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syncronous http request in node.js

I use node.js as a client that makes some http requests. I want to use http in syncronous manner. I know node.js has synchronous versions of file system apis. Is there something for http also?

Empty HTTP response

For some reason, this code keeps failing :

passportjs error callback throwing exception

I'm using LocalStrategy with MYSQL(with sequelize) which is working except when MYSQL throws exception (just to test, I shut down MYSQL server). The return done(error) callback throwing exception

Inserting variables into SQL query for node-mysql

In the wiki for node-mysql, I noticed that variables (kind of) were inserted into the SQL query in 2 different ways, one is by inserting a variable in the middle of the query string, and the other ...

Can I use jwcrypto to validate a Google generated OAuth2 id_token?

Building on the work in this question: What is the proper way to validate google granted OAuth tokens in a node.js server?

Async.js Parallel Callback not executing

I'm working with the parallel function in Async.js and for some reason the final call back is not getting executed and I do not see an error happening anywhere.

Moving data between production and staging databases on Cloudant

I have two databases on Cloudant, staging and production, which are being consumed by a Node.JS based web app running on Heroku, also with staging and production instances. The web app includes an ...

NodeJS getting and passing variables

I am having some trouble figuring out variables "passing" (I know it's not the right term, I'll explain), given the asynchronous nature of node.js.

Can i run more than one js script at Node.js startup

I would like to run an additional script before the main 'node app' is called. So, i have changed my package.json as follows:

Node.js best practice for require

I am creating an Express application and using Mongoose to save data.

Why can't my kittens speak when I retrieve them from the db

Following the guide on and I´m clearly misunderstanding something basic. Why isn't the shema being applied to objects I retrieve?

Node.js Garbage Collection

Node.js will do auto garbage collections ?

Polling with a fixed delay in node.js

I'm looking for a way to periodically perform a background activity where the execution time of the activity might exceed the polling interval.

Node.js and Mongoose - SEO Friendly URLs

I need to create SEO friendly URLs with Node.js, but before inserting document I'd like to check if there is already some other document which has url like that. I was searching for some module which

Help with getting to grips with node.js

I work full time in a PHP and JavaScript team but we are looking at a new technology to adopt. We want to dive into node.js however we all want to get the same book but we have no idea which would ...

How can I loop through docs to send a lot of mongojs data to a jade template?

So, I'm using mongojs. To get values into a rendered view, it was my understanding that one had to do something like this:

How to Post data with express?

I have a pretty good understanding of how to use the app.get function, but I'm having trouble with the

Codeigniter read session cookie in nodejs

I am making an app with codeigniter, and implementing nodejs for realtime stuff. I want to check if a user is logged in with nodejs. With the code below I am able to get the codeigniter session id in

Where to store design documents for CouchDB?

I'm new to CouchDB and I wonder how experienced CouchDB handles the large amount of design documents.

MongoDB: remove unique constraint

I'm trying the "Develop a RESTful API Using Node.js With Express and Mongoose" example and I ran into a problem with the MongoDB Schema:

Node.JS scrape encoding?

I'm fetching this page with with this request library in Node.JS, and parsing the body using cheerio.

MongoDB queries and results parsing

My database is structured as follows:

node.js forever cannot start script

I have a node.js script on my server that I want to run continuously even after I logout of SSH. I decided to use forever for this.

Node.js fetching Twitter Streaming API - EADDRNOTAVAIL

I have the following code written in node.js to access to the Twitter Streaming API. If I curl the URL below, it works. However, I cannot get it to work with my code.

Is it a good practice to build a collection cache?

I'm experiencing with MongoDB with Node.js using the plugin node-mongodb-native. A problem I'm experiencing is the amount of nested callbacks. I'm trying to simplify a few things by lessening the c...

Connecting to Google Talk over XMPP on Node.js

I've tried using a variety of XMPP libraries for Node.js, and am having trouble connecting to Google Talk's XMPP servers. I'm wanting to connect and read the status of friends, but I can't even ge...

Es6: ability to call custom methods on set/update/delete of object properties?

I believe I've read that the upcoming ES6 definition enables calling custom definable methods when an object property is set, updated or deleted. However, I can't find the blogpost anymore to back ...

Include jQuery in intern test

How can I test custom JavaScript app (including jQuery as a dependency)? I have tried jQuery as Node package with no success...

How to properly load-balance with Node.js / Mongoose / MongoDB + ConnectSet?

I'm using Node.js+Express+Mongoose to connect to my MongoDB replica set (3x instances).

How to find latitude and longitude in node.js?

I am working on web analytics, we are using node.js in server side, we are sending the data using http request(express framework).

Module request how to properly retrieve accented characters? � � �

I'm using: Module: Request -- Simplified HTTP request method to scrape a webpage with accented characters á é ó ú ê ã etc.

Strange behaviour of included JS file in node.js

I am making a node app that is in it current state very simple, but I get an issue I can't figure out.

Set up node so it is externally visible?

Newbie question - might be more appropriate for ServerFault, apologies if so.

Node.js setting up environment specific configs to be used with everyauth

I am using node.js + express.js + everyauth.js. I have moved all my everyauth logic into a module file

Parameters passed in Express.js middleware gets cached?

I've been building my first node.js app using express.js.

Nodejs - Piping MU2 to HTTP?

Mu (Node.js Mustache engine) documents a method of using util.pump() to read its stream into the HTTP write stream. But util.pump() has been deprecated in favor of the pipe() method on the stream

Design patterns for building loosely-coupled systems in dynamic/scripting languages

I have lots of experience building enterprise apps using Java/C# and have become accustomed to all the trappings that come with object-oriented, statically typed languages. Specifically, I've become

in node.js, using ssl with more than one domain name with one ip address

used to Apache in Linux where each domain name using ssl requires its own ip address.

Get the updated document in MongoDB

I need to get the _id (the Mongo ObjectID) of updated document. For this I want to get the updated document. How can I get it?

Mongoose - Increment with findOne

I'm working on some query with Mongoose where I need to skip and limit subdocuments, but in the same query I want to increment some field in document. Currently is my query built with chaining, bec...

Using Mongoose and MongoDB, can I combine a document update using req.body and an increment using $inc?

I want to update a document using the inbound form fields from req.body without having to break them apart and build out a $set. I have this working just fine. Now I want to add an increment to a f...

Change current folder in Node.js

I have a file fetching some other files:

Node Redis: How to filter a sorted set of keys and retrieve each keys hashed values in one call

I am working with a redis database in node.js using node_redis. Here is a quick example of a structure similar to what I am using.

MongoDB database design with embedded documents

I have a few thousand strings (items) that I would like to translate. I have structured my MongoDB as follows:

Does mongoose's “distinct” function support regex in a query?

I have the following bit of js in a node/mongoose project. I'm working on an autocomplete form. It works just fine with a regular "find", but I want to do a "distinct" find instead.

can't start node.js app with Connect (Cannot find module '/home/ec2-user/nodeapp/connect')

I'm trying to figure out how to utilize the Connect module to start my node application, but can't seem to call connect :(

CMD Batch file: How to use a text file to input commands

I am creating a batch file to siliently install nodejs on a Windows XP machine.

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