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Scriptmanager Asp.Net Mvc

I'd like to have some of the scriptmanager features in the new MVC model

support multipart POST for apachebench?

I want to use apachebench (ab) to test file upload performance.

Can anyone quantify performance differences between C++ and Java?

Java was initially slow before the JIT but today performance is pretty close to C++. I want to know if someone has done measurable performance comparisons between the two languages? Where does Java

Well-known solution for avoiding the slowness of dynamic_cast?

I needed run-time polymorphism, so I used dynamic_cast.

Performance Optimization For Highly Interactive Websites

I recently completed development of a mid-traficked(?) website (peak 60k hits/hour), however, the site only needs to be updated once a minute - and achieving the required performance can be summed ...

Spritely jQuery Plugin - Stop All Spritely Animations

I'm developing a sort of 'booklet' with a set of pages that can be viewed one at a time. On each page, there is a lot of animation going on using the jQuery Spritely plugin, both the pan() and spri...

Is it advisable to use arrays in Javascript using tens of thousands of indexes?

Is it advisable to use arrays in Javascript using tens of thousands of indexes?

Profiling data visualization

Does anyone know how this is rendered:

Does Silverlight have a performance advantage over JavaScript?

At a recent discussion on Silverlight the advantage of speed was brought up. The argument for Silverlight was that it performed better in the browser than Javascript because it is compiled (and man...

MySQL efficient “select id else insert” query

I have a MySQL table consisting of:

Is there a REAL performance difference between INT and VARCHAR primary keys?

Is there a measurable performance difference between using INT vs. VARCHAR as a primary key in MySQL? I'd like to use VARCHAR as the primary key for reference lists (think US States, Country Codes)...

WARN (org.hibernate.jdbc.JDBCContext:333) - afterTransactionCompletion() was never called

I am using hibernate as ORM when i checked my logs (catalina.out)

What does your team do to stand out?

Where I work, we have small teams of 2 - 5 people. As a dev lead, what are some things that you've implemented which makes your team stand out from the others? Meaning, it makes the others teams ...

Entity Framework is Too Slow. What are my options?

I have followed the "Don't Optimize Prematurely" mantra and coded up my WCF Service using Entity Framework.

Write and stream a templated Xml as efficiently as possible

I am trying to find the best solution to prevent us to allocate too much memory when building an Xml document. I have to construct a fairly large Xml with the less resource possible (the web servic...

jQuery, A search for a smarter way to Initialize

I'm looking for a better way to manage global component/plugin/widget initialization in a large project. It has many jQuery-powered components that I would like to initialize quickly & efficien...

Accessing local field vs object field. Is doc wrong?

The documentation seems to be wrong. Could someone tell me which is true?

What's the fastest way to merge/join data.frames in R?

For example (not sure if most representative example though):

Why is this GLSL shader so slow?

I am trying to do a raytrace on a grid in a fragment shader. I have written the shader below to do this (vertex shader just draws a screenquad).

Is there a compact way to specify solid per-triangle colors when using Vertex Buffer Objects?

I'm drawing a VBO in GL_TRIANGLES mode, and I just draw solid triangles.

JPA OneToMany and Getting children with a single query

I notice that in hibernate, it queries the child collections of entities an entity at a time. So, for example, I have a Person entity with a OneToMany relationship with PhoneNumber as well as a One...

In WCF, should you have large MaxBufferPoolSize value for large messages?

For this WCF service I have developed, I have to set MaxReceivedMessageSize to 5MB. My current problem is figuring out whether it is better to have a larger MaxBufferPoolSize value, like 5MB, or re...

Binding click event to td vs table

I want to build excel like utility in HTML. Suppose I've table[id "myTbl"] with 20 rows & 20 columns. I would like to add textbox inside td whenever users clicks on it with td text as its value.

Any guides on learning how to interpret a SQL query's Execution Plan in SQL Server 2005?

