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DataTable find or if not found insert row

I have a DataTable dt with 2 columns. First col (call it CustomerId) is unique and doesn't allow nulls. the second one allows nulls and is not unique.

PHP/MYSQL: Only able to insert values into first row

I'm wondering if this necessarily calls for an array and/or loop, and what solutions might solve this issue.

How to retrieve the latest row from table in php/mysql?

I try to retrieve the latest added bookingID from table booking but I do not know how to get it.

UltraGrid Win Hide all rows if no filter

I'm using UltraWin Grid 12 (Infragistics) for Win Forms ( 2010 Framework 3.5) .

Copying an NSDictionary without empty values?

I'm trying to create an NSDictionary with the dictionaryWithDictionary method. However, my first NSDictionary A may have some keys with empty values. How can I create B that doesn't have any keys...

R conditional sum in data frame depending on word in a column

I have a data frame containing words and numeric entries. I want to sum all the entries for which the row entry in the word now is identical.

php create dynamic html table

I need to create a dynamic html table using PHP after parsing a JSON file. I need this column structure for my table; Name | Status | Age | Count | Progress | Bad

return a row from a 2d-array with the max value in a specific column (ruby)

For that matter I created a matrix to find the requested row:

moving <td> to higher row when other <td> has been removed

I have an table of images which is 4xM length:

How to apply row span in tablelayout?

How to apply row_span to TableLayout?

Get the amount of consecutive values from the end of the table

I need help with this one, i have no idea how to make it.

Python - Comparing two CSV documents from the same python script from an update to another one

Background : With a Python Script, I scraping data (html) from a Website and put this data in a CSV document.

get a right sum of a columns ( coldfusion )

I have a table with products listed by month, i found row sum of them, and i need to find column sum, but my counts are wrong for column sums, what am i doing wrong? u can have a look at the code h...

Duplicate Row in JTable using AbstractTableModel and ArrayList

I am using a JTable and extending an AbstractTableModel to do so. My data container is an ArrayList of "Entries", a data structure I defined to store a group of objects.

How can I repeat the headers of an iTextSharp PdfPTable on each page?

How can I get iTextSharp to repeat the headers of a PdfPTable on each page of the generated PDF?

Selenium, xpath to match a table row containing multiple elements

I'm trying to find a Selenium/PHP XPath for matching a table row that contains multiple elements (text, and form elements)

How to set background color for a row based on current date in Google Docs Spreadsheet?

I have a Google Docs SpreadSheet, where in the column A are dates (A1: 2013-11-22, A2: 2013-11-23, A3: 2013-11-24 etc). I would like to automatically highlight - set a background color for a row, w...

R: Combine rows in same data.frame

I have a simple R problem, but I just can't find the answer.

How to keep the most recent values and delete all other others in a column (pandas)

I'm trying to get the latest occurrence of an ID Name and I want to delete every other occurrence that happened before that time.

Titanium TableView data row adding custom background

i get data from my wordpress categories in titanium mobile app, i have 5 categories how to set background this 5 row ?

reading a csv file with repeated row names in R

I am trying to read a csv file with repeated row names but could not. The error message I am getting is Error in read.table(file = file, header = header, sep = sep, quote = quote, : duplicate

R Select certain interval of rows from data.frame

I tried to find a solution over google but after 5 hrs I hope I can find an answer from the community, so thank you already.

alternate row colors using jquery

Using jQuery and not CSS, is it possible to alternate row colors between records? If so can anyone provide a short code script on how to accomplish this?

Dynamic row height for table

Using Reporting Services I need to make a table where I can set the row height dynamically depending on the length of the text in the cell, so when i export in excel the height of the row will expand

One row (of users) assign to many rows in different tables and databases - mysql

Having one table with users (which are registered) in mysql

PDO error when Fetching results

I am trying to show results from a simple select statement using PDO

Java GUI: How do I have more than one button on a row using GridBagLayout

I'm fairly new to java and I'm having a problem trying to put more than one button on a row,

How do you target (or get) a control in the same row as another control in a XamGrid?

I am using the XamGrid to allow users to edit data. I have several scenarios where the handler of an event on one control in a given editable row must use or target another control in the same row....

Delete row from matrix given an id- Matlab

How can I delete a certain row from a matrix depending on the 1st column value?

Change row height in gridex janus

how to change row height of a gridex in janus when the gridex is binded to a root table? as you can see there is no property on gridex for setting row size.

How to phrase MySQL query to return latest entry for a particular user based on a value

Ok, so I have a bit of a nasty query that I need to run; but I just can't think of how to do it.

Python/Pandas: counting the number of NaN in each row

I've got a dataset with a big number of rows. Some of the values are NaN, like this:

AJAX delete entry, only on td disappears, should be whole row

Currently I'm trying to make an ajax entry delete function, when I click on delete the entry is being deleted correctly. When I click on delete, the whole row should disappear, instead of only the td

Row-wise count/sum of values in Stata

I have a dataset where each person (row) has values 0, 1 or . in a number of variables (columns).

how to count current number of rows

how to count current rows?

Missalignment with inline-block (other elements pushed down)

I'm trying to align small boxes in a row. These boxes have something like 2 elements in each. In some cases, the first element is so "much" text, that it splits into 2 lines. If this happens, all o...

Python: searching csv and return entire row

I couldn´t find a better place to ask my question. I am learning Python and trying to create a script as follows.

Delete rows until cell = “Total”

I would like to with this macro delete all cells after last empty row until the line where in column "E" is "Total"

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