Questions for overloading


Why is this call to overloaded function ambiguous?

I am a beginner in template programming and I am using the following template function trying to avoid code duplication:

Is there any way to use operator overloading in dynamic C++ object

I want to use operator overloading with dynamic object in C++

Can't Access My Extension Method

Looking for a way to check if an string contains in another ignoring upper/lower case, I found it:

operator<< overloading ostream

In order to use cout as such : std::cout &lt;&lt; myObject, why do I have to pass an ostream object? I thought that was an implicit parameter.

C# Overloaded method invocation with Inheritance

I wonder what is the reason for the invocation of the method that prints "double in derived". I didn't find any clue for it in the C# specification.

When overriding equals in Java, why does it not work to use a parameter other than Object?

I ran into an interesting behavior recently. It seems that if I override .equals() to take a parameter other than Object, it doesn't get called. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening? It

How does VB.NET compiler choose which extension overload to run?

Got an interesting oddity - thought someone might be able to help.

looking for an inverted heap in python

I'd like to comb off the n largest extremes from a timeseries.

What overloaded C++ function will be called?

Here is the subject of the topic:

What operator to overload if i want to use “ a = {x, y};”

I'm making my own class and i'd like to be able to initilize it like the title.

Function overloading vs. default parameters in VB.NET?

In VB.NET, which is better to use: function overloading or default parameters?

Recursive function when data-structure of argument varies?

Sorry if the title is confusing but I'm trying to get all comments and their replies with a recursive function. The problem is the top-level comment object has a different data structure than the

Function override-overload in Java

What is the difference between override and overload?

how can I create two dynamic objects with overloaded constructor?

Please look the code below, it's a simple subject but I don't know.

Is it considered bad programming practice to have a large number of overloaded class constructors?

I'm making a calendar application in c++ and I'm making a great number of overloaded constructors for the appointment class depending on the information provided(e.g. if i have a start time for the...

Simple design choice?

Say I have a class with a private data member n and a public get_n() function.

C# override ~ to take a function

I ideally I want to implement something like var queryResult = ~( () =&gt; function(arg) );

Several overloads for method with “params” keyword

I've had a look at Path.Combine and noticed it has four overloads:

C# returning types re covariance

I know this has been covered before but i have not found any good solutions. In the example I am using two return type classes (ClassA and ClassB) with a returns args class. I have a base class wh...

Rules for implicit conversion of template arguments

If you overload a function and then call it with an argument that perfectly matches one of the overloads

EventHandler that changes another widget/control's properties

I'm having trouble with event handling. I'm using gtk# to create a form app, with two labels and a set of buttons between them.

How do I call a specific overridden method from an inherited method in Java?

I have a class named LotteryTicket that have 3 subclasses: Pick4, Pick5, and Pick6. I want to be able to call a method public void pickNumbers()where once called, will be able to recognize which

override base php functions

I have made a function simular to the print_r function in php.

Execution flow of Method overriding and method hiding

I'm confused with the following scenario, we have a set of classes like this

Python how to extend `str` and overload its constructor?

I have an sequence of characters, a string if you will, but I want to store metadata about the origin of the string. Additionally I want to provide a simplified constructor.

string class assignment operator overloading in c++

I defined my own string class, MyString. Everything works well until I assign one object to the other by the overloaded operator=. I know where the problem is but I don't know how to fix it. Any he...

Problems with overloading voids/adding optional parameters in Web Service

We've been coping with this issue for quite some time and find only half useful solutions.

Restrict generic Java input to one of two types

I have two different classes, Stack&lt;E&gt; and Queue&lt;E&gt;, which have methods having the exact same names (void add(E item), E remove(), boolean isFull() &amp; boolean isEmpty()).

Haskell ad hoc polymorphism

I'm trying to get my head around ad-hoc polymorphism in haskell, that is having the same function provide different behaviour for different argument types.

Overloading of methods in Java

In the following code snippet, there are three versions of a method named show().

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