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Help, no clue how to make this Makefile

I have read several tutorials but I still do not have any clue :-) I have a c File "liboratidy.c" this file includes some oder libraries:

Why is forking slowing down my application

My application takes a checkpoint every few 100 milliseconds by using the fork system call. However, I notice that my application slows down significantly when using checkpointing (forking). I test...

How to dynamically load often re-generated c code quickly?

I want to be able to generate C code dynamically and re-load it quickly into my running C program.

Tracker or Recoll?

I want to use Tracker to index my PDF collection.

Transfering ASP Classic Pages from Windows to Linux

Has anyone tried a solution to host ASP classic pages on something else than IIS/Windows? I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to try one of the solutions for that problem. I know about Sun Java

Linux-MIPS syscall-saved registers?

Which registers are saved across syscalls (not function calls, the actual round-trip to kernelspace via the syscall instruction) on Linux/MIPS?

Is there a way to set thread priority in Glib v2.32+?

Glib 2.30 API allows setting thread priority via GThreadPriority enum. However, that API is deprecated as of 2.32 and I can't find any info on setting thread priorities using the new API. I've Ctrl...

How to get the percent of packets received from Ping in bash?

When pinging a host I want my output just to show the percentage of packets (5 sent) received. I assume I need to use grep somehow but I can't figure out how (I'm new to bash programming). Here is ...

PCSC reader emulator

I need an software emulator PC/SC reader for Linux, but can't find.

How do I tell valgrind to memcheck forked processes?

I have a process x that I want to check for leaks with valgrind. The problem is that x is run by y, and y in turn is run by z. I can't run x standalone because y and z setup the environment for x...

Linux scripting: hiding user input on terminal

I have bash script like the following:

MMU related to physical memory address handling

What happens when physical memory is fully occupied by process and a new process(similar priority) is introduced. How does the Memory Management unit handle the pages(resource) requested by the new...

What do I use on linux to make a python program executable

I just installed a linux system (Kubuntu) and was wondering if there is a program to make python programs executable for linux.

inet_aton() returning success for invalid ip addresses?

I am looking for some function to verify that if given string is a valid ipv4 address,

How to uninstall PEAR from one installation of PHP and then install it with another existing PHP installation

I have two installations of php on my server. One version of php is 5.2.0 configured with pear, and the other is 5.2.9 configured --without-pear. My server is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS re...

PHP and the build process (/.configure, make and install): orientation, please

I'm a newbie and after I've successfully learnt enough to build my simple but useful web services, I managed to put myself in a position where I need to configure my own PHP build.

QDevelop problem debugging location pointer disappears

I am having a problem with QDevelop version 0.27. When I debug the location pointer jumps around without the IDE following it and showing me where it went. I have to manually click through the source

Grammar for Linux command line with yacc and lex

I'd like to write down a formal grammar for describing the command line usage of some GNU/Linux tools.

using ANT_OPTS to affect target java app

I have a 2gig linux 64bit OS. I am using ant 1.7.1 and jdk 1.6_31. I have a simple app that prints that asks for the size of the Maximum java heap and prints it. I am using export ANT_OPTS="-Xmx...

Linux, improved cal, shell programming

I am working with cal for a homework assignment and i am stuck on one point.

Scripting Linux to install several programs at once

I've been installing step by step video conversion codec and tools for a few hours now, and it is just plan annoying. Is it possible to design a script to load in linux to do all the commands in

Why does this NASM code print my environment variables?

I'm just finishing up a computer architecture course this semester where, among other things, we've been dabbling in MIPS assembly and running it in the MARS simulator. Today, out of curiosity, I s...

Script is re-reading arguments

When I supply the script with the argument: hi[123].txt it will do exactly what I want.

Multi Pointer X (MPX) support

I'm wondering how multiple pointers should/could be handled by a high level application.

