generally this is working well but I can't get grunt-notify to notify me when grunt-less is executed successf...

LESS mix-in for nth-child?

I'm trying to make a LESS mixin that will give me this output:

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