Questions for rtti


Is there any way to get RTTI hints for a real48 and shortstring variable in a structure where FieldType is nil in TRttiField?

I have discovered what I think is an odd oversight (probably intentional) on the part of the Extended RTTI feature in Delphi.

C++: emulating RTTI

I've got a class hierarchy as this one:

Extract C++ template parameters

Although I'm doubtful, I'm curious as to whether it's possible to extract primitive-type template parameters from an existing type, perhaps using RTTI.

Avoid RTTI when dealing with pairs of objects

I saw a few questions about avoiding RTTI, but mine seems to be a bit more specific. Here is an example case:

What's the lifetime of memory pointed to typeinfo::name()?

In C++ I can use typeid operator to retrieve the name of any polymorphic class:

Why use std::type_index instead of std::type_info*

I need to key some data in a map by a type. Currently I have something like this:

Delphi TypeInfo for generic records

I'm trying to use generic records with RTTI, but ran into a problem with Type Info. Does anyone know why the following won't compile using Delphi 2010?

In Delphi XE3, how can I cast a TVirtualInterface object to its interface, using TypeInfo or RTTI?

I'm trying to use TVirtualInterface. I've mostly tried to follow the examples at the Embarcadero doc wiki and at Nick Hodges' blog.

Delphi 2010 RTTI : Use TValue to store data

I would like to be able to use TValue to store Data in a TList<>. Like in :