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python: how to import * and call imported functions when package is directory not file

if I'm developing a client-server app and have 3 files,, and, and has a useful function "normalize()", it's easy from both client and server to "from common ...

can't install php-devel on centos

I need help with installation of php-devel (I need it, cause it has phpize, which is necessary to install eAccelerator). But when I try to install php-devel with yum install php-devel it gives me the

calling an activity that is in another package(android)

I want to call an activity that is in another package....

How do you create a nested table in R?

I know there is a way to easily do this using a package... I found the package a couple of months ago and did it then. However, I didn't write down the link at the time, and now I can't find the so...

PEAR package install fails

i try to install packages from

LaTeX package to do syntax highlighting of code in various languages

I am looking for a LaTeX package that does syntax highlighting on code. For example, right now I use the verbatim block to write code:
2323 seemingly not working

New to Python. I'm on Windows and Python2.7.

How can I access my Sqlite database after changing package name in Android?

In order to publish my Android app I had to change the package name from the com.example.project I had used during development.

Android call method from another app

I have 2 android apps. Both are installed on the phone. Lets say the package name for the two are and How can i call the method Main2method() from the test1.Main

how to properly move one or more packages into another package in java using code

I am developing an application [desktop swing application] which requires me to do refactoring via code. [I know the interface and feature is already provided by the eclipse IDE but I am required t...

install a R package needed for your package upon installation

I'm developing a R package that depends on another R package being installed on the users system.

Renaming package name of a project

I've usually used Eclipse refactoring tools to rename an Android project's package name. But not long ago I've discovered this functionality in Android Tools, it's called Rename Application Package.

Deploying a python application with shared package

I'm thinking how to arrange a deployed python application which will have a

How do I import a Java package in Scala?

I have created a jar-file with a compiled Java class. Now I want to import it in Scala. But it doesn't work.

Git how to rename a folder/package remotely?

I accidentally named my package the wrong thing and I pushed it to github before I noticed. I renamed it locally, but when I push it again it hasn't tracked the changes made since it was just a cou...

sharing variables between 2 packages in R

I have created 2 packages in R. The variables in one package are using in functions of the other package. So i declared variables globally like var <<- "value". Now every functions are working

Dynamic import programatically

I simply want to implement that line programatically in runtime.

Compilation error when using Java Package?

I know this question is pretty basic, but after several times googling I can't find the answer. I am new in Java. Today I learn about java package. I have class A like so:

Flipswitch packaging error… Theos

I'm trying to make a Flipswitch package for my Cydia tweak. I have all headers in their appropriate directories, as well as, the Makefile edited.

Management packages. What tool should I use?

I'm starting new app with meteor and I'm confuse when I have to install packages.

Django OSQA + PyBBM

here is my problem:

What is the reason python needs for packages?

I understand that python needs the __ init file in order to recognize the directory as a python package, that way we can import sub modules into our program.I can see the similarity to classe...

How can a Laravel package filter all requests and redirect if necessary?

I would like to build a package for Laravel 4 that checks for some specific parameters and redirects the request to another url if needed.

Is it possible to import a nested package to a matlab function

I have the following directories tree on my hard-drive:

Generic Trie Haskell implementation

I needed a generic Trie implementation in Haskell but I could not find any.

Java - Illegal use of reserved word 'import'

I'm trying to import the package java.util.regex.*; and keep hitting an error in line 1 of my code.

Access a Python Package from local git repository

I have a local git repository on my machine, let's say under /develop/myPackage.

Specify output directory for R package generation

I am trying to automize the procedure of package generation but seem to be unable to tell R where to save the newly generated package.

How to import Lanterna package to Java in Eclipse

I'm a programmer with little knowledge about programming, but I wanted to import the package for Lanterna (a gui console library) called com.googlecode.lanterna.terminal

Common Lisp package definition

In Common Lisp package definition, what is the difference between

packagist complains on new package InvalidArgumentException

my first package for composer in packagist. I actually wrote it for my own project, but I cannot use it anywhere!

How do I set up this package?

This may be a bug, but I think I just need to set up my environment. I am on Ubuntu. I tried the package easyplot. It worked when I saved the plot to a file, but not to the terminal. What do I need...

Identify whether a package contains GPL license

I have few thousands packages which contains GPL/APL/BSD license. Currently to identify whether a package contains a GPL license, I am iterating over each package looking for LICENCE file and then

Using inst/extdata with vignette during package checking R 2.14.0

I have a package which contains a csv file which I put in inst/extdata per R-exts. This file is needed for the vignette. If I Sweave the vignette directly, all works well. When I run R --vanilla...

How to run a .class file that is part of a package from cmd?

I keep getting errors when I make my class part of a package and try to run it from cmd.

Go, go get, go install, local packages, and version control

I am having trouble understanding the workflow for creating a go project that has local packages.

Using exceptions from a module without importing it explicitly

I have an utility module that uses requests to perform some tasks. In the client code (that uses utils) I need to handle exceptions thrown by requests, but I'd like to avoid importing requ...

Tutorial/Guide to create a classic, small Linux application in a package (Debian)

I've made a small script in my machine, and an alias in .bashrc that calls it. It's a bash script with 3 lines, but it can grow.

ship directory of CSVs with R package

I have contributed several import functions to R package, which batch read in CSVs from specifically structured directories (such as this).

Android App not properly refactoring package

I had to refactor my app package name so I can re-upload my app to the store. (Took it down for a lost keystore). The app package was changed from com.maskyn.marlonjonescodus to

What is the package name of the Google Play app and the AndroidPIT app?

What is the package name of the Google Play app and the AndroidPIT app?

Unable to load any package in R (unable to load shared object)

I have been using R for the last 2 years. I tried to start the program yesterday to run one of my scripts and the packages that I am using failed to load. I am not sure what happened as it was work...

Runtime Exception for jars with same names

I am developing a android application where I used two external jar files(libraries) and both the jar files have a same package name and same classes but the methods inside the classes are slightly

Docker-compose running container

I am trying to launch a zookeeper instance and a process which connects to the zookeeper instance using docker-compose (contents in docker-compose.yml file) . As soon as docker fetches the reposito...

What does importing a subdirectory mean in Python 3.4?

I thought a package should always contain file. But this seems to work for me.

Connecting to a DB when loading R package

I'm setting up an R package that contains a .sqlite database and some functions to access the DB. Once the package is loaded in R I am calling the following function to connect to the DB:

can't find boost c++ using

I wrote a to find the path of boost c++ inlclude, but it could not find anything. If I specify the path, it can compile. Could anyone help me please?

How to setup a program in python?

I wrote a python program which I call with arguments from console. As the functionality grew, so did the amount of code that is now all nested in one single file.

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