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How to create a QT plugin that customizes UI?

We would want the users to be able to optionally customize our QT applications. So if they would want to create their own theme for our applications, all they have to do is load their own CSS file....

Online source code editing element

I'm wondering if there is some sort of element (preferably jQuery since this library is used) which enables online editing in a (converted) textarea. Basically what I'm looking for is a framework for

Requirejs baseurl relative

I want to set the baseurl to the folder where Require js is in, which is called js. Now I have this funny/ frustrating phenomenon that when I write

Problems with creating 'dead center' as jQuery plugin

I'm working on very, very simple jQuery plugin that simply changes position of element to the center of browser's window (horizontally and vertically). Often this is called 'dead center'.

What path does one specify for JAVA_HOME on a Mac OS environment?

When an application or plug-in install states that the JAVA_HOME variable point you my JDK, what export statement do I need to put in my .bash_profile?

win cmd.exe in Vim tab

I'm looking for Vim/gVim plugin to use Windows shell (cmd.exe) (executing commands, retrieving output) in separate tab/frame.

Create custom joomla captcha

I've been assigned to create a captcha verification for a custom component in joomla, but I'm stuck at how to do it properly.

Implementing Home Grown Plugins for a Python Service

I am writing a simple scheduling service. I don't want to hard-code all of the tasks it can schedule and instead would like to support plugins that can be dropped in a folder and loaded dynamically...

Making photo from broswer

I have a camera Canon 550 D and i need to integrate camera with browser.

Display current logged in user's avatar outside of the loop?

I use the famous User Photo plugin for my Wordpress site. I want to display the current logged in user's avatar outside the loop. How is this possible?

WP-PageNavi Issues, Url changes but the posts remain the same?

The issue I am having is I have created a new blog page on its own page template page being called blog.php, I have pulled 5 posts into each page and the first page work great and link to the single

Changing default behavior in a C++ application with plugins

In short: what is the best way to design and implement a factory+plugin mechanism, so that plugins can replace objects in the main application.

Wordpress + Advanced Custom Fields + ACE Editor Plugin

I'm trying to do a syntax highlighter combined with ACF + ACE editor for WordPress based on this guide.

TinyMCE: Plug-In for applying multiple classes to a textblock

The question whether it is possible to apply multiple classes/styles to an element in TinyMCE has already been asked and properly answered.

Detect Plugin or Command Existence in TinyMCE

Does TinyMCE's API support a method for finding whether or not a plugin is active, or better, whether a given command is registered? Specifically, I am creating a plugin that would like to call the

ZendFramework Send variables from Controller to View (Best pactice)

I have been working in Zend Framework for a while and I am currently refactoring some parts of my code. One of the big thing I would like to eliminate is my abstract controller class which initiate...

Create plugins for python standalone executables

how to create a good plugin engine for standalone executables created with pyInstaller, py2exe or similar tools?

Frontcontroller plugin does not load

When i use a frontcontroller plugin in zend frameworker it seems to run before the autoloader. How should i do this?

Grails. spring security core. Install problem

I try install Spring security core plugin in Grails.

What is the recommended mongo db plugin for Play! Framework?

There are at least two mongo db plug-ins for Play! Framework, PlayMorphia and Mongo 1.3.

Mouse Cursor - for wordpress site

I am currently using a plugin on my wordpress site (

Unable to load “sfFacebookConnectHelper.php” helper

im trying to build FB application demo with sfFacebookConnectPlugin by this tutorial and i have trivial problem, but still cannot fix it (iam symfony novice using 1.4).

List of code-review plugins for Eclipse

Would you please provide the list of code-review plugins in Eclipse?

CKeditor Preview Plugin.js, editing for Chrome and IE. As it refuses CSS style

I am integrating WYSIWYG editor for a fairly simple CMS. I have chosen CKeditor and use the 'preview' button. This thing is that it is inconsistent in the three main browsers. (IE, Chrome and Firef...

