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PNG Transparency with PHP

Hey having some trouble trying to maintain transparency on a png when i create a thumbnail from it, anyone any experience with this? any help would be great, here's what i am currently doing:

php ImageCreateFromPNG from dynamic url issue

I am trying to alter some images which are located in my attachments dir and pulled out by an attachment script. something like:

how to send png image from server to display in browser via ajax

I have been having a hard time with what must be an incredibly normal task. I upload and save images to my web server and save the path to the file in MySQL data base (this is all working). The t...

JQuery - .animate <img>

Morning mr. Stackoverflow.

How can I edit Chrome MIME type mappings?

I opened a image/x-png type image in new tab, but Chrome just downloaded it.

Which option is more lightweight? CSS diagonal lines or small repeating .png image?

I want my web application to be fast and cross-browser compatible. There will be a lot of animated motion by javascript.

How do I get the width and height of an image?

I'm constructing a book of sorts in Actionscript 3 (FlexBuilder) and am trying to size an image dynamically according to the dimensions of it's source file. But, I've found that if I don't explici...

Animated .png files in javascript

I'm writing a game, and I want to be able to animate some of my .png images. My world generator can place static images, is there a way to have javascript search the page for an image, and replace it

Margins Disappear In PDF -> PNG Conversion with ImageMagick

I'm having troubles with converting PDF to PNG in ImageMagick. I've used different variations, including using Ghostscript and piping the output to ImageMagic (as given here - which doesn't seem t...

PNG files are not displayed on IOS device after rename them

I had images starting with capital letters, I needed to change first letter of images manually on bundle , after doing that device can not show SOME of the images are not displayed while some of the

How do I make a rollover using png and jquery?

I reverse coded a script I found online and it works well, the only problem is that the hover image loads at complete visibility until the action of hover occurs. This is the script:

how to make a png image from dynamic text in Android?

byte[] GetImageFromText(string text, float fontSize)

How is PNG CRC calculated exactly?

For the past 4 hours I've been studying the CRC algorithm. I'm pretty sure I got the hang of it already.

Getting text stored within a PNG Image in Java

According to this Wikipedia entry on the PNG format, a PNG image file can have embedded text stored in its tEXt chunks. This allows storing some text along with the image, which isn't visible in the

How to check a PNG for grayscale/alpha color type?

PHP and GD seem to have trouble creating images from PNGs of type greyscale with alpha when using imagecreatefrompng(). The results are incredibly distorted.

AS3: Duplicating a PNG image causes loss of transparency

I am using LoaderMax to load an external PNG and display it in many places so I use the following code to duplicate the image:

How can i convert a svg image to png image with Imagemagick when the svg file has embedded images?

With PHP i'm creating an image with embedded content (base64 encoded files). If i see it using Firefox, or downloading it and then opening it with Inkscape (, the image is fine!.

Android: Easiest way to change the colour of a png file

I'm writing a game which has a basic sprite (a balloon) - currently I have 2 different color balloon PNG files which I have created, I need to create more (probably another 5 or so) and don't want to

Game Multi-Images Android

I have seen a lot of developer use all asset or images or drawable needed into one file png like this :