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Draw UIImage From CIImage In drawRect:

I'm learning about drawing UIImages and CGImages, using CIFilters etc. To test my knowledge I made a small test app with sliders that programmatically change the color of a potion sprite and displa...

iphone remove next string - leave rest of string after particular occurrence of string

In objective c how to Remove text after a string occurrence.

Playing imdb video inside MPMediaPlayback not working

I fetch the video url from imdb of a trailer, like:

Padding in NSTextView — possible without custom drawing?

In Cocoa, NSTextView has a rather shallow margin between text and border. Is there a way to specify a padding (distance between text and border of view) for a NSTextView without resorting to owner

Is there a way to change sectioned tableview to drilldown tableview?

I have a sectioned tableview with a plist wich is an array filled with dictionaries.

IPhone and Cocos2d Sprites/Layers

I am using cocos2d-iphone to place Sprites onto a Layer to setup a game playfield. At certain points in the game, certain Sprites need to be removed based upon game conditions. What I would like ...

Why won't XCode recognize a typedef from a header that's being properly imported?

This is very very weird and driving me nuts. I used to have a class called Constants. In it was this typedef:

Prevent multiple copies of a file on OS X

I have a file somewhere on the hard drive and I would like to make sure it is only accessed by a particular program and not

uialertview and delegate (delayed in code)

I'm checking if file already exists and if it is, I'm alerting the user if he wants o replace the file. I'm using alert view and a delegate.

How to give shadow effects to label items in cocos2D?

I have moving sprites in my game and have added labels on it (CCLabelTTF). The labels have characters like A, B, C etc. I want to give a shadow effect to the contents of labels so that they are pro...

Is it available to use UIBackgroundModes and bluetooth-central to send a meesage who is in close area?

I want to create an Application that will send a message or pop up an alert when an people is using a same Iphone Application. And the requirement is , it also need to pop up an alert even it is in

How to add activity indicator to navbar?

Hey, I want to display an activity indicator on the right corner of my navbar when my user changes selection in picker wheel. I have no idea how to add activity indicator there I am only able to add

how to remove all references for outlet

I accidently set event for command button as "outlet" than "action". Due to auto-drag feature, xcode generated references in applicationDelegate and .h and .m files. I removed the entry from .h and...

How to integrate iMessage onto address book?

I have to send a text from my app to the contacts present in the contact list. I can do that using AddressBook and its delegates. How can i roll everything into iMessage?

How to deal with URL with spaces in it?

NSString * urlCached = URL.CacheImageURL;

Table view data source array deallocated after handling asynchronous loading of data

I'm pretty new to Objective-C and am having a problem updating my UITableView after an asynchronous call.

popover display on tableview cell

i am using a TableView in my application where i want a Pop over View when i clicked on a tabel cell, all the content which is in table Cell should display in a pop over view so plz suggest me ho...

Objective C - Unit testing core functionality in private methods?

I've been in many situations where my core logic is in private methods.

NSThread issue with an iPhone Application

I have a rather complex application at which uses Rtmpdump and Ffmpeg libraries to download and convert Flash streams. I would like the thread

How to detect presence of a file on web server

What would be the correct way in iOS of detecting the presence of a file (HTML) on a web server. Using the following to detect the presence of myfile.html always returns true.

objective c creating app ui from xml

I am trying to parse xml (attached) and create a ui from it dynamically - with no success.

copyWithZone being called

So i have 2 Objects.

Help needed for s7graphview

If anyone have used s7graphview for plotting the graph then I want to know where to do changes in the code for maintaining the incremental value of the values that is been plot on the x-axis. Curre...

Underline / Bold in UITextView

Is it possible to underline or embolden certain bits of text in a UITextView?

How to get a padding inside TableView?

I have a TableView with a dark transparent

How to Terminate loop/thread

Here is part of my program. Loop in findDuplicates starts in background thread after button was pressed. Is there any way to stop/kill thread/loop by pressing another button?

Explanation of constants

I have been looking about constants and I don't really understand whats different about them other than they cant be changed programmatically.

populate uipickerview from sqlite

I have a uipickerview which i want to populate with data from my sqlite database.

Adwhirl ad not receive issue

In my application , i have integrate Adwhirl . i have registered in 3 more networks like iAd, Admob and Google AdSense. its working fine. but in some case

Can I load a localizable.strings file into an iOS app over-the-air

Lets say my app only runs in English. But I do not want to release a new version for every time I add a new language. My proposal is to load this localizable.strings file remotely into my app.

Generic “help” view which is accessible from all views in uinavigationView

Assuming an application has many views pushed to a uinavigationViewController, each view is different in content.

how to change elements on UIpickerView pushing a button or pushing another button

I have an application, that in the main view, have 3 buttons, and the 2 firts buttons have to show an UIPickerView for a selection of event (one of them) and a selection of time (the second).

should I always use self.classvariable?

When coding my iPhone app. Is it always a good practice when setting or getting values to use self? I seem to forget half of the time and recently have been tracking down a bug I believe is related...

UITableViewRowAnimation as a block (instead of a row) animation

Is there anyway to make a UITableViewRowAnimation animate at the same time?

use % operator in xcode

i'm trying to make a function that use % operator in objective c

How to show an alert when the server is not working properly?

I am getting list using url by doing parsing it using xml parser. sometimes the server is not working properly. then how to give an alert when server is not working properly. I have given the code ...

Why does my CGContext-drawn circle suck?

I have a custom table view cell that is intended to draw a circle like the iPhone’s does:

global variable in objective C

I'm new in Objective C and stuck on this problem already 5 days)) What i have to do is write implementation for simple task about city and metropolis. I have class City with properties and class

How do I notify the UITableViewController of events from a UITableViewCell subclass?

I have a gesture recognizer on each of the table view cells, and when they swipe one I want my delegate to notify the table view (or if there's a better way without delegates, that) so it can be de...

Image not showing up in UITabBarItem

I am using UITabBar and UITabBarItem. I have an URL of an image. I set UITabBarItem's image to that image using URL. But image is not showing up. If I use any other image from my MacBook, it works....

MPVolumeView AirPlay button not showing up

Using MPVolumeView I wanted to create an AirPlay output button for the app's audio.

How to detect php web page is running within my iPhone App other than Safari

I have built an iPhone app(not iPad) and I am running a webpage within a Web View controller. My question is how can the PHP file detect that it is being run from within this App's UIWebView contro...

UISplitViewController - Best design pattern for communicating between view controllers

I'm using a UISplitViewController in my app for the first time. The master view controller is a table view controller, and the detail view controller is just a plain view controller.

Location Manager error

I am using location manager

Creating a master-detail app using NSTreeController, NSArrayController and Core Data

I'm coming from iOS and trying to build the simplest master-detail OS X app possible but I'm having a hard time transitioning. More specifically, I can't really fathom how I integrate Core Data wit...

Is it ok to re-sort an array each time you need to access an element at a specific index?

I have a TableViewController that displays a list of elements CoreData relationship. In my cellForRowAtIndexPath:, I am getting a sortedArray from the set and then accessing the element at indexPat...

How to set device (UI) orientation programmatically?

Would like everything on the screen (UI) to be able to rotate from landscape left to right or vica versa.

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