Questions for pdf-generation


How to use SetAutoPageBreak in fpdf

How do you use SetAutoPageBreak in fpdf if you want it to be enabled? On the net I've found all sorts of variants:

fpdf page break issue

I have this loop that prints 6 rows (multicell) for about 30 times. The issue is that when it reaches the bottom page it prints 2 or 3 rows from the multicell and on the next page it prints the oth...

é becomes &195;#169 and then becomes é How do I fix this encoding issue?

I have a java file in Eclipse that is in UTF-8 and has some strings containing accents.

PDF files generated in Azure VM downloaded as 0 byte files

I'm generating PDF files using Prince XML in an Azure VM (by a web role) using C#, MVC3 and .NET 3.5. Action methods that are tagged with a PdfFilter() attribute forward the HTML to Prince XML; on...

repeatedly call AddImageUrl(url) to assemble pdf document

I'm using abcpdf and I'm curious if we can we recursively call AddImageUrl() function to assemble pdf document that compile multiple urls?

Prawn PDF table mixed formats

I am trying to generate a simple table in ruby with prawn pdf.

Allow user to save a html/php/css page as a pdf?

I have a "calculator" page that calculates a load of maths based on what the user inputs. The user can then click "get results" to show their full calculations.

Export HTML to PDF (C++, Windows)

I am looking for a redistributable component to convert HTML to PDF.

How to dynamically generate a pdf from Google's appengine?

I'd like to create an application that would run on Google's appengine.

Using whole space of pdf file

I am using prawn to create pdf file but it always leaves some spaces/margins around the page. Can't we use whole space of the pdf file not leaving any margins around?

Render jQuery in wicked_pdf

I'm using Highcharts in my application to render charts. Everything works fine, except when I want to convert a page that has charts to PDF. I'm using wicked_pdf. Here is the show method my control...

ImageMagick create PDF version 1.4 from image?

I know that I can use ImageMagick's convert tool to turn different image files into PDF documents. However, is there some way to specify what version of PDF document I want to use for the output? ...

Grails render PDF with a specific layout and multiple pages?

i need to generate pdf files in a specific layout with support for multiple pdf pages etc.. I can imagine that i could render gsp output to a pdf but how can i handle the concept of multiple pages?...

How do I retrieve an image using iText when the URL has redirects?

I am using iText to generate PDF invoices for a J2EE web application and included on the page is an image read from a URL constructed from the request URL. In the development and test environments ...

What is the most efficient way to create large PDFs with TCPDF?

I am working my way through implementing a report generation solution using TCPDF. Some of my reports are small (2-3 pages), but the user has the option to select many reports at once, and request ...

Generating PDF/A using EvoPDF is not valid PDF/A

I'm trying to generate PDF/A-1b document from a website using EvoPDF v3.0

ITextSharp SetListSymbol as an image

I know that SetListSymbol (from the ITextSharp library) expects a string as a parameter, but is it possible to use an image/icon somehow? If so, how?

NReco.PdfGenerator The pipe has been ended error on the server

I'm using NReco.PdfGenerator for my PDF documents(that component is based on WkHtmlToPdf tool), my code allow me to create a pdf calling a function with the parameters controller, action, model:

programmatically create links in a PDF file

While I think it is a basic question, I didn't manage to find a response that works yet. I am creating a PDF file by stroking paths to a PDF context, and I want different areas on the drawing to be

Prevent ActionResult from posting to a new page?

My project is very similar to NerdDinner and I'm generating a pdf-document using PdfSharp.

How to add SVG image to PDF built with HTML and Flying Saucer library (and Batik)?

Im working on generation of PDFs with XHTML using the flying saucer library (old but open source). I got that working but I also want to add SVG images. Ive started working on integrating batik to ...

Right-alignment text in PDFBOX?

I need to draw text in right alignment using PDFBOX (java).

How to create pdf file with mysql data?

Can anyone give me simple example, how to create pdf file with mysql data? Im using fpdf for pdf creation.

Images are not loaded into PDF using VB6 with mjwPDF class

I am using a VB6 class named mjwPDF.cls and trying to parse some images into PDF document.

What's the easiest way to merge (server-side) a collection of PDF documents into one big PDF document in JAVA

I have 3 PDF documents that are generated on the fly by a legacy library that we use, and written to disk. What's the easiest way for my JAVA server code to grab these 3 documents and turn them int...

Why are PDF files different even if the content is the same?

"There’s usually more than one way to create PDF

iTextSharp: table in landscape

I'm using iTextSharp to generate a large document. In this document I want some specific pages in landscape. All the rest is portrait. Does anyone know how I can do this?

Outputting PDF with Django as attachment and reload

I´m using django to generate a pdf and return the response as an attachment in the view.

How to generate PDF of current view - ipad

I am trying to create a PDF file of current view. Can anyone please tell me about a tutorial link where I can find how to create PDF file of whole current view?

Saving a PDF document seems to be keeping a reference in memory (VB.NET)

I have a VB.NET user control that is saving a PDF document and then displaying that in a WebBrowser control. The code looks like this:

Using an HTML file as template for creating PDFs with ABCpdf

How do I use an HTML as a template then just replace the text in it and then convert it to PDF using ABCpdf? Are there any sample codes to do this? Thanks in advance!

I can't insert something as “Page X of Y” into my PDF footer using iTextSharp

I am pretty new in iTextSharp and I have the following situation: I am creating a PDF that contains an header and a footer (for the header and footer creation I am using a class that extends

rtf format to pdf

Is there any way to convert rtf format to pdf using PHP?

Fill PDF Form with dynamic values using ASP.Net

I am stuck here. actually I am trying to fill a PDF form using I get some help and write the following code: