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CSS Float Left with marginal separation

When dealing with data driven content whereby we do not know the number of elements that will be generated:

How to use (top) margin with CSS3 drop down menu?

I am trying to create a drop down menu completely in CSS3. For the most part I have accomplished what I wanted, but for some reason I can't seem to add margin-top: 10px; to drop down menu, as I don't

Specific css positioning / dynamic width with auto margin

Made an image for better understanding of the problem.

CSS height 100% with margin

I am trying to display a div that has the same height as the browser window, but uses 200px margin at the top. So, at first I tried with height: 100%; but this does not work well with a margin beca...

Java Swing - JPanel and GridLayout Margins/Padding

I'm working on building a chess game in Java, and I'm currently having a bit of trouble getting the GUI exactly the way I want it with Swing. I'm using a GridLayout to organize a grid of 8x8

aligning a checbox next to a <td> in html

I have a basic css/html question about using html/css. I thought this was fairly basic and obvious, however it is not working as intended.

How to change the Vertical Margin / Gap in UILabel line

I'm looking for a way to decrease the line gap in a multiline UILabel.

CSS Navigation Item Being Pushed Right

I'm trying to work on a layout and I have an issue with the navigation. If you look on the Codepen posted below and hover over the 'Home' link in the navigation, the drop-down menu will appear and it

Padding/Margin for Images within a DIV

Ok. I recently made some updates to this website.

margin-bottom a bit of a cross browser grey area

When i use margin-bottom is CSS, the results vary across browsers (esp lovely IE) what impacts the CSS property "Margin" what other rules do i need to check i've implemented before i can see a cons...

Margin-top not working on div

I'm so confused by why margin-top will not work. Here is my code:

XAML: Is there some ways that I could declare a variable for Margin property?

I want to declare a variable for Margin value like this:

absolute div width 90% - xpx

I have 2 absolute divs.

Why does a percentage margin cause a new line?

&lt;div style = "float : left; background-color: #dd3fb8;"&gt;

CSS - Margin Top property does not work

I'm trying to create blank space between a table element and a paragraph/link element. Here's what it currently looks like.

Why no rule for un-collapsing margins

There are circumstances under which elements' vertical margins will collapse. Sometimes the author doesn't want this to happen, and I understand that the only way to "un-collapse" margins is to:

HTML Sibling Margins Affected

I am trying to set the margin for multiple div elements inside a container div. Here is the HTML:

Android include tag not overriding layout attributes

I am having trouble using &lt;include&gt; in conjunction with &lt;merge&gt;. I am developing on Eclipse with the latest Android SDK (4.3). Here is my sample code:

jQuery accordion, minimalistic style - no margin and 1px or no borders

First, the margins: there always seem to be a 7px 10px margin of the accordion object to the outside div (even with "fillSpace: true"), and I can't seem to remove them. Is there a way?