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Magento: Displaying product image in order email

To show product image in order email, I have written the following code in template/email/order/items/order/default.phtml

Reorder objects

What is the best way to order and transform:

Manual ordering of Mylyn tasks in Local repository

The ordering of tasks in the Local task repository seems to be defined by the Sort ... menu (as one would expect).

Sort varchar column starting with the first letter instead of the first character?

Using LINQ or SQL, how could I have the following strings, normally sorted as:

Angular filter and order elements on click

I'm trying to filter a list of items (grabbed from JSON) onclick. I pull the data once from the server then would like to filter/order the elements using Angular.

Is it possible to get the Creation order/Insertion order of elements in a TCL array?

Tcl arrays are great for look up tables, but they are stored as "unordered sets" in theory. Is there anyway to iterate thru them in the order elements were added to the array without adding extra ...

Rails / Kaminari - How to order a paginated array?

I'm having a problem ordering an array that I've successfully paginated with Kaminari.

Grails - Sort by two fields in a query

I Have Such a domain class in my project:

Sort rows in data.table (R)

Let's say I have the following data.table in R:

Generics, Guava Ordering.arbitrary()


drupal 7 add_js Weight

I have a module and in it I add the js with

TListView: Subitem order after adding a new column between existing during runtime

If you add a new column between existing columns during runtime, the subitem indices are not like I'ld assume.

Best way to save a ordered List to the Database while keeping the ordering

I was wondering if anyone has a good solution to a problem I've encountered numerous times during the last years.

Ruby - Order an Array

I have a table with 2 columns. "car" "year". I want to do a collect into an array of all cars and then sort them by year. How do I do that?

Order posts by date or keyword

I want to enable website visitors to order WordPress posts on the category page by date posted or by search keyword, similarly to how it's done on this page:

Multiple Dialogs, second not displaying

I'm trying to display a couple of dialogs when a button is pressed, one after the other, and can't get the second to display. The first one is simply a development stub to replace a validation pro...

python numpy sort eigenvalues

I am using linalg.eig(A) to get the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix. Is there an easy way to sort these eigenvalues (and associated vectors) in order?

How to order a SiteCollection by Name

I want to order a Microsoft.Web.Administration.SiteCollection by Name like that :

MySQL order by string with numbers

I have strings such as M1 M3 M4 M14 M30 M40 etc (really any int 2-3 digits after a letter)

Selective ordering in Rails 3

Most questions about advanced ordering involve a few prioritized fields, but here's a different problem.

How to edit order without create a new order in magento 1.7

Is there any way to edit an order in Magento without creating a new order from Magento admin? How can I accomplish that?

Send AFNetworking Requests in order reliably

So we have a messenger ( I know we should just switch to Xmpp, but no time right now) - problem being if a user sends say 20 messages rapid fire there is more than a good chance of them storing AL...

SQLite ordering that puts prefix matches first

I was wondering how I might formulate a SQLite ORDER that as its first criterion will separate matches depending on whether a search string was matches against a prefix or an infix of a column. The

Checking an array for descending order

I am writing code to check if my array is in ascending or descending order. If the boolean 'ascending' is true, then I check if it is ascending. If it is false, then I check for descending. I need ...

Unity3D ignoring my boolean variable

I'm working on a project using Unity 4.6.1 and I'm experiencing a weird issue: I have a bool variable which is initially set to false, and I'm trying to set it to true in the Start() method. First of

Magento get order shipping method title

Hi can anybody tell me how can i get after successfully order is placed shipping method title?

See Facebook Likes in Date Order

Is there a way I can see the order in which people like my facebook page? I would like to identify the 5000th like to give them a prize.

SQL order by DATE DESC + group on other Collumn

I have tried a lot of different grouping and ordering syntax but I am really struggling, I've looked all over online but am still struggling to get what I need.

Check if list is ordered

I'm trying to compare the elements of a list of integer to see if they are ordered (or not). I'm using Amzi!

bash sort characters before numbers

How to call sort to ensure that the following list is the result of any its randomizations? In particular, standard sort sorts [0-9] before [A-Za-z] but I need [A-Za-z] before [0-9]. I read the man...

Ionic Framework: Reorder list error - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getValues’ of null

I'm doing a improved version of the Todo app from the tutorial, and I am getting an error when trying to reorder items from the list.

jQuery drag & drop and drag again

I'm working on a drag & drop page where you can drag elements from a list into various droppable containers. This works perfectly. What I am now trying to achieve is then have the ability to drag

how to change values with rank value (ordered value) in R? and I want to give same numbers when two values tie

My data has an ID column and I want to rename ID as an rank. In other words I want to rename all 35-> 1, all 39->2, all 66 ->3 all 77-> 4 and all 90 -> 5 from below data.

Magento Add telephone no in order grid using event observer

I want add Telephone no of customers that is used in order -> shipping or billing. in order grid. I can add the title in grid but I don't know how get the phone no. The event that used for this is

Force memory ordering

If there are pointers "A" and "B", with a requirement such that any writes to "A" should be made visible before any writes to "B" are made visible. If I am not allowed to use locks and if I am not

Tell the order of fields submitted from a from

I have a form that will allow users to move around the inputs (using jQuery) into any order they want. For the form below, a user might want "fieldD" followed by "fieldA", "fieldB", "fieldC".

Sort order / inequality filters on AppEngine ShortBlob fields

If I have an AppEngine datastore field that contains a ShortBlob entry (i.e. a byte[] of length 500 or less), and I do a query on this field with an inequality filter or a sort-order, are the bytes

Linq orderby national character sets

I have a List which i OrderBy alfabetically on a property.

python 2.7 - reorder the output of lists with a new 'order' constraint

I know some basics in c++, but I am a beginner in python.

I totally don't get the result from the R 'order' example

It would be great if somebody could explain what is going on.

How to reorder 1st dim of array in R (don't know total dims)

I have an array whose first dimension I need to subset/ index/ reorder. For example:

How to order properties in a declaration block?

I know there's no real right or wrong answer. I'd just like to hear from CSS developers how you like to order your properties and what is your reasoning behind your preference.

alphabet sort in mysql

I am using the test data "bank" to study mysql on mac. I have a question about the alphabet sort in mysql.

Sorting a character vector containing semantic versions

Seems like a pretty basic question, but I can't really figure out an "easy" way to do it.

MySQL negative limit?

I am doing easy web based chat so I need to get (for example) 30 latest messages from a MySQL database. That doesn't make any problem but how can I take the data in up side down order? I mean, the ...

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