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Native Swing Menu Bar Support For MacOS X In Java

A link that stands out is however the menu bar under Mac OS X displays as the package name as opposed to the

Haskell at a user level

I love coding in Haskell, but often am on a computer where I cannot install software, and which has some restrictions about what you can run. I would like to write Haskell code and test it while on...

Quick guide to get started using Git + GitX with Xcode projects on the mac?

Using Git on the mac feels like a huge pain, and the Git documentation is just huuuuuuuuge. Maybe someone has a top secret blog article or even screencast to share, that explains the basics fairly ...

handle OS specific .classpath file in a hg repo

I have a Java project in Eclipse and version-control is a mercurial repo.

Prevent multiple copies of a file on OS X

I have a file somewhere on the hard drive and I would like to make sure it is only accessed by a particular program and not

Setting up Python and Virtualenv on OS X 10.8.1?

I recently reinstalled my OS X and my python setup is gone with it. I can't remember how I set it up before and now I am having a lot of trouble. I followed this guide

Search and Replace with Numbers

Alright so I've got list in JS formatted like so:

Parsing rfc3339 dates with NSDateFormatter in iOS 4.x and MacOS X 10.6: impossible?

Parsing a rfc3339 date with NSDateFormatter appears to be impossible, in the general case. Am I wrong? [Edit 2 years later: there is now a way! See below and footnote.]

Qt Creator: Quit previous instance of app before running again?

Every time I run my project in Qt Creator, it spins up another instance of my app. I have to manually quit the app or else my Dock gets full pretty fast. What a pain. Is there a way around this? It...

unresolved names linking against library but passing obj files directly works fine?

Consider the following g++ invocation (Apple GCC 4.2.1, running on OSX 10.6.5) which works just fine:

Changing NetBeans UI Look/Feel

Is it possible to somehow change the look/feel of NetBeans? I know it uses Swing and that usually apps using Swing for its UI can usually have their UI scheme changed.

Python install issue on Mac OS X

I have been using the standard python that comes with OS X Lion (2.7.2) but I wanted to build a UCS-4 version to handle 4-byte unicode characters better.

DHCP Setting in Mac OS X

Are there any command line interfaces to the DHCP settings in Mac OS X? I have found that inside System Profiler, the Network tab provides a lot of useful information, but I have not found any

Application Window Title Bar Background Image

Is there a way to set a background image for the Application Window Title Bar of Mac OS X apps? An example would be the brown strip found across the top of the Notes and Calendar Apps.

In Mac's terminal, can we have the command line arguments that are 'options' to the end of command?

Sorry if the title is bewildering. Let me illustrate by an example.

wxWidgets Commandline / GUI Hybrid Application Fails to Get Dialog Input

I have a command-line application written in C++ and built with gcc/make that runs on MacOS. This application does not have its own GUI and it not supposed to have any root windows -- it's a conso...

Should i use Growl on a mac app?

I design an app for mac (new in cocoa) and i need to use a notification on monitor. I was going to implement growl. But i see that growl now is not free at App Store. So i wondered if it will still...

Creating a master-detail app using NSTreeController, NSArrayController and Core Data

I'm coming from iOS and trying to build the simplest master-detail OS X app possible but I'm having a hard time transitioning. More specifically, I can't really fathom how I integrate Core Data wit...

Books or other resources for Java to Cocoa transition

I've learned Java (including Android) and am looking to make the transition to programming in Objective-C / Cocoa for Mac OS X, trying to figure out what books or other resources to use. I would li...

Show NSOpenPanel in a NSStatusItem app

I am writing a status item app that does not have an NSWindow. I to pull up an NSOpenPanel when the user clicks on the status item. How would one do this when the app does not utilize an NSWindow?

lldb objc_msgSend tracing on OS X

I'm tracing a OS X application, I hope can find a way like this way on iOS:

automatically using -v option for git remote

I'd like to automatically use the -v option for the git remote command. How can I do this?

Mute computer programmatically

I'm developing a free app for OS X that mutes your computer on a schedule. The idea behind it is so if you're in a meeting or class, you can just run the app and be sure that it won't make noises. ...

Changing file descriptor limit in C (OSX)

I want to increase the maximum number of file descriptors available to my C program, which is running on OSX 10.7. I've added the following code to my project, but it fails!

