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Which Java object type (collection/list/set/whatever) do I want for this?

I want to store a collection of objects that are keyed based upon a value they represent. These keys can be repeated. e.g.:

Efficient random number list sum in Racket

What would be the most efficient way to first generate and then sum a list of random integers in Racket?

Why there is no List.skip and List.take?

Why there is no List.skip and List.take? There is of course Seq.take and Seq.skip, but they does not create lists as a result.

Displaying a SharePoint List from another team site in Sharepoint Online (office 365)

I'm looking for solution to office 365 and sharepoint online like this:

wp_list_pages isnt showing title attribute

I'm using wordpress on my site and for some reason the wp_list_pages() isn't showing a title attribute?

Remove the newline character in a list read from a file

I have a simple program that takes an ID number and prints information for the person matching the ID. The information is stored in a .dat file, with one ID number per line.

Comparing output to a list/array

I consider myself a very beginner at python(and programming in general!), but I am working though "learn python the hard way" by Zed A Shaw and slowing picking things up.

List.Intersect results changing after a foreach

I have a problem with this piece of code, when I do my intersect method everything works fine.

Choosing all possible options from List in Prolog

So I have to write different procedures that will help me solve the farmer-wolf-goat-cabbage-fertilizer puzzle. For those of you that don't know it, it involves a farmer having to cross from the No...

jQuery / javascript find values within a list

I have a peculiar issue I'm dealing with. I'll start off vague and if anyone needs more detail I can give background on the project.

How to grab value from array list?

A briefing of the program: This program keeps track of people who have airline membership cards and how many points they collect each week. (week1, 2, 3, 4) The information is stored in the array, ...

Sharepoint List View Settings

We have created a new List View Style that shows thumbnails from a picture library, we have added a HyperLink Column and made the View style map the HyperLink url to an anchor tag.

How do I randomly select an item from a list using Python?

Let's say, as an example, I have the following list:

List Output Help

How would I create a list then on click add data to the list which is then stored into a session variable, then on another page retrieve the variable and output them? Currently I have:

Groovy: Replace in list and make a list for every line

I try to replace some ' in a result in my list. But it does not replace this signs.

R lapply statement with index

Is there a way I can make an lapply statement also show the index? More specifically, consider the following example:

Check string for invalid characters? Smartest way?

I would like to check some string for invalid characters. With invalid characters I mean characters that should not be there. What characters are these? This is different, but I think thats not that

Listing Files With CheckBoxes (C# / WinForms)

I want a way to list files in a directory and putting a check box beside each one of them so I can select some of them and perform operations with each selected file, what's the best way to do this?

How to get the item before current and after current in a list with Linq / C#?

I have a list of projects and if i select a project then i will give a option previous and next. I have add a quick code example but i hope there is a better / faster way to do this for example 500

Haskell: check if two lists are equal

I want to check if two lists A and B are equal, i.e., a1 == b1, a2 == b2,...

How to unpack a list?

When extracting data from a list this way

a dynamic list with CI

i'm trying to create a multilevel list using codeigniter. the list would look like:

Avoid report to allow modifications of records in Filemaker Pro 11

I'm building a database that needs to display tables as lists and allow the user to export such lists as Excel spreadsheets.

Storing pair of ints on the list

How can I store pairs of integers in a List?

Finding groups of contiguous numbers in a list

This is a duplicate question to this, except for R rather than Python.

converting dates and times with list comprehension

I have a whole bunch of data and there are two lists consisting of dates and times that look as such:

python string split mystery IndexError

Okay ... this is a mystery to me

List reports all objects within as being the same java?

Im using a list of objects (Area) in java, which i defined as so:

Haskell int list to String

I would like to know if there is a simple way to turn [5,2,10] into "52a".

Most reliable way to clean List<T> depending on Predicate<T>

I have List&lt;T&gt; data and Predicate&lt;T&gt; condition.

Iterating through a List<List<>> looking for a value in F#

I have a List&lt;List&lt;int&gt;&gt; in F#. I need to iterate through it looking for a given value val.

list index out of range error while iterating in list length

I have the following code, which sortings_list consist of 2 items like

Combo box in vb6 firing on click before i select any item

I have a vb6 application which has a combo box on it, on this combo box _click event i have written some code but noticed that this event is firing even when i open the list of items in combo box, ...

A list of multiple data types?

I have two classes as such:

AS3 How to determine the sequence of events

I am using flex-4-tree (

Intersect between two lists not working

I have two lists see below.....result is coming back as empty

Python List Regex

I have a list from a stock web scraper looking like this:

How do you apply a list of lambda functions to a single element using an iterator?

I want to apply a list of lambda functions to a single element using an iterable that has to be created with yield.

Multidimensional List/Dict/whatever?

I'd like to create a multidimensional array in Python to parse it later on. I'm a switcher from PHP so I'm a little bit confused of how to create a dict or list or anything else to get that data ou...

List Collection Contains exact string

I have a List Collection and say that i am adding 3 items to them.

Selecting a random list element in python

I'm trying to create a function that takes two lists and selects an element at random from each of them. Is there any way to do this using the random.seed function?

Multiplying Big-Ints in scheme-racket

I've implemented a "big-int" in scheme as a list, so the first element is the sign of the number (+ or -) and the following are the value of the number itself, first the ones, then the tens etc.

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