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setting up matlab multicore computing

I'm trying to use something like this in matlab

Is normalization useful/necessary in optimization?

I am trying to optimize a device design using Matlab optimization toolbox (using the fmincon function to be precise). To get my point across quickly I am providing a small variable set {l_m, r_m, l...

How do I rasterize an image in Matlab?

I need to rasterize an image in matlab.

Input data to Simulink from workspace

Hello anyone does know? I have data(myData) from matlab workspace. And in matlab simulink I have to do control system with regulator.First how to put data(myData) to simulink model input,and I want...

How to plot a surface with a texture map

I want to plot a surface with a texture map on it, but the conditions are not the "ideal" ones.

Random angle in matlab

I'm trying to write a matlab program which is able to a random walk, but each step/vector has the same length and the thing that determines the direction is a "random" angle. The angle is not quite

Is there an accumarray() that takes matrix as `val`?

accumarray()'s val argument must be a vector. In my case I need columns of a matrix to be summed (or averaged). Is there a function or a method to achieve this?

MATLAB Builder JA dependency

I try to run MATLAB code in Java with MATLAB Builder JA to get the JAR file. test.m works fine, but not the test2.m that depends on test.m.

How to create a dataset in matlab with random values except for a specific area?

I have attached a sample image with explains the requirement.

Discrepancy between Matlab del2 and Matlab gradient of gradient

can anyone explain why I get such dramatically different results for the Laplace operator in Matlab when I use

Finding all edges (and nodes) within X steps from a chosen line in an adjacency matrix in MATLAB

I have a nx2 matrix of to-from nodes for a large network structure. I have used this to create a sparse adjacency matrix which I can plot using BIOGRAPH. My systems varies in size, the largest ones

Zero padding/stuffing in matlab

Basicly I have array like this:

Power spectral density of a signal with gaps?

Does anyone know if it is possible to find a power spectral density of a signal with gaps in it. For example (in matlab syntax cause that is what I'm familiar with)

Insert ASCII in LSB

Does anyone know a efficient method in order to insert the ASCII value of some characters in the 8 least significant bits (LSB) of a 16 bit number?

find number of '*.xls' files in matlab

I have the following code:

In MATLAB, how to generate random numbers depending on the data?

For example if Ax = 0.0023, it should add some noise to it and produce newAx = 0.0027

matlab Is there something like list comprehension as it is in python?

I am looking for something like list comprehensions in matlab however I couldnt find anything like this in the documentary.

logical values for censored data matlab

I am relatively new to Matlab and have a question about creating a logical array in Matlab

Matlab - How to read values from a text file?

I am aware that my question may seem similar to others having already been posted. However, I have browsed through answers to apparently close questions, but still couldn't do what I want. Hence, I...


I'm compiling some MATLAB functions into a C DLL. The exported mlf functions return a boolean value representing whether the function succeeded or not. When the return value is false, I want to fin...

A system or language to reverse equations?

Lets say I have a simple equation as follows:

Get the file name without Extension in matlab

I want to get the image file name without the Extension in MATLAB.

Matlab-While loops

Given an array I have to print numbers in the array which must be positive and divisible by 2, if the condition does not hold print "didn't find" only once.

Combination of stacked and normal bar graph in matlab

I want to plot a bar graph in Matlab, where some of the items are normal and some are stacked. How can I achieve that.

eval alternative in Matlab reading from the workspace

I'm reading a matrix from a .mat file. What is an alternative for eval in this case?

fminsearch on a function internally using matrices

I'm having trouble minimizing a rather complicated function:

Machine learning: Supervised learning to learn & predict next RSA code

I was going through Andrew NG's machine learning course. I am still at the beginning stages.

how to control return variable in matlab

i want to clarify how to control returning of variables from function in matlab,for exmaple let us consider this code

How do I create a matlab 201X 201 matrix

How do I create a 201x 201 matrix with all odd rows alternating as 3,1,3 and the even rows alternating as 1,2,1,2. I tried using a random number generator, a for loop, and am thinking about using the

regarding saving the numerical and string values altogether

I have a string matrix with N rows and 2 columns. Each cell stores a string. I have another N*1 vector, where each entry is a numerical value.

Problems with network input size

I've been working on a character recognition program in MATLAB for sometime now and asked a couple questions on stackoverflow and received good feedback. So I figured I would try my luck again.

Is there an easy way to provide a Matlab-based Web App or Web Service?

A colleague and I have spent a few years developing a really cool Matlab application, MDLcompress. Within Matlab, I can type "MDLcompress('filename.txt')" and it will tell me all sorts of really c...

How do I compare the function choleskiSol?

How do I deduce replacement algorithms forwards and backwards in the solution phase of the Cholesky method?

suppress findpeaks warnings in MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox

I use the function findpeaks from MATLAB's Signal Processing Toolbox. But everytime the function does not find any peaks I receive the warning:

matlab openfig call from java

I'm using WebFigures in Matlab, and I have a simple function in matlab

excel into matlab

I have several excel spreadsheets in a folder, where each spreadsheet contains several worksheets. I've written a code which loads a specific worksheet from each spreadsheet into matlab. The worksh...

How to shuffle (completely at random) big data stored in Excel file by Matlab?

I want to shuffle my data row wise (in a single unique row there will be no shuffling, it has to remain the same - I mean all individual cells in a single row can not change). The number of rows I ...

Matlab: using third-party java classes from within spmd

I'm trying to use a class from a third-party Java library from within spmd, but I keep getting various errors related to importing it.

adjusting amplitude modulation / wave shaping

I have some working code that does amplitude modulation and plots it.

How to eliminate a prefix string with all 0s

There have a set of strings, some of them are prefixed with 0, and others are not. For instance,

Matlab openfig from URL or java input stream

I'm using WebFigures in Matlab and calling the getFig function from Java

Matlab — how to convert this code so that it can run using parfor?

I have the following code in Matlab (simplified, of course, but this shows the root of the problem), which used for previously; I want to change it to use parfor instead:

how to generate random numbers with lognormal distribution and with specified geometric mean and geometric standard deviationin Matlab

I would like to generate some random numbers log-normally distributed with a specified geometric mean (GM) and geometric standard deviation (GSD), say GM=10 and GSD=2.5.

Find the m-th smallest number in Matlab?

Is there an efficient way to find the m-th smallest number in a vector of length n in Matlab? Do I have to use sort() function? Thanks and regards!

In MATLAB, why can't I compose transpose and colon operators?

In MATLAB I can easily get a vector of the elements of a matrix in column major order using the (:) operator as follows...

Convert binary string greater than 52 bits to single in Matlab?

I'm trying to convert very long binary strings, often greater than 52 bits into numbers. I cannot have a fixed lookahead window because I am doing this to calculate a version of Lempel-Ziv complexi...

Parsing text file in matlab

I have this txt file:

How can the output of a Simulink block be fed back as an input?

I have 2 embedded Matlab functions which I am using to create a Simulink model. Both functions use the output of the second function as their input. I am getting an error at the moment indicating t...

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