Questions for regression


Random Forest interpretation in scikit-learn

I am using scikit-learn's Random Forest Regressor to fit a random forest regressor on a dataset. Is it possible to interpret the output in a format where I can then implement the model fit without ...

How to get the predicted values in training data set for Least Squares Support Vector Regression

I would like to make a prediction by using Least Squares Support Vector Machine for Regression, which is proposed by Suykens et al. I am using LS-SVMlab, which you can find the MATLAB toolbox here....

How to calculate inflection point in C# by a given function

My function always looks like this: y = beta1 / (1 + exp(beta2 + beta3 * x)). With the data it can get, it always looks like a mirror of that (it starts with high values, then decreases)

R - converting dot-dot-dot in a formula

I want to write a function that can take a variable number of inputs and regress the first input on the rest of the inputs. More specifically,

Python scikits - Buffer has wrong number of dimensions (expected 1, got 2)

I am trying this code snippet. I am using scikits.learn 0.8.1

Regression in R iteratively by levels in categorical variable

So I have a small data set which should be great for modeling (<1 million records), but one variable is giving me problems. It's a categorical variable with ~98 levels called [store] - this is the

Graphing different sets of data on same graph within a ‘for’ loop MATLAB

I just have a problem with graphing different plots on the same graph within a ‘for’ loop. I hope someone can be point me in the right direction.

Convert all column headers into regressors in R

I'm completely new to R and would like to turn each column label (header?) in my data set into a regressor without having to define each regressor one at a time, i.e. date -> data$Date

How can I get more digits for the p-value in Stata?

Does someone know an easy way to get Stata to display more than just 3 digits of the p-value (significance value) when running regressions, specifically a Tobit regression?