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Does anyone know of a walkthrough or tutorial on how to set the plist for iOS 6?

I need to set the plist to allow CLLocation to update the current location in the background.

Comparing creation/modification date of NSData objects

At first I have a plist file in app bundle. At some point the file can get updated (downloaded into Documents Folder). Whats the best way to know which file is newer? The mainbundle plist could get

Does XCode implicitly convert plists's to binary format?

Does XCode implicitly convert plists in a project to binary during the building process? I don't think it does this implicitly but having a hard time determining for sure.

UITableView (NOT using Navigation Template) or AppDelegate to DetailView

I'd like to display a Details view from a select row event on a UITableView sitting on a regular View. Somehow I imagine I could get the selectedIndex and for the Detail view I can have that value

How to localize second plist file in settings.bundle?

I have settings.bundle in my application with a Root.plist that is localized correctly with

Why can't I write Dictionary to plist?

Hey All,I got a weird problem here

How does Apple make the info.plist display its “Information Property List”?

My plists simply start with "Root". Theirs contains arrays of useful stuff you can select to tweak the configuration.

Loading Scroll Views from plists

here is the deal: For a news app, I'm loading a view inside a Scroll View for horizontal paging on each section, no problem with that, the PageControl demo helped a lot, but now I need to load a View

Edit plist in objective c

I have a plist file and i want edit this file, but setObject() in NSDictionary dont operate, my code is:

Xcode plist file - comments vanished, file reformatted

I have just noticed, that if you have an .plist file in your Xcode project (it does not matter whether it is the Info.plist file or other - in my case it was other .plist file) and you edit the fil...


My iPhone app is crashing and getting EXC_BAD_ACCESS error when using this code:

How to load .plist files in java Webobjects code

I want to load the .plist files and store in variable.

loading the arrays that are stored in the plist

I have a plist that holds in each dictionary info for a node.

Command-line tool for converting PLIST to JSON?

Is there a command line tool available for converting .plist files to JSON?

Looking for suitable datastore on IOS

I'm building an application that has to do a simple search, sort and limit based on dates on a relatively large dataset, about 10000 rows or so.

Is plist a good way to hold 3 arrays with +/- 500 entries?

I'm making history list to my app and want to use .plist with 3 arrays - picture name, date and some text data.

iOS - NSDictionary - Reading plist file

I've a plist file which has a menu to be shown (related to a restaurant)

Parsing text from plist to NSAttributedString

I'm loading in text from a plist and displaying it within my app. Ideally I want to be able to specify more complex formatting such as italics, bold and superscript text, and display it in a custom...

writeToFile working on simulator, but not on device

I have a plist which I am changing:

Get plist into array

I have seen lots of similar questions but nothing is working for me. I need to get the contents of my plist into an NSMutableArray.

how can i create plist like below in image?

Iam trying to create a plist with following feature.

Plist Array to NSArray no objects

So I've searched, and read and have done this successfully before, but am running into a problem with this one.

how to save plist to NSUserDefaults

I am trying to save a .plist I have created into my NSUserDefaults so that I can save the data that I am putting into it, so if the app is stopped (removed from multitasking bar) I do not loose the

Is it OK if I used plist? iOS

I need to save about 14 NSDictionaries to a plist. Each Dictionary is going to have 5 item. 1- name of the place

NSArray or NSDictionary from plist file

In a method I need to read a NSArray or NSDictionary from a plist file.

Arrays within arrays in a plist

I am really struggling on this one; I have read many different posts and the apple literature but to no avail. I have the following plist in my app:

what is mimetype of plist in addAttachmentData()?

I want to make the backup & restore.

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