Pure function in assembly language on a Mac

Fibonacci sequence is a great 'hello-world' app when starting with a new language. I want to make a pure machine program that will execute just that, without wasting any resources on intermediary VM,

Cocoa/OSX tagging UI

I'm looking to implement a tagging interface on OSX that lets users type text "tags" to attach to an object. Ideally, I'd like to implement a fancy UI like the screenshot below:

Starting process in new Terminal window on Mac

On Windows I can do CreateProcess(..., CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE, ...) and my child process (which is console app, not GUI) will be launched in a new window. What is the easiest way to emulate this on Mac...

Mac OS X Lion cannot resolve localhost

I have found serval questions about this but no one helps for me, I am searching for

What path does one specify for JAVA_HOME on a Mac OS environment?

When an application or plug-in install states that the JAVA_HOME variable point you my JDK, what export statement do I need to put in my .bash_profile?

NSTextView does not receive string

I am writing a basic text editor and need to implement a reading method. Since I am using NSDocument, I decide to override the method - (BOOL)readFromData:(NSData *)data ofType:(NSString *)typeName

working directory of running process on mac os

I want to know the working directory of a process on Mac OS (10.6). I tried finding the PWD environment variable in ps command's output, but the PWD variable is not available there. Is there a bett...

A Cocoa API for Preview?

Is there an API which allows us to integrate with the Preview app in OS X? Sort of what Adobe is offering for the Reader. I need to be able to read the text from PDF files and also highlight it.

is it possible to make rails 2 the default instead of rails 3 on my mac?

Is it possible to make Rails 2 the default rails on my mac?

Best way to make a wizard

I need to make a wizard with multiple interactive pages that gathers data from the user. Making so many pages is a tough work by making every single window. Is there any simple class or command to

Is it possible to create a “weakly referenced” hard link on filesystems?

Some programming languages have the ability to distinguish strongly referenced objects from weakly referenced objects such that weak ones are candidates for garbage collection after all the strong

Java memory leak when running on Red Hat but no memory leak on Mac OS X

I have a java webobjects app which is showing memory leak problems when running on Red Hat but we had no such problems when it was running on Mac OS X. The JVMs are similar.

Putting a value on the load of a windows system

I've written an image processing script in php which is run as a cron scheduled task (in OSX). To avoid overloading the system, the script checks the system load (using 'uptime') and only runs when...

Unable to find the packagemaker command line tool in Mac 10.8

I am using Mac 10.8 and Xcode 4.4.1 . I have installed command line tools for Xcode 4.4.1 and Auxilium tools for xcode 4.4.1 (Package Maker ). I have put the into applications fold...

Error while installing Ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.1.3 on Mac OS X Lion

I've an error when I want to install Ruby 1.9.3 on OS X. I've seen most of the problem come from xCode not being installed. So, I installed it and I still have the problem, so, here it is:

mount a windows smb share on OS X as so it can be accessed by 'www' user

trying to mount an smb share on OS X so that the 'www' user can read files from there.

QFileSystemModel setRootPath

I am attempting to create a Qt application which shows the contents of a folder (“Users” folder in Mac OS).

Why do the files in the Copy Bundle Resources appear in red?

The files in the Copy Bundle Resources appear as

ns-toggle-fullscreen on a mac

How does the the ns-toggle fullscreen work on a mac keyboard ie what are the keys corresponding to each of ns, toggle and FS?

How can I read the Mac OSX's Double click duration programmatically?

I need to read and use the operating systems double click duration setting.

Where does XCode Console App Build Go?

Where does the build output go for a console app? I can run the app from within XCode, but I want to try and run it form the console.

How to put y axis number in Core Plot?

I would like my Scatter graph I am making with Core Plot library to show Y value near every point relative to X data.

What's the Apache server's user's group name on Mac?

What's Apache group on Mac (the www-data group on Debian)?

python executable

is it possible to create python executable targeted for linux, from mac os x?

Using C, how can I access the same block of memory as another C program?

So, I'm on hour one of learning C. Maybe I'll jump over to C++ tonight.

Standardizing font-weight between OSX and Windows

I've read that OSX and Windows have two very different algorithms for rendering fonts. As such, it's a common issue that web fonts look "heavier" when viewing them in OSX than they do in Windows.

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