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Opencart, Nivo slider controlNav active text color

I'm trying to change the font color of just the active tabs on Nivo slider.

NivoSlider - Link after slideshow is shown + fade to white?

I am using the Nivoslider script for a project of mine. Basically I'm needing to tweak the slider a little to make it do what I want it to do! I need it to do two things:

Nivo Slider - change Thumbnails for Text links?

I really like this Nivo Slider:

PHP if file exists not working

I am using a simple script that displays images in a jquery slideshow - these image filenames are listed in a .txt file, and change depending on the page you are on (im also using pagination in ano...

Change Nivo Slideshow with thumbnails

I'm trying to do something a little different with Nivo Slider and thumbnails. Rather than using a thumbnail to jump to a particular slide, I want to use thumbnails to change all of the images in ...

jquery Nivo slider with Internet explorer

I've got a jquery problem with good old Internet Explorer (I've tested it in IE7, IE8 and IE9 and they all produce the same problem). I'm using the Nivo Slider plugin for a website. Only in IE it g...

jQuery Image Slider and z-index?

I'm attempting to get the following site to work: