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Quadtree and size of region in constructor

I was reading nice tutorial about Quadtree from

Make a print screen of a web page and download image

i'm looking for a script that would take a print screen of a web page and download image to clients computer. the point is that its really user friendly, because user doesn't have to push the button

Get console buffer contents in C

Just wondering if there is any way (in C) to get the contents of the console buffer, preferably as some kind of char array. It is going to be written to a file, so if I am missing out on something ...

How to control screen processes using python

I'm trying to piece together some Python code to control UNIX screen processes (/usr/bin/screen) as part of a script to ease on-server deployment. Are there any libraries or modules that could

old-school screen blitting with c++?

if I wanted to do some awesome old-school screen-blitting like the olden-day viruses that crawled around your screen, how could I pull that off in C++?

Blank page on localhost/wordpress/wp-content/themes/mysitename

I'm creating my own WordPress theme and I've set it up locally with MAMP. It all works fine and the theme appears when I enter localhost/wordpress in my browser. But when I enter

System.Windows.Forms.Screen.DeviceName gives garbage on Windows XP

My 3.5 .NET Framework program handles multiple monitors, so I use Screen.DeviceName to distinguish between different monitors (can't just compare references to the instances of the Screen object --

Use canvas.drawBitmap() to fill the screen

How can I fill the screen with texture? I can get screen size and density, also a bitmap size. But what next? should I transform texture with matrix or use special paint? Anything else? Thanks.

Problem in Developing for multiple screen resolution in Android?

I want to develop Android applications which will support multiple screen resolutions. I have gone through support multiple screen resolution article.

android: how can I divide a screen exactly in two parts through XML?

In main.xml, I have a table layout that it has two buttons in the first row, and two EditTexts in the second row.

Reserving Desktop Space so maximized windows don't cover it

I'd like to "reserve" a portion of the screen so that maximized windows don't cover that area (think taskbar(Win) or dock(mac).

IE7 on XP render the media=“print” stylesheets

In my web page, I'm using 2 stylesheets :

Android: updating the screen during computer controlled UI changes

I've checked the other questions asked here and didn't succeed in implementing the solutions. My application uses controls, not drawing on the canvas. Basically this sums up my issue: -

Threaded loading (waiting) screen

I'm looking for a generic method to implement a wait screen during long operations. I have used threading a few times before, but I have the feeling that I implemented it either very poorly, or wit...

Capture the browser screen as JPG/PNG/etc with Flash?

Is there a way to create a screenshot of the browser in Flash? I know that in Java this is possible, and it will popup a dialog asking for trusting the signed Applet, but is there a way to do this in

How to transform 2D world to screen coordinates OpenGL

I'm currently working on implementing an OpenGL powered renderer into a 2D game engine.

Standard widget sizes for various screens

The widget design guidelines provide the standard widget sizes for your medium sized screen. I'm developing a widget that uses an image background that does not scale well when scaled non-proportio...

How can I tell when the device screen is locked?

Is there anyway I can know if a user has locked the screen or not? I have two AVPlayers playing music, but I only want one of them to be able to play in the background. If I hooked up the lock scre...

How to get USABLE screen width and height in Android

I'm creating an app where I really need to know the correct screen dimensions. Actually I know how to do that... but a problem appeared, because even if you

Retrieve current active screen name Blackberry

My application is a tab based one. For example, app has got 3 tabs - A, B & C. If the currently opened tab is "A", when the user again tries to click on the same tab, app shouldn't do anything...

How to make screen saver transparent?

Is it possible to make the Windows Screen Saver transparent?

.Js How Dinner | Black Screen and Enhance Element, Screen Effect

I want to make a screen effect like when you push a button, a dialog will appear into the center and the rest of the space will become darker with opacity.

Table overflow working in Chrome and IE but not Firefox

I am trying to get a layout that always takes up the entire screen, no more, no less. The layout has a header row, a 200px wide left bar (scrollable), and a scrollable content area.