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Thunderbird not showing mail properly ( php mail() )

I have a little issue with Thunderbird. I'm trying to send a mail from php with an html version and a plain text version and an attachment. The mail is displayed properly in Yahoo, Gmail and Roundc...

Enable PECL HTTP in Kohana PHP framework

I'm totally new to kohana framework and I downloaded and installed kohana 3.2.2 version which is latest stable version.

mp4 file through php not playing as html5 video

I am trying to output an mp4 video file through PHP.

How to make a CSV upload perform faster?

I was wondering if any of you guys have tried something about CSV migration in a live form(multipart/form-data) mine is working the only thing I hate about is that it consumes so much of time and i...

Need a php script to upload bitmapdata into a mysql table (BLOB) from Flash AS3

I need help in a php script. Have spent half a day searching high and low but couldnt get anything work.

using fgetcsv from a file on a FTP server

I need to read a list of CSV files from an FTP and delete them after I successfully read them.

Calculating SVG bounding box using PHP with respect to curves

I recently found this amazing class located here, and tried using it.

PHP and the build process (/.configure, make and install): orientation, please

I'm a newbie and after I've successfully learnt enough to build my simple but useful web services, I managed to put myself in a position where I need to configure my own PHP build.

PHP - XML not parsed

I'm tryng to send an request to Cielo's webservice, but if i send with curl, fsockopen or other, it doesn't work, and if I post an form, it work perfectly...

PHP: what happens if required script stops because of timeout

Scenario: a php script with som pre-code, a require xxxx.php; and some postcode. Wanting and believing that because of using require and not include, the script will stop at the "require" statement...

error php and mysql

<?php do { ?>

Point out location in Google Map

I am developing an application in PHP. I have latitude and longitute of few locations in Google Map. I want to point it those locations on google map.

Where date is current or over

How can say it should NOT take the rows that has "expired" the date?

Running a PHP script on email arrival in an IMAP Server

I'm trying to implement a webmail in PHP. I would like to write a PHP CLI script which is run on every email arrival to store some parts of (not all of) incoming email into database for search purp...

Get user type in Joomla with PHP

I'm trying to get a logged in users type (eg super admin, registered). I've tried this code:

PHPBB with wordpress

How to integrate phpbb with a wordpress site. When ever a user registered on my site automatically creates a forum account also. Any body knows the solution for this please help me.

Understanding PHP Classes

I am trying to understand the built-in classes in PHP and how to use them. Also I am trying to use the correct language to describe these 'things'. Take for example the DateTime class.

How to use data from Zend_Db_Table in a Zend_Form

I have create a form class for editing deleting and add users to a database. If I want to edit a user how can I simply supply the information of the user to the form.

Advanced Custom field thumbnail - wordpress

I'm working on a website in wordpress, i'm trying to get the thumbnail from the advanced custom field of a post with this:

wp_list_pages isnt showing title attribute

I'm using wordpress on my site and for some reason the wp_list_pages() isn't showing a title attribute?

PHP Form not showing proper error message

Does anyone have any idea as to why this is showing the error message? I have tired empty and boolean test.

Get product id and product type in magento?

I am creating magento store. I am beginner in magento. I want to get product id and product input type in my phtml file is this possible? please guide me..

Select from 3 tables with calculating

I try to make a query in MySQL that gets data from 3 tables, and calculate in 2 tables. But i really don't know how to do this.

mysql & php: adding time or day to the created/ updated time in the database

This is the time formate I store in my mysql database for each item of a data injection, for instance,

PHP Autoloader add Namespace path

My MVC structure is following:

PHP multidimensional array key value

I am working with multidimensional arrays;

php pop up box after if statement?

I am doing some php to make an app and i need a window to pop up when i run my php if statement. At the minute, when i run the app, my if statement works, but goes to a new page to display the info...

What function to use to hash passwords in MySQL?

I have a user table in my mysql database that has a password column. Currently, I use the MD5 algorithm to hash the users' password for storage in the database. Now I like to think that I am a secu...

How to use PDO to issue a query to a database and return the results?

So I am trying to use PDO to query a database and return the results. I have been following along with the php manual and looking on this site but I'm not seeing a solution to my problem. Basically...

Rendering eye-candy bar charts with PHP: tools / best practices

We are using Google Charts for render the chart images, but 500 requests/day became not enough. What PHP classes/frameworks are worth looking at?

What is correct way to use Pagerfanta for pagination in Symfony2

I have read that Pagerfanta is the pagination plugin of choice for Symfony2, but I am having some trouble getting it to work correctly. I have downloaded the code for pagerfanta and PagerfantaBund...

Why I can not login to magento backend using google chrome

I am using magento community edition am not able to login to back end of magento.I know this problem can be because of chrome not accepting cookies.

Removing information from a string

I'm using an API which uses the users IP address to find out the users Country Location and City, however I have never used regex before and I have no Idea how to extract the other information I wa...

Run a php script in ruby on rails

In one of my Rails application I need to execute a PHP file from the Controller of Ruby on Rails app. The PHP file meant for some database editing.

PHP script to find Apple Touch Icon

I have a PHP script that crawls a page and extracts the first image in the page, this isn't working too well, and I'd rather get no results than a completely ambiguous picture, so is it possible to

Mutiple tables and queries

How do I join something like this together:

How to detect php web page is running within my iPhone App other than Safari

I have built an iPhone app(not iPad) and I am running a webpage within a Web View controller. My question is how can the PHP file detect that it is being run from within this App's UIWebView contro...

How do I update my security in my login script from MD5 to something more secure?

I have a PHP login script with salt on the database, but in my register script I see:

How to select all characters to the right of a specific character in a string - PHP

I spent a long time trying to figure this out! How do I select all the characters to the right of a specific character in a string when I don't know how many characters there will be?

Should a beginning PHP programmer consider frameworks?

I'm a complete beginner when it comes to programming. I'm taking a stab at PHP, and have seen how powerful the frameworks can be. But should I even consider trying to work with a framework until I ...

Some Basic PHP Questions

I just had some basic php questions to further my understanding as I learn, that I could not find easy answers to

division in php

$voltage = '0.4000';

fpdf page break issue

I have this loop that prints 6 rows (multicell) for about 30 times. The issue is that when it reaches the bottom page it prints 2 or 3 rows from the multicell and on the next page it prints the oth...

PHP mySQL INSERT syntax error?

I'm a newbie and I've been trying for over an hour to solve this simple query:

Twitter Bootstrap Responsive not work

I'm doing some testing with twitter bootstrap and one of the most important things for me is that it is responsive.

count() not returning correct number of array elements

I have two arrays (records returned from a database query) that I'm merging. I then need to get a count of the elements in the combined array.

Function name is used as SQL query

I've got a problem very similar to the ones found here and here, but these solutions aren't helping me fix my version of the problem. I'm using CakePHP 1.3 and I'm trying to call some model functions

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