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How to change the Resgen command line in a VS.NET project?

Having an issue with a ResGen call during a build of a .NET 2.0 project from within Visual Studio .NET 2010, this thread suggests:

web.config transform at deploy time not build

I'm wanting to know how to perform the following

how can i suppress all compiler and code analysis warnings from msbuild at the command line?

This has been asked, but wasn't answered. The answer (use /warn:1) doesn't work for msbuild.exe, only csc.exe. Perhaps I'm missing something between csc and msbuild?

Easily build a different branch of the same C# project (VS2010/TFS)

I'd prefer to solve this using a Team Build/build definition, but I'm open to other solutions.

Unable to delete *.vshost.exe from msbuild script

I'm currently writing an msbuild script and having issues deleting *.vshost.exe.

StyleCop should cancel build. Is this possible?

I am planning to use StyleCop in my project. My requirement is that the project should not get compiled when StyleCop returns a warning. Nor debugging should be possible.

For VS2010 (C++) what causes the long delay between clicking on “Build” and when the build actually starts?

I have a simple one-project solution in C++. From the IDE I click on Build Solution and it takes 40 seconds before anything happens. Then 17 seconds to actually do the compiling and linking. If I c...

Setting Code Analysis settings in TFSBuild.proj

I am trying to set/override some settings in our TEST installation of TFS with regards to forcing Code Analysis and assosicated settings during the build process (regardless of the setting sin the

How-to Transform Web.config Custom Sections With MSDeploy?

Is there any way to transform web.config custom sections values when using MSDeploy ?

how to set MSBuild VC++ Directories

I have a solution of mixed VB.NET and C++ projects. When using Visual Studio 2005 you can set the "Tools->Option->Projects and Solutions->VC++ Directories" to help the compiler find your include fi...

Installing Multiple Versions Of A Windows Service On The Same PC

I have a .NET 3.5 Windows Service that comes in several different configurations/flavours ie. Release, Test, Debug etc. I've created an installer package for the service which is built as part of an

How to build only a handful of projects contained in a solution using MSBuild?

I am trying to setup a TFS Team Build and am new to MSBuild. I have a solution that contains a few projects (MyProject1, MyProject2, ..). I find that setting up the team build I could only select w...

Get the current logging verbosity level in my MSBuild script

Our MSBuild scripts use the Exec task to call a few command line applications. Most of these applications have their own output verbosity settings which I would like to have be the same as the ver...

msbuild with multiple DefineConstant values, including embedded semicolon

I have an msbuild script which uses the Exec tag to kick off another MSBuild command including a DefineConstants property with multiple values. Since I have multiple values for that property, I'm ...

Combine MSBuild solution output to one folder

What is the simplest way in MSBuild to override the output for all projects in a solution to go to a single folder?

Path to MSBuild

How can I programatically get the path to MSBuild from a machine where my .exe is running?

Using MSBUILD when specified configuration is not provided

I have a solution with multiple projects. I am trying to use MSBUILD to automate the deployment. I have following configuration values for building

How to call MSBuild tasks from FinalBuilder?

The only way I see now is to create xml file for MSBuild containing needed tasks invocations and then run MSBuild directly by calling "Execute Program" action. Is there any standard way of doing this

Should .NET 'Any CPU' projects bind to Framework or Framework64 DLLs?

I have a C# Visual Studio project (.csproj) that has a reference to the Framework64 version of System.Data. When I try to build using MSBuild/Team Foundation Server (TFS) on another machine, it fa...

MSB4057 Error when using MSBuild with RAD Studio 2009

Summary: I'm able to compile a RAD Studio 2009 project using MSBuild on a Build Server using the RAD Studio Command Prompt, but not with a batch file. This same batch file, however, works success...

Equivalent msbuild command for Publish from VS2008

any idea which is the command for publish in msbuild corresponding to the one in VS2008?

VS2010 - Using <Import /> to share properties between setup projects?

