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sending all data from email with require field

I'm creating a user require form in my site. For this I put some validation on compulsory fields, and when a user fills in the form and presses submit and validation is correct then I receive a ema...

parsing html code and print out

ive this html page ( PART CODE) with multi ( a href="$name)

Background Script in PHP?

I'm trying to create a script that runs in the background automatically and cycles through itself repeatedly. 

Jquery toggle .. fixing alighnment

Hello people i have this script

PHP ELSE IF statement

unable to get my else if statement to work, does anyone have any ideas? it works without the else if....

What is the point of encrypting passwords in a database?

Could someone please confirm the following for me:

Couldn't find constant error - PHP

Hi can some one please point out my mistake here. I've got two PHP files. First view.php goes as follows; and the second as processor.php

How can 2 different servers communicate in the same “machine”?

First of all i would like to apologize if my question doesnt make so much sense , as i am very new to these concepts.

JQuery dialog box not appearing in current screen center

I have a test php file which has 50 buttons in a table (just to make a big table). When the first button is clicked, I want a JQuery dialog box which has a html textbox to open via JQuery. For now,...

HTML form not submitting correctly using PHP

For 6-7 hours I've been burning my head with this problem but couldn't find the issue nor the solution.

Using subqueries with doctrine / Errors with aliases

I'm trying to make a simple query with a subquery in a orWhere clause (with Doctrine).

How to CREATE a 'VIEW(SQL)' in CodeIgniter and SELECT data from it?

I have a query that needs to check whether the record is still active before it includes it in the query. Now my problem is that the record status of that record is in another database and WE all k...

Using c_url upload file to remote host, file name is incorrect

Using c_url upload file to remote host. here is my code.

Can I set PHP's Interal Date and Time to months before?

I am wondering if I can change PHP's overall date, to think its really at about 2 months ago, or 2011 if I want.

How to get dtmf value in dailpan

I have one dialplan in which what i want is,if user press any key then play file again but i can not understand how to get dtmf value in dialplan.

Recommended structure for high traffic website

I'm rewriting a big website, that needs very solid architecture, here are my few questions, and pardon me for mixing apples and oranges and probably kiwi too:) I did a lot of research and ended up

Testing if either of two condtions are true

I'm trying to test if either of two variables are true using the code below, but I the code always returns the true conditions even when the variable is blank. Have I done this correctly or is it

.htaccess blocking access to PHP page

I have a directory in my Apache web service.

PHP & JQUERY + how to let Jquery know when a file upload has completed

I have a script working to upload images without refreshing the page using jquery.form.js

flow control depending on value of xml element

I have a long xml data file with 500+ items in it, it comes in this form:

PHP APIs for Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo?

I am a PHP developer who is kind of in a pickle. I'm trying to locate and/or build an API capable of speaking to Hotmail, Yahoo and GMAIL in order to retrieve contact lists (with the user's consent...

How to uninstall PEAR from one installation of PHP and then install it with another existing PHP installation

I have two installations of php on my server. One version of php is 5.2.0 configured with pear, and the other is 5.2.9 configured --without-pear. My server is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS re...

user insert date in form

I have a form where the user needs to insert a date. This date is then used by the program to determine an expiry date. My question is, how is the best method for the user to insert the date in the...

SELECT records WHERE rows have difference on a specific column

I have a database table campaign_data. I need to select the customer_id where in the campaign there is difference in tariff. How can i do that with MySQL query. Here is some sample data.

PHP--> Created a class, but assigning values to the properties fail

I'm creating a class and attempting to use it. However, the values I set are not being retained. Please advise!

Jquery Ajax with GET not working

I have this peace of HTML code

using jquery variable in php

I've got a dynamic table filled by a recordset from MYSQL.

How can I write a .htaccess redirect to find all numbers?

I'm trying to figure out a regular expression that will find some numbers in a URL and use them in the URL I redirect to.

Copy images between different sites/hosts using PHP

I am planing to build a CMS-system.

php url parameters

I am working on my website, and I am trying to get the url parameter "page" which is an integer that tells which entry to read in the MySQL database that hols the HTML for all the pages. Here is my...

can't install php-devel on centos

I need help with installation of php-devel (I need it, cause it has phpize, which is necessary to install eAccelerator). But when I try to install php-devel with yum install php-devel it gives me the

Mysql - How to get a row number after Order by?

Let's say I have a table with the following columns:

Strip first word from a string

I basically have a script that lets users post comments but I have it setup so that at the begin of every comment the user put in the script puts in hate automactically which is how I want it to wo...

PHP_CodeSniffer missing Zend standards?

I'm trying to use PHP_CodeSniffer to sniff the problems in a php file according to the zend coding standards.

Magento export shipping table of rates programatically with Mage API

I am trying to export the table of rates setup in magento - essentially what I want to do is export the contents of the table shipping_tablerate via the Mage api (rather than creating my ow...

Change action and image src url's with jQuery

I am parsing a form from another one of my sites using a php proxy. It is working fine but the form action and img src of the submit button url's are relative. How can I prepend the full

Zend_Dom gives you a DOMElement… how do I use it?

I'm trying to use Zend_Dom for some very light screen scraping (I want to grab a headline, some body text and a link from a small block of news items on my website) and I'm not sure how to handle the

PHP - session not causing a redirect with header

I am trying to make the user get redirected to the index.html page in case the $_SESSION['loggedin'] is already set. For some reason, it doesn't redirect the user, although the $_SESSION['loggedin']

Magento: Sorting a product collection

I'm creating a template to display featured products on the home page, and I'd like to control the order of the products.

In PHP, is there a short way to compare a variable to multiple values?

Basically what I'm wondering if there is a way to shorten something like this:

Is there a way to search all the tables in a mySQL database?

Basically I have a database full of tables and I want to go through them all until I find a result that matches my search query. Is there a way to do this? Or at least a command to return all of the

Register - Login Database Scheme

Here is what I want to ask:

Ajax Response Json Print result in table or div array

I have an ajax call to a php file that encodes the array into a json array/object. What I am trying to do is to print the json response into a table format or an array of

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