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AudioTrack - how to know when a sound begins/ends?

I am using Audio track to play a different sounds, in stream mode.

Map Marker icon animation (Google Maps API V2 for Android)

On a custom event, I need my Marker to update its drawable 6 times (basically, I want the Marker to grow and shrink 3 times with a delay of 0.5 s between each growth and each shrink) so it notifies...

How to map a list of SNPs to genes?

I have been searching the answer to this question for a while. It seemed like it would not be hard to solve at first, but it seems quite challenging now.

InfoWindow Android - Not Working

I have a google Map v2 code in Android Studio, its showing the results from an json, this part works fine, when the user click in the marker it open a InfoWindow (OK) but Id like to insert an + (pl...

How to center map on marker click to show whole InfoWindow

Ok, by default on marker click, marker is centred on the map. The problem is, that i have high infoView, inflated from layout, and it show out of map bounds. What can i do, to center pin horizontal...