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Ideal Input for Neural Network For The Game Checkers

I'm new in neural networks and i'm designing a feed forward neural network to learn to play the game checkers.

Artificial Neural network PSO training

I am working on a FF Neural network (used for classification problems) which I am training using a PSO. I only have one hidden layer and I can vary the amount of neurons in that layer.

Artificial Neural Network Question

Generally speaking what do you get out of extending an artificial neural net by adding more nodes to a hidden layer or more hidden layers?

Problems with network input size

I've been working on a character recognition program in MATLAB for sometime now and asked a couple questions on stackoverflow and received good feedback. So I figured I would try my luck again.

Prerequisites Needed to Read Books on Neural Networks (and understand them)

I've been trying to learn about Neural Networks for a while now, and I can understand some basic tutorials online, and I've been able to get through portions of Neural Computing - An Introduction ...

Algorithm to adjust network's edges' weights (preferably with a recommendation on relevant Matlab toolbox)

I'm using a graph theory framework to model an information flow problem.

How to serialize/deserialized pybrain networks?

PyBrain is a python library that provides (among other things) easy to use Artificial Neural Networks.

What is the coolest AI project you've heard of?

As I learn more about Computer Science, AI, and Neural Networks, I am continually amazed by the cool things a computer can do and learn. I've been fascinated by projects new and old, and I'm curio...

How to determine the weights in a neural network?

If I have a three layer neural network and if I have 3 input samples with their corresponding expected output values, how can I determine the values of the weights along all the edges?

Connecting a Matlab Neural Network with a VB.NET program

I developed a neural network to train for face detection of the extracted images. However my program is built on VB.NET and I need to know the techniques by which I could load this neural network

What is the relationship between bayesian and neural networks?

I'm looking for computationally heavy tasks to implement with CUDA and wonder if neural networks or bayesian networks might apply. This is not my question, though, but rather what the relation betw...

Non-mathematical Description of Neural Networks

I am not a mathematician. I enjoy a good math puzzle, but I admit my weaknesses whole heartedly. That said, I've always had an interest in Neural Networks, and while I understand them enough to imp...

Neural Network Expert System

Does anyone know how to emulate an Expert Systems using Neural Networks? An example of this is the website.

Neural Network example in .NET

Any good tutorial with source that will demonstrate how to develop neural network (step bay step for dummies ;-))

questions on clustering methods

recently I came to study clustering in data-mining and I've studied sequential clustering and hierarchical clustering and k-means.

Finding the function approximated by a neural network

If I have a feed-forward multilayer perceptron with sigmoid activation function, which is trained and has known weights, how can I find the equation of the curve that is approximated by the network...

Sequential Inputs For Neural Networks

What type of neural networks should be used when we have sequential inputs.

Neural network tool in Matlab

I wish to design a multi-layer feed-forward neural network classifier on fisheriris dataset in MATLAB.

Multilayer perceptron - backpropagation

I have a school project to program multilayer perceptron that classify data into three classes. I have implemented backpropagation algorithm from

Neural Networks Project?

I'm looking for ideas for a Neural Networks project that I could complete in about a month or so. I'm doing it for the National Science Fair, so I need something that has some curb appeal as well s...

Different type of segmentation algorithms for time series rather than Sliding Window with Encog

I would like to know if Encog AI Framework supports different type of segmentation algorithms rather than commond sliding widow approach for time series forecasting.

Neural Networks sigmoid activation with bias updates

I am trying to figure out if I am creating an artificial neural network using the sigmoid activation function and using bias correctly. I want one bias node to input to all hidden nodes with static

torch7 : print matrix in text file with lines longer than 80 characters

I'm trying to recuperate the parameters of this NN:

PyBrain multiple target values

I'm trying to train ANN to predict probabilities of an image belonging to a several number of classes, and my target values are sets of such probabilities.

C++/Java Performance for Neural Networks?

I was discussing neural networks (NN) with a friend over lunch the other day and he claimed the the performance of a NN written in Java would be similar to one written in C++. I know that with 'ju...

Propery Setting Up Neural Network for Location to Location Analysis

I am attempting to train a neural network for a system that can be thought of as a macro-level postal network. My inputs are two locations (one of the 50 US states) along with 1 to 3 other variable...

In Python, what does object(**config) do?

Can someone please help explain what this means.