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Drupal hook_menu_alter current node issues

I am developing a new module and in my hook_menu_alter() I need to detect the node currently being viewed.

Networkx graph: finding if path exists between any node in a given set of nodes and another set of nodes

I have a large undirected graph with hundreds of thousands of nodes and tens of thousands of edges. I have two separate problems:

CCSprite: Batched sprites should use the same texture as the batchnode?

I keep getting a crash that says: *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'CCSprite: Batched sprites should use the same texture as the batchnode'

Comparing 2 XML Files using PHP

I want to compare 2 big xml files and retrieve the differences. Like ExamXML and DiffDog do. The solution I found was cycling through all child nodes of each file simultaneously and check if they are

Sending encrypted data between servers without SSL in Apache

I have several independent PHP applications running on few servers. None of the servers have SSL, but I'm able to use PHP wraper for SSL. I would like to ensure all data sent between servers is saf...

How do you do a Drop-Out Stack in python?

I know you guys like getting specific questions about something, but I can't figure out exactly what it is that I'm doing wrong. Maybe it's a lack of understanding, so I thought I could use some more

XSLT for segmenting XML

I have an XML that goes like this:

How to use malloc to insert a node in a linked list?

I'm writing a program that calls a function in main that creates a node to build a linked list. The program reads characters from a file to be placed in the nodes. The program runs fine until it ...

BinaryTree Employee Class

First create a class called EmployeeInfo that holds two private data members. One data member is an integer called empID which holds the id number of the employee. The second data member is a string

Binary Search Trees C++

I was trying to implement a simple Binary Search Tree for practice. I tried to just add values and print the values in the nodes. However, I am not getting the proper ascending order of values in the

Graphviz: Node internal orientation

The following graphviz code:

Find all checked nodes of parent node in treeview

I have been trying to search the web for information regarding child nodes, but I seem to find everything but what I'm looking for.

how to create a hash table using the given classes

I am currently finishing up my computer science assignment and am having trouble with the last bit and am looking for some advice.

Creating XML node with null value in php

I am creating a xml file using php.

How to parse both parent and child XML node attributes

I'm trying to get specific attribute values from an XML file an then put them into a table.

sails js and create relationship between nodes in neo4j

I have 2 nodes, first one is Users and second one is Posts.

AVL Tree implementation with nodes or without nodes

We have a class project to implement an AVL tree.

Comparing Nodes with Collections.sort

I got a List with some Tree nodes and want to sort it. As the comparator I use a double variable owned by every node in the List.