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How to declare a foreign key with an OR condition using Oracle?

I have a table (A) whose primary key is either a foreign key to table (B) or table (C).

PL-SQL - can someone tell me what this code is doing

FUNCTION encounter_for_dataset(p_check_answer_master_id IN check_list_answer_master.check_answer_master_id%TYPE) RETURN NUMBER

Referencing a composite primary key

I have two tables, with each table having a composite primary key.

Oracle: Run an Update Trigger Without Changing Data

Is there a way in Oracle to fire an update trigger without actually changing any data?

Why does Oracle require TO_NCHAR when binding SQL_C_WCHAR text via ODBC

I use the following statement prepared and bound in ODBC:

Create a table in Oracle using the boolean value (true) as an unique index field

Imagine a table CARD_SERVICE with KEY(Id_number, Begin_date, Service_Type), End_date and Is_active.

SQL Error: ORA-12899: value too large for column

I have created the following table

problem with sql syntax

The sql syntax is following:

SQL Error: ORA-02291: integrity constraint

I am creating a database that is trying to access values from a foreign key. I have created two following tables

How to install system packages into oracle?

I am creating a copy of our testing Oracle DB (10g both) and run into a problem in that our testing database has UTL_SMTP and UTL_FILE system packages installed and my local OracleXE version does n...

what datasource to use intead of jboss one's?

we are removing jboss from spring-based application and considering what a datasource to use instead of jboss's one for oracle. We used such properties (in oracle-ds.xml) as

PL/SQL Developer Command Window executes host command asynchronously (unwanted)

(PL/SQL Developer 9.0.6 & Oracle Server

Oracle: Fast NOT IN for multiple columns

I need to synchronize two tables. Let's assume that the tables contain following columns:

function that will only insert Monday-Friday?

I've created a function that will insert a customer into the database, I just wondered if it was possible to make it so it will only except inserts on Monday to Friday days at how this would be don...

Inserting DATA to table A , after data is inserted into other table B using trigger in Oracle 9i

we have a table A which we have to uplaod daily then after inserting into A we have to move data from table A to Table B (in agregaated form),this we do manualy..Cant we have trigger which calls a

Oracle logon trigger not being fired

I'm using the following logon trigger on an Oracle 10.2 database:

Converting oracle.sql.timestamptz to java.sql.Timestamp

I'm trying to convert the systimestamp of the (Oracle) database to a java.sql.Timestamp

SQL add table to “From” group, changes answer

I have a query that spits out a result:

What is RESULT keyword in PLSQL?

In Oracle documentation I found a RESULT keyword, but I could not find any documentation about it.

Updating clob column in oracle with CLOB value

i want to update a column is CLOB type, the method is below;

Full path between two nodes cyclic structure pl/sql

I have an input data which consists of ID,prev,current and next node (not sorted).

Select in Oracle Stored Procedure raises PLS-00428

I am very new to Oracle, and I have been put on a project that requires me to use it. I am trying to create a new stored procedure, the select statement works, but when I run the entire thing, it w...

Oracle and TOAD (and I) disagree on number of variables to bind

At runtime, I'm getting "ORA-01008 - not all variables bound" with a SQL statement that runs fine in TOAD and in which TOAD (and I) only find one parameter.

Oracle - Select with math and groupings

I have a table that I'd like to run some calculations on but this select statement is above my oracle wheelhouse.

how do you show line numbers in Oracle isql plus?

Could someone tell me if you can show line numbers in isql plus? I can't see the correspondence between its error reporting and the actual line count.

NHibernate + Oracle: speed problems when querying data

We have an WCF application which uses NHibernate to query data from the database. After installing the application into a new test environment we're facing some performance problems with queries. O...

Detecting if an Oracle Database is Installed

I was wondering if there was a way to tell if an instance of Oracle on a system has a database installed or not?

Interesting Oracle analytic query challenge

I'm fairly experienced with Oracle analytic functions but this one has stumped me. I'll kick myself if there's an obvious solution :)

Are “Application Client Container” and “Embedded Enterprise Bean Container” the same?

Is the "Application Client Container" (see here) the same as the "Embedded Enterprise Bean Container" (see here)?

column not allowed, ajax submit

What I have is a form for managing who gets notifications concerning another web app. It is very simple: add and delete who gets the notifications. On the delete field I have a jQuery autocomplete

connect to Oracle db with JDBC driver. How set charSet?

I need connect to Oracle database use jdbc driver. I look on structure URL string to connect and not see, where i xan set charSet to connect.

Hibernate Index Query Slow

My question is similar to the one posed in this thread:

Hibernate and Oracle native functions

I have an entity that maps to an external oracle table which is one of the primary data sources of my application. This entity is modelled using hibernate.

NOT IN with Subquery SQL Construct

ACTOR (id, fname, lname, gender)

Should a new user be creeated/used for every application created?

I got a "best practice" question. I'm not a db admin so I don't have a great insight into this, but our admin is pushing for process in which every application we build would require a new db user...

How to create a value-responsive checkbox in Oracle Apex?

I have a page with a few fields, loaded from a DB table, such as:

parse and replace in oracle

I am new to the SQL/Oracle, and wondering if there's an easy way to parse a csv string and replace tokens with another string.

XML import to Oracle with SQL Developer

I would like to import an XML file to Oracle SQL with SQL developer. The XML has more than one node, my XML structure:

Update query Oracle

I have table TB1 which has the following cols:

Moving large amounts of data from one database to another in chunks

I have a table with atleast 12 million rows of data in a table that looks like this:

Can I remove extra nesting of XML when using DBMS_XMLGEN.getxml and Cursor expression?

I've been searching the documentation and google but I can't seem to find what I am looking for; my version of oracle is

SQL — Dividing two results

I have two querys below, both of which are feeding from the same "player" table. I want to divide query 1 by query 2 to get a relevant percentage. Im relatively new to more detailed SQL queries, as...

Setup/tear down Oracle schema for CI build without fragmenting catalog

I would like to have a CI build (e.g., Hudson) set up and tear down an Oracle 11g schema as part of a nightly build/test cycle for a fairly vanilla JSF/JPA application.

How to limit number of rows returned from Oracle at the JDBC data source level?

Is there a way to limit the rows returned at the Oracle datasource level in a Tomcat application?

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