Why doesn't it work to &lt;Import /&gt; this file, when it works when I replace the statement with just copy-pasting the three properties?

What tools are available to determine which .NET assemblies have changed since the last build?

With a seriously big .NET site/solution (100's of assemblies), are there any tools available to recognise which assemblies have changed since the last build (using something more intelligent than f...

google closure and MSBUILD

looking to implement google closure with msbuild.

Is there a lint-like tool for MSBuild?

I've just learned the hard way that Visual Studio 2010 and MSBuild extremely lenient when it comes to which vcxproj MSBuild files they will successfully execute - they will overlook missing

MSBuild ITaskItem array is out of date

I'm creating a custom ITask for MSBuild which uploads the output files of my build. I'm using a web deployment project to publish my app and hooking in to the AfterBuild target to do my custom work...

Adding Multiple MSBuild versions to Jenkins

I have a slight issue. I am trying to replicate the Jenkins projects from one machine to another (partly to learn Jenkins with). On the source machine I had the Jenkins MSBuild pluggin installed ...

Using Jenkins Version Environment Variable in the MSBuild step

I'm currently using the Jenkins "Version Number Plug-In" to set an Environment Variable for build version. This works fine within jenkins but i need a way to pass this to MSBuild so the Version Num...

VS 2010 Solution Configuration build for a project context

I have a Visual Studio solution containing 30+ projects. There are 2 build configurations, Debug and Release. Ten of the project files (.csproj) are generated reasonably frequently using an externa...

Is it possible to count in MSBuild?

All I'm doing is trying to keep track of the number of times a certain target gets called. Is it possible to do this using msbuild?

What tool is the equivalent of Maven in TFS (or MS-land)?

My company is moving from svn (and open source products) to TFS (and MS products). We've used maven in the past for packaging-up pre-built components into release-ready packages. Is there a tool ...

How to programmatically cancel an embedded MsBuild build

I'm embedding MSBuild directly into a more complex build tool. The relevant code looks roughly like this:

Visual Studio 2010 - Web deployment project includes framework DLLs

I have just upgraded a solution with two web deployment projects from VS 2008 to 2010 (upgrading all the projects to .net 4.0 as I went).

Copy Item's Metadata for batching

This is an extension to this question.

Deployer user does not have Access to the file

I Try to deploy a application using Microsoft Release Management for Visual Studio or better known as "InRelease". But i face unexpected Problems using the MSI-Deployer.

VS2010 always rebuilds solution?

I have a solution with 40 projects in it. I've recently reconfigured output path for each of these projects to this value:

Project fails to load due to missing SqlServer.targets file after upgrading to Visual Studio 2013

Having upgraded to Visual Studio 2013, I have found that an old SQL project fails to load when I attempt to open a solution. The error displayed is:

Use SVN Revision to label build in CCNET

I am using CCNET on a sample project with SVN as my source control. CCNET is configured to create a build on every check in. CCNET uses MSBuild to build the source code.

Environment setting in a .net applilcation

I need to know how we can control the environment setting in the application without manually changing the setting in app.config in my .net windows application. In Java I would use a command line ...

Where is the elusive MSBuild Project File Creation Wizard in Visual Studio 2010?

I'd like to create a TFS build project without having to learn how to manually create TFS build project files. Are there any wizards in Visual Studio 2010 to do so?

Restore nuget package Jenkins

When I tried to use Jenkins as our CI environment to build ASP.NET MVC5 project, I set up to use MSBuild.exe to build project.

How to detect the status of msbuild from command line or c#

i am writing up a checkout, build and deployment application in c# and need to know the best way to detect whether my call to msbuild has succeeded or not. i have tried to use the error code from the

How do I prevent IVsBuildPropertyStorage.SetItemAttribute from escaping special characters?

I am working on a Visual Studio 2010 extension and I want to add an attribute to an MSBuild Item, as follows:

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