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Sharing immutable NSStrings

I have a list of about 10k dictionaries, each dictionary contains about 50 keys. Keys are more or less the same for all dictionaries.

Filter and NSDictionary of NSArray of NSDictionary's

I have an NSDictionary which contains some 150 keys of boiler manufacturers. The value for each key is an NSArray of an NSDictionary. Each NSDictionary represents a boiler with some properties:

NSDictionary with NSDates as keys

Is it possible to have an NSdictionary where the keys are NSDates and also have it writeable/archiveable to disk?

Why can't I write Dictionary to plist?

Hey All,I got a weird problem here

Edit plist in objective c

I have a plist file and i want edit this file, but setObject() in NSDictionary dont operate, my code is:

Persisting a datasource between multiple views without shared root view controller

I'm currently working on an app that uses a UINavigationController inside UITabBars. The tab bars correspond to both UITableViews as well as a Map View. However, the root view controller of the a...

key values from an NSDictionary formatting with “()”

I'm trying to pull two values from this Dictionary, But the values I'm getting have "()" around them. Any Ideas what is causing this?

Copying an NSDictionary without empty values?

I'm trying to create an NSDictionary with the dictionaryWithDictionary method. However, my first NSDictionary A may have some keys with empty values. How can I create B that doesn't have any keys...

Search NSArray of NSDictionaries

I have an array with dictionaries,

Fill NSDictionary with JSON

Iam new in iOS development .

can't fetch object from nsdictionary…?

I've done this thing lots and lots of time. But I don't know why I can't figure out what is the issue with this object when I try to fetch it from NSDictionary.

Directly accessing nested dictionary values in Objective-C

Is there a way to directly access an inner-array of an an outer array in Objective-C? For example, a call to an external data source returns the following object:

NSDictionary objectForKey/valueForKey already formated?

Okay, I urgently need your help here.

Store App names in NSArray from JSON DATA which Stored in NSDictionary

I have retrive following response form Server in JSON format which I have sucessfully store in NSDictionary.

Convert NSString to NSDictionary separated by specific character

I need to convert this "5?8?519223cef9cee4df999436c5e8f3e96a?EVAL_TIME?60?2013-03-21" string into dictionary. Separated by "?"

How to access contents of NSDictionary from JSON data request

I'm trying to access the contents of a dictionary using the following code and can't get it to work for some reason.

How can I execute blocks stored in an NSDictionary?

I am somewhat new to blocks and need some help. I want to store a block in an NSDictionary and execute said block when it is accessed based off its key. Here is what I have so far as an example.

Find sub key in NSDictionary

I have a large NSDictionary. Fx.

Sorting NSDates

i have several dictionaries in my program,i have put all those dictionaries in an array i want to sort those dates accordingly dictionary should exchange its position,below shown is the code i am

Create multiple CGPath in a loop

I am creating a program containing a map, in order to check in which region a mouseDown is occurring I want to create a CGPath per region. For the moment I create this part :

my xmlDictionary its allway (null)

im trying to get the same value on xmlDictionary and dicionarioXML but, my dicionarioXML its allway (null), any help?

iOS - NSDictionary - Reading plist file

I've a plist file which has a menu to be shown (related to a restaurant)

Showing method “parameter names” in objective-c

How can I get the parameter names to show up when making a method in objective-c?

Dealing with JSON in IOS

im really new to IOS development. i am developing an application which is getting data from a web service. i am using a method which will call the service and get the response. actually im getting my

get const char from nsdictionary

I am trying to read const char * from an nsdictionary

how can i create plist like below in image?

Iam trying to create a plist with following feature.

Can't get head around parsing nested JSON

I am having a hard time trying to get my head around this here:

Displaying multiple objects with same keys in Table View

I currently have a dictionary property `scoreDictionary constructed so that it contains values that are themselves a nested dictionary:

Given a dictionary of numbers, determine which sets contain unique values (i.e. numbers that do not belong to any of the other sets)

Looking for the most efficient way to solve this using Objective-C (and Swift as a second preference).

NSArray or NSDictionary from plist file

In a method I need to read a NSArray or NSDictionary from a plist file.

Why should I not be using ?

I recently started using Faux Pas (, and for my project I get the following warning a number of times:

App crashes when setting objects to NSMutableDictionary with no crash log

I try to make a simple score system for my game and I'm using dictionary and save it using NSUserDefaults to store player's scores. However when I try to set new score to existing key/value the app

Arrays within arrays in a plist

I am really struggling on this one; I have read many different posts and the apple literature but to no avail. I have the following plist in my app:

How to load an NSDictionary from a file created with writeToFile?

I have an NSMutableDictionary, and I wrote it using

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