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To separate Integer and String ArrayList from Object ArrayList

I have an arraylist containing Objects. I have two different arraylists, one containing strings and the other integers. Now I need to get the strings and integers rom the parent list and put it in ...

how can i pass my instance variable througout my entire activity?

I am trying to make a custom list view adapter. In my public void function I am trying to set the adapter.. (after make the list from the web

Understanding PHP Classes

I am trying to understand the built-in classes in PHP and how to use them. Also I am trying to use the correct language to describe these 'things'. Take for example the DateTime class.

In Python, how do I check if a variable exists?

If "x" exists, then print "x exists".

Reorder objects

What is the best way to order and transform:

How to make an events base class in javascript?

I am trying to make an events class for a little canvas library that I am making!

Vectors in Java, how to return multiple vectors in an object

I'm working on a java program, and I have several vectors defined and filled (from a file) inside a method. I need to return the contents of all the vectors from the method. I have heard you can ...

class not found in zend services folder

I make services folder in my Zend project and i create new php file in that folder. My folder structure is there.

Dynamic object registration in Java

I would like to add some dynamic behavior to an application, preferably without resorting to reflection, so I am looking at object registration.

How to push a new argument to javascript's arguments object

Got a weird case where the javascript arguments object is being heavily relied on. I've got the problem 'solved' but was wondering if someone could explain to me some of the behavior that results ...

How to check the value is in object with Chai?

Is it possible to test the value is contained within certain array with Chai assertion library?

Cannot access empty property

I am constructing an array like this:

What is the best practice of Drawing/Moving text with Quartz?

I'm new to Iphone development, i want to implement a simple application that some texts can be shown and moved in the view. So i use the following code to implement the main loop:

Steps in the memory allocation process for Java objects

What happens in the memory when a class instantiates the following object?

How to get the integers 35 and 50 in the output of this program ?

I am really very new in C++ programming and its been only a month i started learning Object Oriented Programming and i was learning this program of inheritance and I am not getting the output i wan...

How to find Object ID in PHP?

I'm using PHP 5.2. I'd like to find a way to output a unique id for every object, so it's easy when looking over logs to see which objects are the same.

Access one class from another

I have a class defined which publishes a method allowing access to a private object within:

Proper way to create a reusable jQuery Object

I'm trying to code my first non-hacked up jQuery plug-in and I'm struggling to create a basic object with a constructor, public variables, private variables, and functions.

ClassNotFound Error when compiling multiple object classes

I have a Store class which is an array of Person; I have a Person, Date, Student, Undergraduate and Postgraduate classes. Everything runs in Eclipse, and I have to run this from the Command Line. I...

Php variable obj to js

I am using codeigniter. Here is my php code to query result in array of obj then how can i pass them to js. I wanna use it in google maps

Finding the maximum area of three XY points in an array of XY points

I'm trying to find the maximum area using three XY points in an array of XY points in the form of (X,Y).

get the selected arry list custom object item on listview to pass anther activity?

i have faced problem to get the selected array list item on my list view.

java - spreading out objects on a line evenly

I am creating objects on a line in a window created by this piece of code:

Declare object in PHP

What is the PHP equivalent of ECMAScript's:

Simple Objects in PHP question

I know you can create an array like this:

Comparing arrays of objects

I'm looking for a succinct way of comparing arrays of objects in PHP. I know I could just check for equal sized arrays and then loop through one array looking for each object in the second array, b...

How create a serializable C# class from XML file

I am fairly new to XML in .net. As part of my task i need to create the class which can be serialized to XML. I have an sample XML file with all the tags(the class should produce XML similar t...

Object assignment in Ruby

Coming from a c++ background I'm curious about object assignment in Ruby. What considerations (if any) should be made for the following object assignments:

PHP - Accessing object name within a class function

First question here. Please excuse noob errors.

Error in deploying sandbox to production in salesforce

I am deploying my project from sandbox to production. And i am using "ANT" tool for deploying. But it is giving me error as given below:

Python Object awareness of being in an array?

Is there a way in Python for an object to 'know' what its array element id is? I.e 6 in an array, and the object itself prints out its own array element number, so '0,1,2,3,4,5'

Variable variable class extensions in PHP--is it possible?

Is something like the following possible in PHP?

Serialize array of objects as one object with a named property for each object in C# with JSON serializer

I have a List that, when serialized as JSON gives me an array of objects. However, I need the serialized version to be structured as follows:

Why have class-level access modifiers instead of object-level?

While using C#, I recently realised that I can call a Foo object's private functions from Foo's static functions, and even from other Foo objects. After everything I have learned about access modif...

PHP: If many objects use instance of the same object - what is an efficient way to pass it?

For example, my app is using instance of a User object, and different other objects have to access some attributes and methods. And these objects instantiate other objects, which in turn also have to

javascript find an object with specific properties in an array

I need to make an extension to existing code, can't change it.

Getting data from object literal

I have an object literal where I can set a persons name. In another .js-file I have an object where I instantiates the Person-object, and with the function "getName" i want to assign a persons name...

JavaScript - using objects and methods?

When I call the method getResult it returns an undefined value. What am I doing wrong?

Drag and Dropping an Object Reference VB.Net

I am trying to 'swap' two cells' contents, and their mappings. To do this, I need to drag and drop a reference to the cell as opposed to the string value itself. I can then use this reference to up...

Null checks in constructor vs in service method?

This is a topic in one of our code reviews, I'd like more opinions.

access javascript object with space in key

I have a javascript object that looks something like this:

Object Vector C++

I am trying to learn more about vectors and store objects in it. I am reading data from the txt file. I cannot see what mistake I'm making that it does not work.

How do I put an object in a node if the object has no default constructor and I am not allowed to create one inside its class definition?

I'd like to point out right away that I have already searched the site and haven't found a similar problem.

Object creation variable construct values

I am trying to figure out if there is a solution for the following problem:

How do I create multiple objects with the same Obj C code, each with a unique name?

How do I create multiple objects with the same code, but each with a unique name?

Codeigniter - use query result in another query

In my controller I have a list of results from a query (up to 10 rows or so). I am trying to use the results of the query to use in another. For example, the first query pulls out 'agency_ID' (the ...

possible to have switch(java.lang.Object) in java?

My application required to have switch case statement of type String.

How do I retrieve an item from a PHP private Object Array?

I've searched everywhere, IPB forums, google, everywhere.

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