Is there any good article, tutorial or similar references on interpreting the Execution Plan of a query in SQL Server 2005?

Can I (and do I ever want to) set the maximum heap size in .net?

Coming from a java background, one of the things I am used to is telling the JVM what the maximum heap size should be. If the running program tries to swallow more than is allowed, and the garbage

Algorithm to partition a number

Given a positive integer X, how can one partition it into N parts, each between A and B where A <= B are also positive integers? That is, write

Fastest way to find out whether two ICollection<T> collections contain the same objects

What is the fastest way to find out whether two ICollection&lt;T&gt; collections contain precisely the same entries? Brute force is clear, I was wondering if there is a more elegant method.

What's the best way to search for a UPC code in a Database?

I have a UPC Database of 12-digit UPC-A formatted barcodes (1,900,000 records). Currently they're stored as a varchar(13) due to leading zeros. I am using SQL Server 2008 R2.

Best way to periodically remove a set of records with LINQ to SQL

This is my first crack at a method that is run periodically during the lifetime of my ASP.NET application to clean up expired sessions stored in my database. It seems to work pretty well, but the

Is canvas faster than a normal image?

So If I have for example an image like this:

Which method performs better: .Any() vs .Count() > 0?

in the System.Linq namespace, we can now extend our IEnumerable's to have theAny() and Count() extension methods.

Canvas animation slows down

I am creating a custom view where a an arc of 45% rotates around a circular image.

What is the best way to achieve speedy inserts of large amounts of data in MySQL?

I have written a program in C to parse large XML files and then create files with insert statements. Some other process would ingest the files into a MySQL database.

Why are these Javascript for loops significantly slower on Firefox then Chrome / Safari?

I was messing around with the benchmark site jfprefs and created my own benchmark at

ERLANG - Timing Applications

I am interested in benchmarking different parts of my program for speed. I having tried using info(statistics) and erlang:now()

In C# is there any significant performance difference for using UInt32 vs Int32

I am porting an existing application to C# and want to improve performance wherever possible. Many existing loop counters and array references are defined as System.UInt32, instead of the Int32 I ...

Performance of conditional join

I have a question about perf of the following query:

Improving counting of word frequencies with hashmap

For one of my applications, the following function has to be called very often. This function takes up a lot of CPU and hence I am wondering if you know how to improve the performance.

Hibernate Index Query Slow

My question is similar to the one posed in this thread:

Move all odd positioned element to left half and even positioned to right half in-place

Given an array with positive and negative integers, move all the odd indexed elements to the left and even indexed elements to the right.

How can you speed up Eclipse?

How can you make the experience with Eclipse faster?

Alternative to ObservableDictionary that focuses on performance

The c# app that I'm working on uses an ObservableDictionary. The performance on this is not nearly fast enough to accommodate it's functionality. The ObservableDictionary is very rapidly being inte...

Using composite PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE key on INNODB table with multiple inserts

I have been trying to figure this out, but no luck so far.

Pagination on large data sets? – Abort count(*) after a certain time

We use the following pagination technique here:

Functions and subselects in single FLWOR

I'm writing an XQuery to analyse large numbers of XML files that store queries similar to the example below. For these queries I'd like to calculate averages, sums and other information on various

How to draw a tiled game board with low bitmap memory impact

I am developing a word game similar to the most famous one.

How Does AQTime Do It?

I've been testing out the performance and memory profiler AQTime to see if it's worthwhile spending those big $$$ for it for my Delphi application.

How can I queue MySQL queries to make them sequential rather than concurrent and prevent excessive I/O usage?

I have multiple independent processes each submitting bulk insert queries (millions of rows) into a MySQL database, but it is much slower to have them run concurrently than in sequence.

#inject and slowness

I've often heard Ruby's inject method criticized as being "slow." As I rather like the function, and see equivalents in other languages, I'm curious if it's merely Ruby's implementation of the method

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