Telnet SMTP with expect or shell script

Want to build up a Auth Smtp Connection with expect script... just to test I wanted to get ehlo parameters but expect is not working like this

Match all files under all nested directories with shell globbing

Is there a way to use shell Globbing to identify nested directories?

Regex remove comments but not shebang

I got a regex that removes the comments in bash using this regex code

XML editor with intellisense/autocomplete based on XML Schema

I'm looking for an XML editor that can provide auto completion and validation based on an XML schema. The target platform is Linux, with Win/OSX support desirable but optional.

How to capture process output in C?

Is there any analog of PHP's system in C?

Give the Python Terminal a Persistent History

Is there a way to tell the interactive Python shell to preserve its history of executed commands between sessions?

Getting disconnection notification using TCP Keep-Alive on write blocked socket

I use TCP Keep-Alive option to detect dead connection. It works well with connection that use reading sockets:

How to diff two folders to multiple patch files

First, I tried asking the same on askubuntu and I'm not getting far there...

cleanup in SIGPIPE

I have a pool of socket connection that share in multiple threads, a dead connection should be removed from pool, the problem is I don't know which is dead from SIGPIPE sighandler, Any advice in this

Using ps2pdf correctly in a script?

I have a script below and I am having problems. I have several folders with PostScript file in them I want to batch convert to PDFs. I have done very little scripting in linux before but I think th...

usb_modeswitch is hangs on manual switch

I have 3.2.27 Linux kernel with Busybox. I am using Raspberry PI. When I pluging my Huawei E303c dmesg showing

Measuring FLOPs of an application with the linux perf tool

I want to measure the ammount of floating point and arithmetic operations executed by some application with 'perf', the new command line interface command to the linux performance counter subsystem...

Is it possible to access the host as a variable in an ssh alias in order to extend the hostname?

I'm trying to create an SSH alias in my .ssh/config file that will match any host which ends .vpn and expand the hostname to [name]

CakePHP High-Availability Server Farm setup

I am currently working on configuring my CakePHP (1.3) based web app to run in a HA Setup. I have 4 web boxes running the app itself a MySQL cluster for database backend. I have users uploading 12,...

Python - Setting / Getting Environment Variables and Addrs

I need to set an environment variable in Python and find the address in memory where it is located. Since it's on Linux, I don't mind about using libraries that only work consistently on Linux (if ...

Windows CE vs Embedded Linux

Now I'm sure we're all well aware of the relative merits of Linux vs Windows Desktop. However I've heard much less about the world of embedded development. I'm mainly interested in solutions for in...

How to warn for the use of unset variables in a KornShell script.

Is there any way to throw errors or warnings in a KornShell (ksh) script to prevent the use of unset variables?

Bash - Need to use exit but then call another function?

I'm writing a little script to use the webcam on the laptop and then email across the photo to me. The ffmpeg usage has to have a exit code for it to work so with this exit the mail function will n...

How to do HTTP-request/call with JSON payload from command-line?

What's the easiest way to do a JSON call from the command-line? I have a website that does a JSON call to retrieve additional data.

Keeping track of history of commands of multiple sessions of ksh

I am using multiple sessions of ksh on a linux machine. On one terminal when I do history, I only see history of commands typed on that terminal.

Can this build system be sped up?

Our build is dog slow. It uses nested gnu makefiles on linux. It creates three builds for three different targets from the same source tree. It uses symlinks to point to each of the three parallel

Fastest way to compare directory state, or hashing for fun and profit

We have a PHP application, and were thinking it might be advantageous to have the application know if there was a change in its makeup since the last execution. Mainly due to managing caches and su...

What is a good open source message bus for embedded Linux?

I'm looking for a good open source message bus that is suitable for embedded Linux devices (Linux and uClinux).

How to find the source code from header declaration?

I want to browse the source code in of the symbols in my header files in /usr/include/ . For example, in netdb.h, there's a function named getaddrinfo(...). I want to know where the source code is ...

Giving control to shell from a C code?

How can I execute shell from a C code?

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