Jenkins with Copy Artifact plugin

I'm trying to copy the artifacts from an upstream job using the "Copy Artifact" Jenkins plugin but I'm getting this error message:

CRM2011 Plugin tool not allowing update of existing DLL

I am currently having a problem where when I try to update an existing DLL, if I update it with the location of Database then I have the following error being returned:

c# Plugin Event Handling

I have written a plugin system that uses an interface and for any plugins that meet this contract are loaded at runtime into the main system.

Joomla plugin to show the number of visitors

I am looking for a Joomla plugin that can help me in showing the number of visitors who have recently visited a specific article in my website.. can anyone can help me ?

Facebook plugin don't show right when user is logged as a page

I have noticed that Facebook plugin don't show right when user is logged as a page.

How to make a chrome plugin

I was curious how to make a chrome plugin that loads some JS on every page - I've seen it done before, but now I want to make my first chrome plugin, one that changes all the fonts on websites to c...

Can I stop settings in vimrc from being overwritten by plugins?

This question follows on from this vim search question

Are there any good ssh consoles for Eclipse?

I'm looking for a good ssh console plugin for Eclipse, and can't find much at all. Would anyone have some good leads on one?

How does Assembly.Load(byte) work?

I was just wondering what happens if I was to load the same assembly bytes twice within a web app.

dotCMS Plugin Development

I have to develop a plugin for dotCMS. The problem is there is not a lot of information about plugin development in dotCMS' site.

Access Javascript Array in C++/Plugin?

I have written a NPAPI Plugin using firebreath framework. I am able to pass simple numeric values from Javascript and access them in my (C++)plugin, perform operations and then return the result. I...

Security Plugin from Grails?

I try find some simple security plugin from Grails.

Generating tags to different location by pathogen

I use pathogen for organizing my vim plugins. I git clone the plugins from github into the vimbundles directory. This way it is simple to update them.

Get the pos_x and pos_y from screen from screen

I would like to write a special plugin in Vim which open a custom app depending on the positions of the vim cursor.

Custom User Fields in MODx Evolution 1.0- OnWUsrFormRender

I'm trying to add custom user fields to the Web Users Manager area in MODx Evolution 1.0 via a custom plugin. I'm in the early stages and can't get the 'OnWUsrFormRender' hook to do anything. Any i...

Plug-in architecture, access to code in application?

For a project I am doing, I want the Mac application to accept plug-ins. I like the whole idea of just adding Bundles to the application to extend it's functionality.

How can I offline install eclipse plugin?

How can I know and download all plugin dependencies so that I could install it later offline

NSIS Invalid command: ShellExecAsUser::ShellExecAsUser

When I try to use the ShellExecAsUser plugin for NSIS, I get the following error.

Where is the Visual Studio 2008 Crash Log?

I have Visual Studio 2008 with SP1 installed and it is crashing when I'm using lambda expressions in the Moq Framework.

how to disable “install missing plugins” error in firefox

I'm using SoundManager2, so that audio files are played with flash if available, but through HTML5 audio if not. In Firefox, with Flash not installed, the audio files play perfectly.

How do you unit-test a plug-in to an application?

When developing a plug-in to application, using the application API which doesn't run independently of the application, is unit-testing even a possibility? What are strategies to test a plug-in tha...

How to do a PHP hook system?

How do you impliment a hook system in a PHP application to change the code before or after it executes. How would the basic architecture of a hookloader class be for a PHP CMS (or even a simple

AbstractUIPlugin error and Missing tabs in plugin.xml from eclipse

I checked in eclipse/java plugin project from svn repository.

Install Neo4j REST server plugin

I'm trying to create sample server plugin for Neo4j REST server based on

Bullet proof way to avoid jquery conflicts on wordpress plugins

I have been developing wordpress plugins for a while now and i always seem to get the following issues with all my plugins Jquery conflicts issues.

Profiling Qt application that uses plugins

I have a medium sized application written in c++ using Qt. I wanted to profile things to see where my least performant code was so I compiled everything with -pg.

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